Japan’s three dangerous trends are all too clear!

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Author: Xia Feijun source: feijunsixianghui (ID: feijunsixianghui)


Japan’s recent series of actions are aimed at China everywhere, and its wolf ambitions are clearly exposed, which deserves our high vigilance.

Action 1: plan to deploy thousands of long-range missiles

According to the global network report, Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun quoted a source on August 21 as saying that in consideration of “Taiwan’s affairs” and other factors, the Japanese government is studying the deployment of more than 1000 long-range cruise missiles, with the southwest islands to Kyushu as the center, in order to fill the “missile gap” with China. It is reported that Japan will improve the type 12 anti-ship missile so that its range can reach 1000 kilometers. Japan is very anxious. The first batch of improved land-based missiles will be deployed in 2024, two years ahead of the original plan.

Anyone with a little geographical knowledge knows that the deployment of missiles with a range of 1000 kilometers in the southwestern islands of Japan will cover most of China’s coastal areas and some inland areas.

Action 2: take advantage of “Taiwan Affairs” to vigorously promote constitutional amendment and legislation

The escalation of tension in the Taiwan Strait caused by Pelosi’s flight to Taiwan has become a powerful “basis” for the Japanese right-wing to promote the amendment of the constitution.

First, it used the tension in the Taiwan Strait to play up the security crisis and create an atmosphere for constitutional amendment and legislation.

The escalation of the situation in the Taiwan Strait and the PLA’s round the island military exercise were made a big fuss by the Japanese right wing. On the one hand, they attacked the anti constitutional forces in Japan, and on the other hand, they agitated public opinion and reduced public resistance. By exaggerating China’s “military threat” to prove the so-called “Taiwan has something to do with Japan”, we will win public support and lay a good public opinion foundation for constitutional amendment and legislation.

Second, step up the formulation and implementation of security related strategies and laws.

Japan has made it clear that it will revise its “national security guarantee strategy” in the second half of this year, which aims to fundamentally strengthen Japan’s defense forces. The Japanese government has conducted several rounds of consultation with manufacturing enterprises and expert think tanks on such issues as “intelligence warfare and strategic propaganda”, “national defense production, technology foundation, defense equipment transfer”, “arms management” and “future strategic environment of Japan” involved in the strategy.

Japan will also formally implement the important land survey act in 2022, which provides important legal support for Japan’s acquisition of civil land for military purposes.

Action 3: extreme right wingers become defense ministers

In mid August, the Japanese cabinet was reshuffled, and yasukichi Hamada replaced Nobuo Kishi, Abe’s brother, as defense minister. This man deserves a good talk.


When Junichiro Koizumi first reshuffled his cabinet, yasukichi Hamada served as Deputy Minister of defense; After the formation of the cabinet, Taro Aso served as defense minister. This is his second time as defense minister.

Hamada’s father, Yukichi Hamada, is a right-wing conservative (i.e. extreme right wing). He is reckless and radical. During his political career, he has repeatedly clashed with Japanese left-wing forces and strongly opposes Tanaka Kakuei’s promotion of normalization of Sino Japanese diplomatic relations. During the review of the Sino Japanese peace and friendship treaty, he and five extreme right-wing parliamentarians voted against it.

In terms of personal ideology, Yasukuni Hamada supports the Japanese government to amend the Constitution and exercise the right of collective self-defense, supports the prime minister to visit the Yasukuni Shrine, denies the “Kono talk” of apologizing to the comfort women, and he is also a member of several right-wing groups, such as the notorious “everyone pays homage to the Yasukuni Shrine diet”.

At the end of July this year, a few days before Pelosi fled to Taiwan, yasuichi Hamada, Shigeru Shi and other right-wing legislators flew to Taiwan to meet with the DPP’s high-level officials.

In addition, yasuichi Hamada is very enthusiastic about the Japan US alliance and has no scruples about the views of domestic and surrounding countries.

On August 16, Hamada called US Secretary of defense Austin, who was recovering from covid-19. In addition to expressing “strong condemnation” of China’s ballistic missile launch, Hamada reiterated his adherence to the Japan US alliance “to deal with any situation in the region”. Then, on August 17, he met with us ambassador to Japan Emmanuel. He wished he could talk about “strengthening the Japan US alliance” every day.

What are Japan’s intentions in these moves?


I don’t want to analyze China Japan relations on a case by case basis. I want to focus on Japan’s psychology towards China.

At present, Japan still covets China, not only that, but also worries about us. After all, Japan has committed monstrous crimes against humanity against China, and they are afraid that China will one day take revenge against it.

The contradiction between China and Japan, especially Japan’s distorted attitude toward China, is extremely difficult to change, and it can even be said that it will never die.

Therefore, we can see that every time the United States comes to pick a quarrel, no matter what the problem is, Japan jumps very happily and high. The fundamental reason is that the mentality of the islanders can never understand the eastern powers. Coupled with the complex mentality of the perpetrators (cruelty, fear, narrowness, extremism and fear of retaliation), they never think that they can reconcile with China.

The right wing of Japan believes that the way out for Japan is either to strengthen itself, such as the planned deployment of 1000 long-range missiles and the revision of the constitution; Or find an opportunity to repeat the militarist acts of the past. When its power is unable to confront us, it will rely on the United States and the west to achieve this goal. In addition, Japan also has an open plan, that is, all kinds of deliberate infiltration. For details, please refer to the article “Japan is doing a secret thing, and we should be highly vigilant!”

Therefore, we should maintain constant vigilance against Japan and despise it strategically, but attach absolute importance to it tactically.

Moreover, in the face of the increasingly fierce game between China and the United States, based on past experience and actual style, the United States will certainly give Japan a solution. Don’t think so arbitrarily that the United States will not release Japan, because Japan has been completely conquered by the United States in terms of force, economy and spirit.

Although at present, Japan’s threat to us is not so great, we must take strict precautions against it, or “strangle” something in the cradle.

If there is an opportunity, we must carry out a thorough liquidation of this country, we must thoroughly eliminate the soil of militarism, or we must physically eliminate militarists and extreme right wingers.


Let’s talk about how to counter Japan most effectively.

As an island country on the continental margin, what is the most sensitive? I am most sensitive to sea power. What do you fear most? What I fear most is that the navy of the mainland countries is strong.

This is true of Japan, Britain and the United States. The United States is just a large island country.

I have said many times that it is not difficult at all to “do a good job” in Sino Japanese relations, or to make Japan afraid. The two words are “building ships”. Let me repeat it again, because I really think this is the most effective way to counter Japan.

The more ships are built, the more flattering Japan is. When the total tonnage of our fleet exceeds or approaches that of the United States, Japan will kneel down at the fastest speed. It is estimated that we will not be able to bear the flattery and gallantry.

Because Japan’s lifeline lies in the sea, it can not be self-sufficient in food and energy, and it relies heavily on imports and shipping. As long as our navy is strong, it is equivalent to strangling its throat.

Build more ships, visit the sea of Japan more, and visit Japan more frequently. You will find that Sino Japanese relations will get better and better.

In fact, not only Japan, but also South Korea and Southeast Asian countries. East Asian integration and the most effective way to expel American forces in the West Pacific are two words – building ships. It may be an exaggeration to say that building a ship can solve the so-called peripheral problems 100%, but there will definitely be no problem if 80% of the problems are solved.

Some fools also said that we could not expand our troops, which would cause fear and hostility in some countries, and would be detrimental to the friendship and good neighborliness of the surrounding countries. They would kill these people with a big mouth. It’s the most desirable thing for many countries to make people afraid. Having a hard guy in hand is the best way to make others obedient and dare not provoke you. Many people do not understand such a simple truth.

Build a ship! Build a ship!


Finally, I would like to make a digression.

When we talk about US Japan relations, we often refer to the “special search Department of the Tokyo District Prosecutor’s office” and think that Japan’s Anti China is a last resort. A quasi colonial country has no independent political and diplomatic rights.

For this reason, we

Some people also have an understanding of Japan, believing that as long as the United States withdraws from the Western Pacific, East Asian integration will come naturally. In my opinion, this understanding is too optimistic and naive.

Because it ignores a truth in the current international struggle.


Our real opponent is not a certain country, but a highly integrated interest alliance between the elites of these countries and the West.

I have said this many times, and I will repeat it again today. In the future, when analyzing the international situation and responding to international struggles, we must go beyond the perspective of “national level” and “state to state” and start from this highly integrated interest alliance.

Our adversary is not just the United States, but the vested interests and vested interests of the vast majority of countries in the world. They are one body. They oppose and fear the system and mode of China today.

When analyzing problems, we must transcend the national level, because “they” transcend national boundaries and countries. “They” are not only Anti China and anti Communist, but also anti humanist Chinese civilization; There is a conflict of interest, and it is a game of life and death of civilization.

We must be soberly aware of this reality in the international struggle.

End of two sentences:

The first sentence is to discard illusions and prepare for struggle;

In the second sentence, we should despise the enemy strategically and always attach importance to the enemy tactically!

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