Japan’s wolf ambition!

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Author: ye Lihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Some people clearly know that the other party may renege, but he still has to agree to the other party’s conditions, just like Erdogan, who clearly knows that others will not hand over Gulen to him, he still has to agree to let Finland and Sweden join NATO.

Without him, now Finland and Sweden are soft, and Finland and Sweden will go back on their words in the future. The main elements in the Kurds have been killed sevenoreight times, and people can’t come back to life after death. At that time, what they say is empty.

This is called knife always ready, waiting for the international environment to change in favor of itself.

As long as the time comes, even if he is given a short cut, such as two weeks, he will kill a batch.

The list has long been drawn up, the action plan has long been drawn up, and the personnel have long been prepared. Waiting for an order, Erdogan can execute a batch immediately.

Some work seems to be repeated every day, which will never be of use. Useless use is of great use. The stability and harmony of Turkey is inseparable from these people who train against a list every day. They may not participate in an action for a lifetime from leaving their hometown to taking up arms to retiring home, but their training has been handed down in batches.

The content they do may be meaningless, unlikely to be meaningful, and they don’t even know the meaning. The only thing they know is to obey orders, repeat exercises every day, and make things instinctive.

What is waiting for is Erdogan’s order. As soon as Erdogan’s order arrives, start immediately and complete the task. The country is peaceful and the people are safe.

What is Erdogan waiting for?

Erdogan is waiting for the world to change. What he is waiting for is to use the space created on the negotiating table to win opportunities under the negotiating table. In this game, monarchs and ministers are united.

The monarch Erdogan is standing in front of the stage. He is riding the wall, performing, demonstrating and talking. He wants an opportunity, an opportunity that the western world promised to give up the Kurds. So that the ministers behind the scenes can show their fists.

Ministers have been practicing behind the scenes for ten years, batch after batch. The reason is that as soon as the emperor’s order comes, they can make contributions to the Turks.

Erdogan’s mass base is excellent.

What most people care about is nothing more than economic growth. Even if their wealth is harvested, they have to redeem their own bit. This gives Americans room to operate.

Erdogan told the Turks, no, we should not be harvested, devaluation to devaluation, the meat rotten in the pot, or our own country, but, how much money from outside to copy the bottom, how much we cut Hu, how much meat in our pot, and everyone’s life will be better.

So Erdogan came up with Erdogan economics, which is rotten. You think I’m at the bottom, and Western funds come to copy the bottom and want an interest.

What Erdogan wants is your principal. When the principal arrives, the Turkish plate becomes bigger. As long as the plate becomes bigger, the exchange rate is a number. The people will be satisfied with the meat.

In the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Turkey is looking at opportunities, and our neighbor who has a good life next door is also looking at opportunities. All places where anti fascism is not complete will feel sad when they see Ukraine.

Plead guilty is not willing to plead guilty, liquidation is afraid of being liquidated.

Under the influence of the global economy, Japan’s internal economy is bad, the automobile industry has chosen the wrong way, Akio Toyoda has done a mess, the pillar industry is in danger, and the marine foreign trade can’t do better. A lot of monetary policies have been introduced, with little success.

So the Japanese doorkeepers moved their ancestors’ minds. After all, it is impossible to distribute my property to ordinary people. It is better to rob it together. There are several undercurrents surging in the Japanese parliament. Some people want to normalize, some want to change the nuclear free principle, and others put the military expansion and preparation for war and the building of nuclear forces on the agenda.

I think Kishida should at least be sober. Since Japan supported Ukraine, domestic inflation has been rising rapidly, from fuel to electricity, from food to rent. Kishida’s support rate has fallen by 12 percentage points in a month, but he is still not sober.

I don’t mean that Japanese inflation has anything to do with us. I mean that if you don’t support others’ anti fascism, you will be punished. If you still want to engage in fascism, you can vote for it.

Not to mention that a second Ukraine will appear in East Asia. Xiang Zhuang dances his sword and compares the southeast region to Ukraine. His heart is detestable.

However, who may be the second Ukraine? I think we should think about it carefully. Once something happens in the southeast, our North Sea fleet will immediately go east from the Yellow Sea and attack Ryukyu through South Korea under the cover of shore based aviation forces.

At the same time, our rocket force will cooperate with the naval shore based forces with the support of the station troops to ensure the paralysis of the military strength of the US military in Japan.

The actual combat training of our people’s navy has become the norm, and this situation is also a unity of mind.

In that whole day, we maliciously compared part of us to another country like Ukraine, where the treasure island hangs alone overseas. At best, Kaliningrad is Ukraine. If you want to continue to live a small life, you’d better think about it.

Think about it, really fight, who is Ukraine?

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