Jiaozhongqing and liulanzhi in the ancient love story: meet each other under the yellow spring, don’t go against today’s words

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Throughout the ages, love has been a popular topic among the people, and literary works praising love have emerged in endlessly. But most of them are love tragedies, and few of them end in comedies. So today’s China story net Xiaobian will bring you a love story about jiaozhongqing and liulanzhi. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

There was a very sad love story in ancient China. The protagonists of this love story were jiaozhongqing and liulanzhi. The love story between jiaozhongqing and liulanzhi is well known. In fact, the most important reason is that a poem at that time, the first long narrative poem in the history of Chinese literature, the peacock flies southeast.


In ancient times, women were able to read, write and cut clothes when they were about 13 years old. In ancient China, the feudal tradition believed that a woman’s lack of talent was virtue, so many girls took manual work, especially some embroidery, as their main work since childhood. It turns out that this is also such a woman. When she was 13 years old, she could weave very beautiful silk fabrics.

She became jiaozhongqing’s wife when she was 17. In fact, jiaozhongqing was a young man at that time. He was already a small official in the Imperial Palace at that age. Because jiaozhongqing’s wife works in the government, and he is also a very attentive person, he often leaves his wife liulanzhi alone in the room. The days they meet are very few.

Their standard of living should naturally not be bad, but even so, liulanzhi still weaves cloth every day. He can be worth five silks in three days, but her mother-in-law still hates him for his slow weaving. Moreover, she uses this as an excuse to tell Jiao Zhongqing to give up liulanzhi. After listening to his mother’s words, Jiao Zhongqing immediately went to her mother to express his views.

Jiaozhongqing said that he was not a high-ranking official who could marry such a virtuous and capable wife as liulanzhi. After marriage, he wanted to live a peaceful life with him, and he also wanted to be his partner after death. Why did Liu Lanzhi do nothing wrong in less than two years, and her mother pretended to be dissatisfied.

I don’t know what her mother thought at that time. Maybe she thought her son was too excellent. Liu Lanzhi didn’t deserve his son, so she insisted that jiaozhongqing give up Liu Lanzhi. And her tone is very hard. Later, he probably wanted him to have the idea of divorcing his wife, and told her that he had already taken a fancy to a girl from a large family, and that the girl was beautiful and virtuous, so she really deserved jiaozhongqing.

In ancient China, filial piety was the first, so jiaozhongqing did not dare to disobey his mother too much. In addition, jiaozhongqing repeatedly spoke for his wife liulanzhi, which made his mother unwilling. Therefore, he was cruel and wanted jiaozhongqing to stop liulanzhi. Perhaps he didn’t want to be called unfilial and disobedient. Jiaozhongqing had to cry and say to liulanzhi that she couldn’t disobey her mother, so he asked liulanzhi to go back to her mother’s house for a while. After a while, he must be picking her up.

After liulanzhi returned to his mother’s house, his brother and sister-in-law ignored him even more. Coupled with the decadent feudal ideology in China at that time, it was considered a very shameful thing for a woman to be sent back after she was married. However, her sister-in-law thought that it was very disgraceful for him to eat and drink freely at home, so she often gave Liu Lianzhi a look. His own brother did not face her, but also blindly proposed marriage to him, so as not to be an eyesore at home.


The sons of the neighboring family are very beautiful and elegant, and their ages are very similar. They don’t mind liulanzhi being retired. But at that time, liulanzhi only had her husband jiaozhongqing in mind, and she refused to marry again. Here, liulanzhi’s mother persuaded her to remarry. She said with tears in her eyes that when I came back, jiaozhongqing repeatedly asked him to wait for him to take me back. He felt that if he married someone else, he would violate their friendship.

As a weak girl, liulanzhi has been hit by these attacks one after another. On the one hand, he is unwilling to break his promise to Jiao Zhongqing. He also thinks that Jiao Zhongqing can overcome his mother’s difficulties and come back to pick himself up. On the other hand, he is threatened by his brother and sister-in-law to ask her to marry someone else. He could not bear the hardships, so he had to deal with his brother and sister-in-law who said he would marry.

After hearing that liulanzhi was going to marry, jiaozhongqing hurried to find him. Here, Liu Lanzhi may be resentful for wanting to marry someone else, so she also said some angry words more or less. To Lanzhi, I had to say that since you said such words, we were both forced, and there was nothing I could do about it. So let’s meet each other in the hell. Don’t break our previous vows. They held their hands tightly, said goodbye, and went back to their own homes.


How should they feel when they say goodbye to each other before they die? After that, there was the climax of this tragic story. Liulanzhi threw herself into a small river near her home. Jiaozhongqing also hanged himself in a tree in his home. It can only be said that these two miserable people could not be together forever before they died. After they died, they were buried together. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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