Jin Junxiu made 100 times more money by quitting Dongfang Shenqi

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Dongfang Shenqi was a very active male troupe in those days. Unfortunately, in the end, Jin Junxiu, Jin Zaizhong and park Youtian announced their termination of the contract with the company SM. After leaving SM, the three people were also suppressed by SM and failed to appear on the screen for many years. JinJunXiu talked about the process of withdrawing from Dongfang Shenqi, saying that he earned 100 times more money after leaving SM than before. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

JinJunXiu talks about the process of quitting the League

Jin Junxiu started his career as a member of Dongfang Shenqi in 2003, terminated his contract with SM in 2010, and then started his solo activities. Jin Junxiu, who was suppressed by SM, can only be active in the stage. Recently, Jin Junxiu accepted the release of a certain program. Jin Junxiu also expressed a lot of emotion. He did not expect that he would be able to be on TV one day.

JinJunXiu said that in his first few years, he looked bright on the surface. Everyone thought he was very happy, but in fact, his life was very painful. When JinJunXiu quit TVXQ, many people scolded him for being ungrateful, saying that he had made money in the combination of houses. Why should he go. Jin Junxiu also revealed in the program that all things were realized one year after he quit TVXQ. After leaving the company, although the activities were limited and disappeared from the public view, the money earned was 100 times as much as before.

Jin Junxiu made 100 times as much money after he left the League

From Jin Junxiu’s interview, it can be seen that he was also subjected to a lot of pressure in SM, and the company was also very aggressive in withholding. Although Dongfang Shenqi made a lot of money, its members simply did not get much. Fans also say that TVXQ made 300million yuan a year for the company SM at its peak. As a result, each member only got 1million yuan. The company signed a slave agreement with them. Fans said that although Jin Junxiu is very sad to quit TVXQ, he is also very happy that Jin Junxiu is doing well now.

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