Japanese woman Aidou Inoue Riko announces her challenge to play AV

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There are many idol groups in Japan, especially some women’s groups of the cultivation department. After these women love beans have developed in the music circle for several years, many people will usher in a turning point in their career. Many of them have chosen to withdraw from the circle, but others will make some very bold attempts, such as rixiangko Inoue. Japanese female Aidou Inoue Riko recently announced that she would challenge to play AV. What’s the specific matter? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Japanese woman Aidou Inoue rikiko

Riko Inoue was born in 1996. At the age of 26, she is the oldest member of the Japanese seven person girl idol group fairies. Riko Inoue is a very pure girl in shape. Although she is very petite in shape with a height of 152cm, her figure is very promising. Riko Inoue recently exposed a group of photo makeup, revealing his career line and warming up his AV road. Now many Japanese otaku are discussing Riko Inoue.

Riko Inoue’s portfolio was dissolved in 2020. After that, Riko Inoue also faded out of the entertainment circle and became an ordinary office worker. It turned out that Riko Inoue recently signed up with Japan’s largest adult film maker and chose to debut again as an AV actress. Riko Inoue also changed his name to Siye xiaoku. This news has exploded in rixiangko Inoue’s fan base and fairies’ fan base.

Riko Inoue plays AV

According to the news released by Riko Inoue’s current company, Riko Inoue’s current AV debut has been shot and will be officially released on June 27. We can also find information about Riko Inoue on the company’s official website. Can Riko Inoue’s fans accept Riko Inoue’s reappearance on the screen as an AV actress?

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