Jiang Ziya’s ex-wife, Ma Ma, is a broomstar. What kind of official position is broomstar?

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Jiang Ziya’s ex-wife, Ma Ma, is a broomstar. What kind of official position is broomstar? The following is a detailed introduction to the article made up by China story.com.

After King Wu succeeded in defeating Zhou, the forces on earth were reunited.

After the completion of the great cause of defeating Zhou, Jiang Ziya’s last remaining task in the world is to worship God.

Back in Xiqi, he came to Qishan. Jiang Ziya went to the Fengshen platform.

Looking at the gods all over the sky, Jiang Ziya felt that the world was so big that he gave up his life.

These gods were all powerful in life, but after death, which one did not crawl at his feet and wait for him to become a God?

Even King Zhou, whom he had knelt before, knelt at his feet now.


With so many gods, the only thing Jiang Ziya can’t forget is his ex-wife ma.

Thinking of her, Jiang Ziya’s heart is full of mixed feelings. It’s true that she is a broomstick. It’s always unlucky to follow her. She even failed to do business for several times. But it is also because of her that Jiang Ziya was forced to leave Chaoge. Finally, he went to the Weishui River in Xiqi until he met Jichang, King Wen of Zhou. This gave Jiang Ziya the opportunity to stand here today to worship God.

“It was she who brought me bad luck. After leaving her, I became prime minister Xiqi. The throne of broomstick really suits her.” Jiang Ziya thought silently.

“Ma Ma, under the imperial order of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, has granted you the title of broom star!” Jiang Ziya held the whip in his hand and waved it with a big hand, giving Ma’s broomstick the throne.

Ma Ma knelt on the ground, looked up at Jiang Ziya and asked, “husband, what kind of official am I?”

“Unbridled, it’s good to give you a divine throne. Dare to ask what position you have. Do you want me to beat you with a divine whip?” Jiang Ziya, holding a whip, shouted coldly.

“No questions, no questions.” Ma murmured in a low voice. Then she turned into a streamer, became her broomstick, and took office.

Looking at Mahalanobis, Jiang Ziya said in his heart, “Mahalanobis, you and me are worthy of you.”

People interpreted the three religions, negotiated and canonized the gods, and compiled a total of 365 gods, which are divided into eight parts: the first four parts are thunder, fire, plague and fighting, and the next four parts are the gods of stars, mountains, rain and clouds, good and evil.

The broomstick of Mahalanobis must be one of the 365 positive gods, so does she belong to the fourth or the next four?

In the last four thunder, fire and plague battles, Wen Zhong is the boss of the thunder department, Luo Xuan is the boss of the fire department, Lu Yue is the boss of the plague department, and the virgin of Jinling is the boss of the fight department.

The broom star of Mahalanobis belongs to the constellation of stars in the lower four parts. There are many celebrities in this group of stars, such as Shiji empress, King Zhou, Queen Jiang, Deng Jiugong, Shang Rong, and even Princess Longji, the daughter of Haotian God and the golden mother of yaochi, who is also a red Luan star.

I think Ma Ma was a humble peasant woman who married Jiang Ziya and was able to stand on an equal footing with King Zhou, empress Jiang, Princess Longji and so on. It can be seen that Ma took a great advantage.

Mahalanobis’ official position, which belongs to the stars of the next four books, is designed to bring bad luck to people. Whoever touches her will be unlucky.

Under the comet Mars, there are three mountains, rain and clouds, and the God of good and evil.

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