Japanese actress caicaixu comes out and claims to be a pan sexual lover

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There are friends who pay attention to the Japanese entertainment circle, and maybe know the food thread. Caicaixu is not only a model, but also an actor. He is called the first beautiful leg in Japanese entertainment circle by Japanese netizens. Japanese actress caicaixu came out. When caicaixu interacted with netizens on social networking sites, she revealed that she was a pan sexual lover. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Japanese actress caicaixu comes out

The cause of the matter was that some netizens asked caicaixu on the social platform if they had ever liked women as lovers. I didn’t expect caicaixu to answer “ Yes ”, Caicaixu also said that she valued each other as an individual more than men and women, so gender and physiological structure did not matter to her.

Caicaixu’s answer is a typical pan sexual lover. They don’t care about men and women when looking for a partner, and play down the differences between men and women. The news that caicaixu came out of the closet also immediately made the hot search list in Japan. Many netizens support caicaixu and think she is brave enough to be herself. Fans also shout caicaicaixu, asking her not to be bound by social rules, and fans will always support her. However, there are also many netizens who are boycotting caicaicaixu, because many people can’t accept pan sexual lovers.

Caicaixu claims to be a pan sexual lover

Caicaixu is 172cm tall. She is very tall in stature and appearance, so naturally there are many suitors around her. Caicaixu has had affairs with many male stars since her debut. The only boyfriend who has admitted is the singer Nishikawa Guijiao. Nishikawa Guijiao is only 161cm tall, so their relationship was also the focus of hot discussion among Japanese netizens. The two broke up after two years of communication. In fact, the Japanese entertainment industry is relatively open. Before that, two female stars got married. So it is possible that caicaixu will marry a girl.

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