Jiang Hongjie angrily denounced Fukuhara Ai’s girlfriend and refuted her false accusation

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After Jiang Hongjie Fukuhara Ai’s divorce, Jiang Hongjie has been releasing all kinds of news, but these news is nothing more than complaining about how difficult it is for him to take good care of his son and daughter and be a good father. Jiang Hongjie angrily denounced Fukuhara Ai. As a result, Fukuhara Ai’s girlfriends couldn’t see it anymore. He sent a document accusing Jiang Hongjie of falsely accusing Fukuhara Ai. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Jiang Hongjie angrily denounced Fukuhara Ai

AI Fukuhara recently came to Taiwan, China from Japan, made an appointment with Jiang Hongjie, and then left with his youngest son. Then Jiang Hongjie sent a document to complain, saying that after Fukuhara Ai left with his children, the other party didn’t answer his phone call and sent a message, and he was in a state of loss of contact. Many Taiwanese netizens began to attack AI Fukuhara and spoke for Jiang Hongjie in various ways. They were distressed that Jiang Hongjie met such an ex-wife.

Tang Yuanyuan, a good friend of Fukuhara Ai, couldn’t stand it, and sent a document accusing Jiang Hongjie of lying. Tang Yuanyuan said that AI Fukuhara had not seen her child for more than a year. Who could realize the feeling of a mother missing her child. In this process, Jiang Hongjie has been releasing news to various media to shape the image of his good father. But behind his back, Jiang Hongjie did everything to prevent Fukuhara Ai from visiting his son and daughter.

Fukuhara Ai’s best friend refutes Jiang Hongjie’s false accusation

This time, Jiang Hongjie only allowed Fukuhara Ai to take away his youngest son. Fukuhara Ai didn’t even see his eldest daughter’s face. Tang Yuanyuan angrily scolded Jiang Hongjie. Must she use online media to kill a mother like this? Finally, Tang Yuanyuan also reported to netizens that AI Fukuhara had arrived in Japan safely, and the child AI Fukuhara was well taken care of. But then Jiang Hongjie’s fans came out and shouted, saying that AI Fukuhara could have a video call with his daughter and son every day when AI Fukuhara was in Japan, but after AI Fukuhara took his son away, Jiang Hongjie couldn’t see his son on video and angrily denounced AI Fukuhara.

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