Jin Chen Wang Anyu was photographed, and Jin Chenfang quickly claimed to refute rumors of love

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Jin Chen has been on the road for so many years and has had an affair with many male stars. Recently, Jin Chen Wang Anyu was photographed, and netizens seemed to see it as normal. They also said that Wang Anyu was indeed Jin Chen’s favorite type. However, just when the rumors of Wang Anyu’s affair spread all over the world, Jin Chenfang quickly came out and issued a statement to explain the course of the matter, refuting the rumors about Wang Anyu’s relationship. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Jinchen Wang Anyu was photographed

Some media released a video revealing that Jin Chen, Song Jia and others were hanging out in a bar near Sanlitun, and Wang Anyu was also there. When the party played until two o’clock in the morning, Wang Anyu and Jin Chen came out of the bar one after another, and then they took Jin Chen’s car to leave and return to the community where Jin Chen lived. Wang Anyu stayed in Jinchen community for almost an hour before leaving. When he left, Wang Anyu also had a black backpack on his hand.

As soon as the video came out, everyone naturally thought that Jin Chen and Wang Anyu were in love. The two worked together on the TV series “Chi Dao” last year. Netizens questioned that the two might be in love because of the play. Since Jin Chen’s debut, he has been in contact with many male stars, so everyone says that Jin Chen is a male god harvester and has the strength to capture Wang Anyu. Of course, there are also some netizens who accuse Jin Chen of being a fickle person who has no ambition but only knows to fall in love.

Jin Chenfang quickly refutes rumors about love

In the face of the heated discussion of netizens, Jinchen studio immediately issued a statement “ I hope the rumor stops at the wise man, and thank you for your attention to Jin Chen ”. The statement said that Jin Chen met Wang Anyu after he was invited by his friends to a friend party. Because Wang Anyu didn’t drive that day, Jin Chen took Wang Anyu with him. The driver took Jin Chen home first, and then continued to take Wang Anyu to his accommodation. There was no stop on the way, and he directly slapped the media for more than an hour.

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