Jin Jiya fainted while recording the program, and the company suddenly announced the cancellation of the trip

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Friends who pay attention to the Korean entertainment industry must know Jin Jiya. Jin Jiya is the representative of Korean sexy female singers. She is deeply loved by the Korean public and has many fans in China. Everyone calls her sexy Mustang. Recently, South Korean media reported that Jin Jiya fainted during the recording of the program. Subsequently, Jin Jiya’s company also issued an announcement to cancel the later trip of Jin Jiya. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Jin Jiya fainted while recording the program

Jin Jiya recently returned to the music world with her new single nabillera, which is a very happy thing for fans. Recently, it was reported that Jin Jiya suddenly fainted on the stage while recording a music program on the radio. The staff at the scene were frightened and rushed Jin Jiya to the hospital for treatment.

Subsequently, Jin Jiya’s brokerage company issued an announcement, saying that Jin Jiya would suspend the recording of SBS popular songs because of artist health factors. Moreover, the signing meeting that Jin Jiya originally planned to hold soon was also announced to be postponed. The announcement of Jin Jiya brokerage company is also an indirect confirmation of the news that Jin Jiya fainted in the recorded program on the Internet.

The company suddenly announced the cancellation of Jin Jiya’s trip

Jin Jiya once had a similar situation. At that time, Jin Jiya thought she had panic disorder. Later, the hospital found that she was vagus syncope after inquiry, so as not to affect her work. Jin Jiya also kept it confidential and was unwilling to disclose her symptoms until she recovered. This time Jin Jiya fainted again during the stage performance, and fans are also worried that Jin Jiya’s nervous syncope has relapsed. I also hope that Jin Jiya can feel at ease and recover from illness as soon as possible. Fans are still waiting for Jin Jiya’s new song stage, waiting to cheer for her.

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