Jia Nailiang took the camera to visit his grandparents. Grandma was paralyzed for nine years. Jia Nailiang didn’t know it at all

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Jia Nailiang has had a lot of negative news recently, and some of his previous black material has also been picked out by netizens. Jia Nailiang took the camera to visit his grandparents. After going there, Jia Nailiang found that his grandmother had been paralyzed for nine years, but he didn’t know these Jia Nailiang at all. So many netizens also angrily denounced Jia Nailiang for his show of filial piety. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Jia Nailiang took the camera to visit his grandparents

Jia Nailiang participated in the program of Zhejiang satellite TV in 2019, familiar with the taste. Jia Nailiang said that he wanted to go to Dalian and meet his grandparents he hadn’t seen in 18 years. They were very important to him. So Jia Nailiang came to grandma’s house with the program team. The gray haired grandfather, trembling on crutches, hugged Jia Nailiang with tears, and said to Jia Nailiang: “ Do you know how much I miss you;?

The old man’s eyes are really sincere, and his miss comes from his heart. What’s more unexpected is that grandma has been paralyzed for nine years. When Jia Nailiang went, Grandma had been lying in bed. Then Jia Nailiang cried in the program, saying that he regretted that he hadn’t come to see his grandparents for so many years and had been saying sorry to them. Later, Jia Nailiang cooked a braised fish in his memory, which was often cooked for her by grandpa in those days, and then took out a cake to celebrate his birthday.

Grandma was paralyzed for nine years, and Jia Nailiang didn’t know it at all

Jia Nailiang also took bowls and chopsticks and fed the braised fish made by his grandparents. It looked peaceful. After these processes, Jia Nailiang left with the program group. To tell the truth, although this grandfather is not Jia Nailiang’s own grandfather, he also took care of him for a period of time when he was a child. Seeing the fact that Jia Nailiang hasn’t visited the old couple for 18 years, many netizens roast that he has an acting personality.

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