Jiang Danielle’s improper remarks lead to controversy and is accused of treating women differently

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Daniel Jiang became a popular male star in South Korea because of his debut in position C of the talent show “product 101 Season 2”. Daniel Jiang has developed very well in the entertainment industry in recent years, so he usually has many invitations to variety shows. Jiang Danielle’s inappropriate remarks caused controversy, and some netizens accused Jiang Danielle of treating women differently. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Jiang Danielle’s improper remarks cause controversy

The cause of the matter was that Jiang Danielle talked about the two programs he presided over, namely “street female soldiers” and “street male soldiers”, both of which were dance programs. The contestants of “street female soldiers” are all girls, on the contrary, the contestants of “street male soldiers” are all boys. Jiang Danielle talked about the upcoming “male soldiers on the street”, saying that the happy thing about recording this program is that the players are all men.

Jiang Danielle said that when recording “female soldiers in the street”, he would be a little afraid because he had to face many sisters, who looked like powerful sisters. Some netizens accused Jiang Danielle of treating women differently. I didn’t expect Jiang Danielle to get involved with these netizens. He asked that if netizens stood in front of dozens of opposite sex, they would also be nervous and unnatural.

Daniel Jiang is accused of treating women differently

Jiang Danielle even blocked many netizens who complained about the differential treatment of women, but many of these netizens are Jiang Danielle’s fans, so this matter still caused a great negative impact on Jiang Danielle. Of course, many fans said that Daniel Jiang’s words didn’t mean to treat women differently. Daniel Jiang himself was very shy. It was inevitable that he would be shy and couldn’t let go of recording programs with dozens of sisters. He shouted to netizens not to raise the matter to gender opposition.

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