Jin Jialan denied the campus violence, saying that he acted out of the loyalty of his friends

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Kim Jialan, a former member of the South Korean women’s group Le sserafim, was boycotted by South Korean netizens because it was exposed that she was involved in the campus bullying incident. Even the brokerage company chose to terminate her contract with Kim Jialan. According to the latest news, Jin Jialan denied the campus violence and explained that she did it out of the loyalty of her friends. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Jin Jialan denies school violence

Jin Jialan gained a lot of popularity after her debut. The result was soon revealed by her junior high school classmate, who claimed that she had been bullied by Jin Jialan on campus. Jin Jialan finds an appointment with her, and Jin Jialan also finds a male classmate and people outside the school to help, and carries out campus violence against this classmate. After the incident was exposed, jinjialan was immediately criticized by the whole network, and even the company chose to terminate the contract.

However, Jin Jialan’s response also caused some reversals in this matter. Jin Jialan said that the reason why she did that at the beginning was that the classmate said bad things about her good friend behind her back and posted the photos of her good friend wearing only underwear on the Internet. Jin Jialan was very angry when she learned about these things from her friends. She didn’t want to vent her anger on her friends. She asked the other party for an explanation, so she did that.

Jin Jialan said that he acted out of friendship

Jin Jialan said that she only wanted to help her friends at that time. At that time, she thought it was a manifestation of loyalty and did not know the seriousness of the matter. Of course, looking back on this matter, Jin Jialan said that her behavior was really immature and not sensible. After reading Jin Jialan’s explanation, many netizens began to sympathize with Jin Jialan again, accusing the netizen who exposed Jin Jialan of bullying others on campus. Jin Jialan taught him a lesson, which was his retribution.

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