Jiang Guangtao’s ex-wife sent an article suspecting and alluding to Jiang Guangtao’s bad character

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Jiang Guangtao, as the great God of dubbing, also has many fans on the Internet. But now Jiang Guangtao has collapsed and he has been arrested by the police. At this time, in addition to the melon eating crowd, some people around Jiang Guangtao paid attention to Jiang Guangtao. Jiang Guangtao’s ex-wife sent an article to expose the marital trivia of the two people, alluding to the poor quality of the former wife. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Jiang Guangtao’s ex-wife sent a message

Jiang Guangtao’s ex-wife seems to have been harassed by netizens, even by internet violence, because of Jiang Guangtao’s arrest, so her ex-wife came out to post. Jiang Guangtao’s fans have been attacking the woman’s bad character. Jiang Guangtao’s ex-wife said that if her character is really bad, why are friends who have been dating for more than 10 years still around her. The woman said that she had never been sorry to anyone for so many years. Even if she did business with others and broke up in the end, there was no dispute or even friends.

His ex-wife also said that Jiang Guangtao had many friends, but after Jiang Guangtao’s accident, no one was willing to come out to help Jiang Guangtao say a word. Only netizens were still looking for various reasons to excuse Jiang Guangtao. Jiang Guangtao’s ex-wife also shouted to her fans, saying that these fans have shaped her into an unforgivable bad person, which can not prove that Jiang Guangtao is a good person.

His ex-wife suspected and alluded to Jiang Guangtao’s bad character

The netizens also picked up Jiang Guangtao’s ex-wife’s early postings. For example, the ex-wife’s mother could not get a taxi to ask Jiang Guangtao for help, but was mercilessly rejected. Jiang Guangtao and his ex-wife had traveled, but the ex-wife had no money to buy water, and the money was controlled by Jiang Guangtao. Jiang Guangtao and his ex-wife have been divorced for so long, but the ex-wife mentioned Jiang Guangtao with all kinds of sarcasm. It can be seen that in this marriage, the wife really suffered a lot of grievances. I still hope that Jiang Guangtao’s fans will not attack the women of online violence. Why should women make it difficult for women.

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