Jin linggong and Zhao Dun’s serial assassinations: all the tricks were done and he died

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Time: 607 BC

Place: Zhao dunjia

Assassin: Li, a doorman of tu’an Jia’s family

Target: Zhao Dun, the ruling Minister of Jin

Messenger: Duke Ling of Jin

Planner: tu’an Jia, the favorite Minister of Jin linggong

Weapon: Sword

Ending: she committed suicide

Text with pictures: by the fifth watch, Zhao Dun’s car had driven outside the door. Seeing that the heavy door was open, she took the opportunity to slip in. When she saw the dimly lit hall, there was an official sitting with his clothes facing his crown and his wat hanging down. This official is Zhao dun.

In the hero shot by Zhang Yimou a few years ago, there was an assassin named nameless. At the last moment, he gave up the carefully planned assassination for ten years for the sake of all the people in the world. Although this unknown assassin is only a fictional character in the film, there is a person in history who would rather commit suicide than kill a loyal minister. Although this person did not leave much of his life story in the historical records of Sima Qian, he has become the representative of ancient civilians and righteous men. Around the subsequent Zhao Chuang assassination of dizzy king, as well as the historian Dong Hu’s straightforwardness and Zhao Dun’s refusal to kill the historian, he would rather bear the name of regicide, It has become a beautiful talk in history.

Refusing to accept advice, Duke Ling of Jin wanted to kill loyal ministers

Duke Huan of Qi and Guan Zhong created the situation of the five hegemons in the spring and Autumn period, but as the saying goes, flowers never bloom in a hundred days. With the death of Guan Zhong and Duke Huan of Qi, the hegemony of the state of Qi finally came to naught, like a flash in the pan. However, Duke Huan of Qi’s feat of governing the world by nine princes made other princes envy. After Duke Huan of Qi, Duke Wen of Jin, the strongest overlord of the five hegemons in the spring and Autumn period, was born.

Duke Wen Chong’er of Jin was the second son of Duke Xian of Jin. Duke Xian of Jin spoiled Li Ji, which led to civil strife: Shen Sheng, the eldest son, was killed by Li Ji, and Chong Er, the second son, was forced away by Li Ji. Chong’er has successively been exiled in Di, Wei, Qi, Cao, song, Zheng, Chu and other countries. In this 19 year exile, in addition to Duke Huan of Qi’s good attitude towards him, at other times he was more like a lost dog, afraid of domestic


All of a sudden, they have to suffer from the white eyes of the nobility and civilians of all countries where they are in exile. It can be said that they have suffered enough. The reason why Duke Wen of Jin was able to bite his teeth and persevere was due to his strong willpower. At that time, a group of loyal ministers around him contributed a lot. Among them, the most famous are Xian Yun, Zhao Shuai, Wei Qiu and others.

After being in exile for 19 years, King Xiang of Zhou finally returned to the state of Jin and became king in the 16th year (636 BC). Although Chong’er was sixty-two years old this year, and the old ministers who shared hardships with him were all gray at the temples, the long-term suffering not only did not kill the fighting spirit of Duke Wen of Jin, but inspired him to be a overlord who could command the princes like Duke Huan of Qi. Duke Wen of Jin granted meritorious officials, so that Xian Yun, Zhao Shuai, Wei Qiu and others who followed him in exile took power. After that, taking advantage of the chaos in the king’s room and in the name of the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the rebel forces were eliminated, and the right to intervene and crusade against other princes was obtained from the king of the Zhou Dynasty. In the 19th year of King Xiang of Zhou (633 BC), the hegemony of Duke Wen Chong’er of Jin reached its peak, and the army of Jin defeated the powerful Chu army in one fell swoop by using the strategy of luring the enemy deep in the battle of Chengpu. This battle shocked the princes all over the world. Even the son of Zhou himself ran from Luoyang to the military camp of the Jin army to comfort the Jin army. The princes of Qi, song, Lu, Zheng, Chen, Cai, Ju and other countries successively elected Duke Wen of Jin as the leader of the Alliance. Since then, Duke Wen of Jin has become a legitimate overlord of princes.

The hegemony of the state of Qi soon disappeared with the death of Duke Huan and Guan Zhong of Qi, while the hegemony of the state of Jin flourished after the death of Duke Wen of Jin. After Duke Wen of Jin, the state of Jin successively won a series of victories, such as the battle of Gushan, which made the Western overlord Qin unable to cross the Yellow River for hundreds of years. The reason why the fate of Jin is very different from that of Qi is not only that Duke Wen of Jin laid a good foundation, but also a group of old ministers left by Duke Wen of Jin. After Duke Wen of Jin, Qing and officials such as Xian Yun and Zhao Shuai successively took over the power of Jin, which maintained a continuous and stable state of the basic state policy of Jin. However, with the development of time, the officials who successively took charge of the Jin state formed a huge family power, and even the monarch of the Jin State should act according to their eyes. Fortunately, although these officials had great power, they were still polite to the monarch, and the two sides were at peace for a long time.

Zhao Dun is the son of Zhao Shuai. When Zhao Shuai accompanied Chong’er in exile in the state of Di, the people of the state of Di gave Ji Kui and uncle Kui, two captive female slaves, to Chong’er. At that time, the childe Chong’er married one of them, Ji Kai, and gave another uncle Kai to Zhao Xie as a concubine. This uncle Kai was Zhao Dun’s mother. Zhao Dun was born in the state of Di, where he spent his childhood and adolescence. In 644 BC, when Zhao Dun was less than ten years old, Zhao Shuai left Di with Chong’er and embarked on a journey of exile full of difficulties and dangers. The uncle, his mother and son, who lived in a foreign land, also experienced the loneliness, desolation and melancholy after parting. It was not until eight years later, after Zhao Xie’s former wife Zhao Ji repeatedly begged, that uncle Kai’s mother and son returned to the state of Jin. At this time, Zhao Dun was already an intelligent and broad-minded youth with a weak crown. Zhao Ji, who doesn’t rely on her pet to retain her position, knows the great righteousness, and firmly invites Yu Gong to take Zhao Dun as her legitimate son, so that her three sons are under Zhao dun. Its virtue is indeed commendable. Although there are not too many records about Uncle Kai in the classics, it is self-evident that he must be virtuous and virtuous, and teach his son well. Zhao Ji is righteous, his uncle is virtuous and his decline is gentle. Under the influence of this family environment, Zhao Dun is reasonable and gentle; And his early experience in didi made him develop an open-minded temperament. These excellent qualities were organically combined in Zhao Dun and fully reflected after he took office.

Six years after the death of Duke Wen of Jin, Zhao Shuai also died one after another. Thanks to the great help of Yang Chufu, a minister of the Zhao family, Zhao Dun, who was about 30 at that time, was able to serve in the central army


The identity of Jin became the ruling state of Jin. Zhao Dun took a series of innovative measures in internal affairs at the beginning of his administration of state affairs, showing excellent political talent and courage. He &\8221; Make a code, just law crime &\8221;, Supplement and improve the original legal provisions, so that there are clear objective standards for reward, punishment and sentencing&# 8221; Prison sentence, Dong Yun escape &\8221;, Redress grievances and accumulate cases, supervise the arrest of fugitives, and stabilize social order; He also &\8221; Continue the regular post, and leave the stagnant &\8221;, Select and appoint talents, assign duties, and dismiss those officials who are mediocre and have mediocre political achievements. This has a certain role in promoting the stability of the political situation of Jin and the birth of Legalist Thought in Jin.

However, the facts in the world are unpredictable. Just when Zhao Dun was preparing to further develop his skills, there was a foolish king in the state of Jin, which not only nearly failed the hegemony established by Duke Wen of Jin, but also brought Zhao Dun a fatal disaster. This monarch is Yi Gao, the grandson of Duke Wen of Jin and the son of Duke Xiang of Jin. Originally, when Duke Xiang of Jin died, ministers led by Zhao Dun found that Yi Gao was frivolous and too young to be a monarch, so Zhao Dun planned to make Duke Xiang’s younger brother Yong the monarch at that time, and at that time, ministers also recognized the son Yong &\8221; Good and long, first you love it, and close to Qin, Qin so good also &\8221;. It can be seen that Zhao Dunli Yong was completely for the sake of the overall situation of Jin. However, due to the opposition of Jia Ji, another ruling minister at that time, especially when Yi Gao’s mother made a big fuss in court and forced Zhao Dun to make Yi Gao king, Zhao Dun was moved with compassion, changed the decision of founding Prince Yong, and let Yi Gao succeed, which was for linggong. Zhao Dun soon regretted this decision. Yi Gao, the Duke of Jin linggong, did not behave like a monarch and was immoral. He not only increased taxes to meet his personal luxury, but also shot pedestrians with slingshots on the high platform to watch them avoid bullets. Under the rule of Duke Ling of Jin, the national power of Jin was in crisis again. It was defeated by Qin and Chu, who came to avenge one arrow, in the West and south, and finally led to the declining hegemony of Jin; Not competing in Chu &\8221; The end of.

One of Zhao Dun’s political enemies once rated Zhao Dun as & \8221; Summer day &\8221;, That is, the cool day in midsummer is really frightening. However, Zhao Dun is not ruthless, unsympathetic and first-class. He is strict and urgent, but he is generous and honest. In the face of Jin linggong’s immorality, although Zhao Dun regretted his original decision, he still adhered to the way of ministers, hoping to persuade Jin linggong to correct his mistakes and revive the national fortune. However, what he didn’t expect was that linggong not only intensified after that, but also became more and more disgusted with his loyalty, and planned to get rid of him, who always admonished the emperor in his ear. Jin linggong liked to eat bear paws. At that time, there was no technology of frying, frying and frying. Generally, it was not boiling, but roasting. Linggong is an acute child. Once, the cook didn’t stew bear paws, and he actually killed the cook on the spot. Afterwards, he also felt that he had done too much. He was worried that if others knew, especially Zhao Dun, it would be bad to know, and he would certainly come to educate himself, so he sent the palace maid to put the body in a basket and secretly transport it out of the palace. Unfortunately, Zhao Dun and another minister Shiji were talking in the court. When they saw two palace maids carrying a basket of things furtively, they found a hand exposed from the basket, called them, opened it and were surprised. Asked what was going on, the palace maid told the story. Zhao Dun and Shiji were very angry and felt that the monarch had gone too far. So they discussed and went to advise one after another. Linggong was very distressed at that time, saying that he must make a clean break, fulfill the responsibility of the monarch, and fight wholeheartedly for the hegemony of Jin. Zhao Dun was very happy and said & \8221; Who hasn’t? The past can be changed, and there is nothing good about it &\8221; Famous quote of. However, the duplicity of Jin linggong’s face-to-face and back-to-back advice, Zhao Dun’s advice, not only did not wake up, but made Jin linggong feel very disgusted. He believed that Zhao Dun was the biggest obstacle to his sole power. Finally, after Zhao Dun’s advice, he &\8221; Unbearable &\8221; Decided to kill Zhao Dun

Suddenly, he died for justice

Duke Ling of Jin wanted to kill Zhao dun. According to people’s understanding of the autocratic imperial power, Duke Ling of Jin was the king, and Zhao Dun was the minister. The king let the minister die, and the minister did not dare not die. Just give orders directly. Unfortunately, it was the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. There was no market for Confucius’ theory. At that time, all countries were not only aristocrats and monarchs who jointly governed the country, but also civilians who often participated in politics. The monarch could not kill ministers for no reason. If the monarch did something wrong and never corrected it, I’m sorry, ministers and even ordinary people could also hold a meeting to abolish the monarch and set up a wise person to be the monarch. A typical example is &\8221 in the first year of the Republic (841 BC) in the Western Zhou Dynasty; Chinese coup &\8221;, He drove away all the Emperor Zhou at that time, and the princes all over the world thought that the Emperor Zhou should be so guilty. The guilty Jin linggong naturally did not dare to kill Zhao Dun, who was highly respected in both the government and the public, so he decided to use assassination.

Although Zhao Dun is very talented, he is too sharp and autocratic. This not only offended the monarch, but also made some other powerless ministers feel uncomfortable, and also wanted to take Zhao Dun’s place. Among them, tu’anja, linggong’s favorite minister, is the most active. He is jealous of Zhao’s power. He wants to destroy Zhao’s strength and become the chief ruling Minister of Jin. He saw that Duke Jin linggong hated Zhao Dun and thought the opportunity was coming, so he began to fan the flames.

One day, linggong was playing in Taoyuan. Tu’an Gu Shiling Gong game. While laughing, tu’an Gu suddenly sighed: & \8221; This joy can’t be anymore&# 8221; Linggong asked: &\8221; Why did the doctor sigh&# 8221; Tu’an Jia: &\8221; Zhao dunming must have been noisy again. How can the Lord come back&# 8221; Linggong angrily said: &\8221; Since ancient times, the monarch has ruled over the monarch, and I have never heard of the monarch ruling over the monarch. This old age is very inconvenient for me. What can I do to get rid of it&# 8221; Tu’an Gu offered advice to Duke Ling of Jin and said: & \8221; I have a disciple who is poor. I often help him. He feels the favor of me and is willing to work hard. He can send him to assassinate Zhao Dun&# 8221;

According to the history books, Zhumi’s family was very poor, belonging to the type of eating last meal but not next meal. His family should be a declining civilian family, and such a family generally had no official name at that time.

Although history has no more records on him, he should be a brave man, a brave and strong man. Otherwise, tu’an Gu, a minister with evil intentions, would not help him; He should also be a somewhat famous Xia Ren. As a diner of tu’an Jia’s family, in order to repay the hero’s kindness, he is willing to do many things for the host, including killing people. But he is a good man. The person he wants to kill is the kind of person who deserves to die. He has his own yardstick in his heart.

That night, linggong and tu’anju secretly summoned him. He was surprised and finally met the monarch, and the man who was said to be cruel met him kindly and gave him good wine and food. He had never enjoyed the treatment of the state banquet. He knelt down at the table and enjoyed the delicious state banquet. Tu’anju told him at this time; Zhao Dun is dictatorial and bullies the Lord. He will send you to assassinate him tonight. Don’t mess up;.

He didn’t swallow the meat in his mouth. He knew that this meal was not for nothing. Although there were many kinds of imagination, he didn’t expect that the monarch would ask him to kill a big man in charge of the State Administration in the state of Jin. However, the orders of the monarch and master must be carried out, not to mention eating other people’s food.

After taking orders, she took a dagger and lurked around the Zhao mansion in the middle of the night to observe the situation and wait for an opportunity to start. When it was five o’clock, Zhao Dun’s car had driven outside the door. Seeing the heavy door open, she took the opportunity to slip in. When she saw the dimly lit hall, there was an official sitting with his clothes facing his crown and his wat hanging down. This official is Zhao dun. Before dawn, Zhao Dun has got up and is preparing to leave home for the court. Because it was still early, Zhao Dun sat in the hall, dressed in a plump imperial suit, thinking about national affairs, and fell asleep. He looked like a man of daily care, conscientiousness, diligence and thrift, and selflessness. The scene was very touching. In ancient times, there was no watch. In the palace of the monarch, a leaky pot and a copper pot dripping water were used up, indicating that when the time came, the drum would be played. When the city officials heard the drums, they set out for the morning. Ministers at home also control the time by themselves, and also use leaky pots, but they may not be synchronized with the king’s pot. It is common to get up early occasionally, like Zhao Dun, waiting for the king to beat the drum and shout. When Zhao Dun was waiting for the court, he behaved in a dignified and respectful manner, and looked solemn. He was a sober and meticulous senior official. The assassin was moved by the guide the people depended on. This finishing touch in the history books immediately made Zhao Dun’s image infinitely beautiful, giving people trust and incomparable security.

Feeling ashamed, he stepped out of the door and sighed: ” Respectfully, loyal and righteous ministers! It is unjust to assassinate loyal ministers; If you abandon it at your command, you will not believe it. If you don’t believe in injustice, why do you stand between heaven and earth&# 8221; As a subject of Jin, I should be proud and glad to have such a loyal minister. However, I came by the order of the king. Who am I? It’s an assassin! The assassin should fulfill his mission, but between justice and mission, he finally chose the former. The man killed by the assassin should not be a loyal minister and a good general. Thinking of this, he stood outside the door and shouted: & \8221; I’m Li Li. The emperor sent me to kill you, but you’re a loyal minister. I’d rather disobey the emperor’s order than kill such a loyal minister! I commit suicide now. I’m afraid someone will come again in the future. Be careful&# 8221; After speaking, with the pursuit of justice in her heart and painful contradictions, she bravely hit a big locust tree in front of the door, and her brain burst to death. At this time, the doorman was alerted and Zhao Dun was informed. Zhao Dun went to the side of the corpse, wiped the sweat on his forehead, sighed, and ordered his servants to bury the corpse on the side of the locust tree.

Some people don’t think he is an assassin, because he didn’t assassinate at all. In current words, it is the end of the crime. But his historical identity is indeed an assassin. Although he is not a competent assassin, he is a great righteous man. In order to protect Zhongliang, she paid her own life, which is worthy of ” Hearing righteousness, being able to move and treating death as if it were home &\8221;, Known as the righteous man among assassins. He is the most unique and brave of all assassins, because he chose not to kill or commit suicide for the sake of justice in his heart. His behavior reflects the most valuable quality of people in the spring and Autumn period. For the sake of justice, even the emperor’s orders are not implemented. They have independent personalities. This ordinary assassin, this declining scholar, used his life to write the tragic songs of loyalty in the spring and Autumn period, educating countless later ancients and modern people.

The righteous man saved Zhao Dun’s life when he was ambushed at the banquet

Moved by Zhao Dun’s spirit of being loyal to the country, he couldn’t bear to kill Zhao Dun, and he didn’t want to give up the king’s order, so he touched Huai and died. This became a good story spread among all classes in the spring and Autumn period. This matter soon spread to Jin linggong’s ears. Jin linggong not only did not repent, but became angry with shame, and was determined to kill Zhao dun.

One day in September 607 BC, Duke Ling of Jin arranged another plot. On this day, he invited Zhao Dun to drink in the palace, and fell under the armor outside, ready to attack


? Zhao Dun was deeply worried when he suddenly received the invitation to eat. He knew that the monarch he had brought up secretly planned to murder him, but Zhao Dun still went to the dinner in high spirits for the sake of social stability.

Jin linggong and tu’an Jia are all ready, but this conspiracy has been quietly monitored by a pair of mysterious eyes, which came from a warrior.

Sometimes, people have to accept the arrangement of fate. Zhao Dun never dreamed that an inadvertent act of kindness saved his life two years ago. One day two years ago, Zhao Dun was walking on the road and saw a starving man under the mulberry tree. Zhao Dun stopped the car and asked: & \8221; Why are you so hungry&# 8221; The man answered: &\8221; On my way home, I ran out of food, I was ashamed to beg, and I couldn’t steal, so I was so hungry&# 8221; Zhao Dun took out dry food and dried meat and handed them to the man. The man wolfed down half and wrapped the other half carefully. Zhao Dun was very strange. The man said: & \8221; I have been studying abroad for three years, and I don’t know whether my mother is alive at home. Please let me leave some to take home&# 8221; Zhao Dun was deeply moved by his filial piety and gave him more food.

The starving man is a chivalrous man with clear gratitude and resentment. After that, he came to the capital of the state to make a living, and became a champion of Duke Ling of Jin. Now he knew linggong’s plot and knew that it was time for him to repay his kindness. So, after three rounds of drinking, he came to the banquet and said to Zhao Dun: &\8221; You give me wine. After three rounds, the number of Rites has been exhausted. Would you like to thank me and leave the table&# 8221; Holding Zhao Dun, he walked out. Zhao Dun had forgotten what happened two years ago and looked at him strangely, but he was still dragged to the outdoors involuntarily. Before the outdoor warriors could reach out, linggong had sent a huge mastiff to attack Zhao Dun and was killed by the warriors with bare hands. Zhao Dun sighed: &\8221; Abandon people and use dogs, although fierce, what is it&# 8221; Jin linggong’s killer followed him, and was beaten back by the armor man, so Zhao Dun got out of danger. When breaking up, Zhao Dun asked his reason, and the Oracle only said one sentence: & \8221; I am Sangxia hungry&# 8221; Ask the name again, the Oracle just bowed deeply, turned and disappeared in the dark, and disappeared from there.

Knowing that he couldn’t stay in Jin, Zhao Dun fled abroad overnight. But before walking out of the border of Jin, news came that Zhao Dun’s brother Zhao Chuan


Jin linggong was killed in Taoyuan, and decent people rushed to meet him back.

Linggong has no way, and Zhao Chuan’s design eliminates the dizzy king

Zhao Chuan is Zhao Dun’s brother. As the saying goes, fight tiger brothers and fight father and son soldiers. In the spring and Autumn period, the family was not only a place for personal spiritual sustenance, but also the key to the success or failure of its career. For the monarch, this country was his own family business, while for the minister, home was a small country. Do not hesitate to give up your life for the benefit of the family. Some people only know that there is a family and no country, and Zhao Chuan is such a person!

Speaking of it, Zhao Chuan was also a little contradictory with Zhao dun. In those days, Zhao Dun led the army to prepare for a war with the state of Qin along the Yellow River. A counselor under Zhao Dun gave Zhao Dun an idea to let the army set an ambush on the Bank of the Yellow River to ambush the Qin army. As a result, Zhao Chuan was very dissatisfied with this idea and thought that the war should be carried out openly rather than ambush ” Inferior three rotten &\8221; So he deliberately shouted in front of the envoys of the state of Qin: & \8221; If you can’t, run quickly. Our Jin army won’t set up ambushes on the shore. Ambush, win is not a hero&# 8221;

Because Zhao Chuan leaked the military aircraft, it was not easy for the Jin people to ambush, so the Qin army escaped smoothly. Zhao Chuan was dismissed and sent far away to the frontier. For this reason, Zhao Chuan has not been in touch with Zhao dun for a long time, but Zhao Chuan is worthy of being a man who puts family first, although Jin linggong is Zhao Chuan’s brother-in-law. However, because Duke Ling of Jin always likes to flirt outside, Zhao Chuan’s sister has always been less favored, so he also hates Duke Ling who doesn’t care about court politics and only cares about pleasure. Therefore, when Zhao Dun and his family were in trouble, he immediately got up and wanted to solve Jin linggong in his own way.

When Zhao Dun left the capital Jiangcheng West that day, Zhao Chuan was hunting in the western suburbs of Jiangcheng. He was surprised to see the smoke and the family flag. He galloped forward, stopped the horses and cars, and was very surprised to see Zhao dun. Zhao Chuan asked mingyuanyou and said to Zhao Dun: & \8221; Brother, don’t leave the country yet. I’ll meet him and mediate for you. For the time being, you should find a place to avoid. Wait for me a few days, and then make a decision when I have news&# 8221;

Zhao Dun said: &\8221; ok I live in Shouming mountain first. Wait for your good news&# 8221; How to mediate between Zhao Dun and Jin linggong? The only way is to get rid of linggong. How can we achieve this goal? Zhao Chuan thought for a while and finally came up with a plan. So Zhao Chuan went to see linggong.

Zhao said goodbye to Zhao Dun and returned to Jiangcheng. He knew that linggong lived in Taoyuan, pretended to pay an audience and apologized. To Duke Jin linggong: & \8221; Although Zhao Dun and I are in the same family, our relationship has always been bad. Last time, he also removed me from my post. I must revenge this revenge&# 8221; Linggong believed it and said happily that he just couldn’t stand Zhao Dun and had nothing to do with others. In fact, Jin linggong was only dissatisfied with Zhao Dun at that time, and he didn’t want to catch the old Zhao family. He also knew that the Zhao family had a high reputation in the folk of Jin. Now he saw a person in the Zhao family stand up to support him, not to mention that this person was his brother-in-law. Naturally, he couldn’t ask for it, and immediately ordered Zhao Chuan to stay with him and give him reuse.

One day, Zhao put on his clothes and played: & \8221; I heard that if you are a master, you can only enjoy your life. Although the Lord’s bell and drum are hanging, but the inner palace is unprepared, what fun is there? Duke Huan of Qi was so lucky that he was married to six people, such as his wife. Although the former king Wengong went out and died, when he was in trouble, he came to Naji and returned home. He was more than sixty years old and had countless concubines. Since the Lord has a high platform and wide confinement, he thinks it is a place to sleep. Why not choose more good family women to fill them, and make the songs and dances taught by Ming teachers for entertainment? Isn’t it beautiful&# 8221; Although this sentence is very tongue twister, there is only one core meaning, which is to suggest linggong to select all the beautiful women in Jin and include them in the palace. Linggong was more happy and asked who could do it. Zhao Chuan suggested that tu’an Jia Cao do it. Linggong ordered tu’an Gu to go to the beauty pageant. He asked that women of color, regardless of the suburbs of the city, who were unmarried within 20 years, sign up and choose, and reply within one month.

After sending tu’an Gu away, Zhao wore it and played it again, saying that the guards in Taoyuan were too weak. He could choose 200 brave soldiers from the army to guard day and night. Linggong’s approval. Zhao Chuan returned to the camp, and sure enough, he selected 200 warriors.

One day, Zhao Chuan said to the 200 Warriors: & \8221; The Lord is not compassionate with the people and enjoys himself in Taoyuan all day long, so I choose you to patrol for him. You and others all have rooms and homes. When is the time to go to Lifeng Sulu&# 8221; All the soldiers complained: & \8221; Why not die quickly if you are so ignorant? If the prime minister was here, there would be no such thing&# 8221; Zhao Chuanyue: &\8221; I have a word to discuss with you. I wonder if you can&# 8221; All the soldiers said: & \8221; General can save us from suffering, and we will be reborn&# 8221; Wear: &\8221; The peach garden is no deeper than the deep palace. Waiting for the second watch, you entered the garden and asked for a reward. I waved my sleeve as a sign. When you killed the Marquis of Jin, I should welcome back the prime minister and establish a new king. What is the plan&# 8221;

Sergeants all say: &\8221; Very good&# 8221; Zhao wears a secret order of 200 soldiers, looks at his own signal, acts on the second watch, kills linggong, welcomes the prime minister, and establishes a new king. That night, the moonlight filled the garden. Zhao Chuang was drinking with linggong on the tall building to enjoy the moon. On the second watch, 200 soldiers gathered and rushed to the tall building. Linggong’s guard couldn’t resist. Linggong heard the noise and asked Zhao Chuan what happened. Zhao Chuan said: &\8221; They miss their prime minister and want to ask the Lord to call them back&# 8221;

Linggong stared wide, and just drank a mouthful of wine and put it in his mouth. Zhao wore one hand over linggong’s shoulder, and the other hand stabbed linggong’s abdomen with a sword, then pulled out the sword and stabbed it again. Pull it out again and stab it in again. After stabbing more than 20 swords, Jin linggong’s body fell to the ground, stained with wine and vegetables, full of anger and sadness, twitched for a while, and did not move.

Because the Duke of Jin linggong was unscrupulous and easy to kill, the people complained for a long time. Instead, they took the death of the Duke of Jin linggong as a pleasure, and no one blamed Zhao Chuan.

The next day, Zhao Dun returned to Jiangcheng, the capital, and drove straight to Taoyuan. All civil and military officials gathered here and watched Zhao Shuo help him out of the car. Zhao Dun wore a nightgown and looked haggard. Zhao Dun stumbled, came to the body of Duke Jin Ling, knelt to the ground, and burst into mourning. Civil and military officials were infected by him and cried for a while. After crying, Zhao Dun ordered linggong to be buried in Quwo ancestral temple. Then, Zhao Dun worked on site and discussed with his ministers who would be the new king of Jin.

All the ministers did not express their opinions. Zhao Dun proposed to support another son of Duke Wen of Jin, nicknamed black buttocks, to inherit the throne. All the ministers expressed their support. At this time, black buttocks became an official in the Zhou Dynasty. In order to solve Zhao Chuan’s crime of killing the king, Zhao Dun sent Zhao Chuan to the Zhou Dynasty to welcome the black buttocks back to Jin. Black buttocks succeeded to the throne and became Duke Cheng of Jin. Duke Cheng of Jin ascended the throne and appointed Zhao Dun as the national politics. He married his daughter Zhuang Ji to Zhao Dun’s son Zhao Shuo and married Zhao dun.

“ Write directly;, Historians have great power

The reform of the state of Jin is happy for everyone. Unexpectedly, the famous historian Dong Hu came out at this time. He wrote in the National Archives: & \8221; Zhao Dun killed his king&# 8221; Zhao Dun was very surprised after looking at it. He stared and asked Dong Hu if he had made a mistake.

Dong Hu replied: &\8221; You are the Zhengqing of the country. You escaped but did not escape from the border. As long as you are in charge of the government within the country, you should be responsible for the safety of the country and the lives of your masters. Since you came back from the border, you have not killed the troublemaker (Zhao Chuang). Zhao Chuang is your clan. I won’t say who you say you kill the king&# 8221; Zhao Dun was unable to argue, and had no choice but to carry the bad name of regicide for Zhao Chuanbei. This is the so-called &\8221; Dong Hu writes bluntly;, It is said to be a good talk of historiography. On the one hand, it praises Dong Hu’s straightforwardness, and on the other hand, it also praises the thought of loyalty to the king. It is beautifully written in the book spring and autumn.

However, Zhao Dun did not force Dong Hu to rewrite the history books with the help of his powerful forces, nor did he kill this straightforward Dong Hu. It can be seen that Zhao Dun did &\8221; Xingu &\8221; Some are much more elegant than Cui Zhu, the king killer of the state of Qi who later killed two historians in a row, or Kangxi and Qianlong the great emperors of Daxing literary prison. The world also sympathizes with Zhao dun. After all, Zhao Dun is a good official. In fact, the reason why Dong Hu wanted to write & \8221; Zhao Dun killed his king &\8221; It’s because I think Zhao Chuan killed the king to a large extent to help Zhao dun. Although Zhao Dun fled, he didn’t leave the country (not leaving the country is equivalent to being in office, and there is also the responsibility of dereliction of duty), and he didn’t punish the murderer when he came back (this means that Zhao Dun also believes that the king should be killed), so Dong Hu directly wrote &# 8221; Zhao Dun killed his king;. Zhao dunbei &\8221; Slander &\8221; It’s just a sigh for yourself. How can such a person kill Dong Hu again. And the records of Zuo Zhuan also make a section on this. Confucius sighed &\8221; Dong Hu, a good history of ancient times, calligraphy is not hidden &\8221; At the same time, I also sigh &\8221; Zhao xuanzi, a good doctor in ancient times, suffered evil for the law. Unfortunately, the more unexpectedly, the less;. Confucius here means that Zhao Dun is a good minister. If you want to escape from the state of Jin directly for your own reputation, you can do it; But it’s amazing to bear a bad name in order to bear the crisis of the country. After that, there was no relevant record. It can be seen that Zhao Dun did not kill Dong Hu, which made Dong Hu’s life and his own name.

Although Zhao Dun was brave and tolerant, because of Dong Hu’s writing style, he could not help shrinking his hands later. It also laid the groundwork for the Zhao family extermination case. When Jin linggong died, tu’an Jia was running a beauty pageant. Zhao Chuan privately reminded Zhao Dun that tu’an Jia had a grudge against Zhao, and if he didn’t get rid of it, he was afraid that Zhao would be upset. Zhao Dun advised Zhao Chuang to calm down and mend the rift with the monarch first. It is not appropriate to seek revenge too much. Because tu’an Gu was cautious, he was respectful to Zhao. So Zhao Dun let tu’an Gu go. Zhao Dun is sophisticated and extremely smart. Letting tu’an Gu go is the only and biggest mistake he made in his life. Had it not been for Cheng Ying and Gongsun Chujiu to save Zhao’s orphan, Zhao would never have survived.

In fact, Dong Hu could have spent some time to write his words about Zhao dun. Why did he let the real murderer go for nothing? By comparison, I still like &\8221; Spring and autumn brushwork &\8221;, Confucius said &\8221; Zheng Boke Duan Yu Yan &\8221;, The praise and criticism are clear, but the records of historical events are exactly the same, and you won’t say & \8221 just because you think Zheng Bo is not brother and Duan is not brother; Zheng Bo and Duan Fei brothers also &\8221; In that case.

Of course, some scholars believe that it was Zhao Dun and Zhao who killed linggong; Scheduled plot &\8221;, It is Zhao’s dictatorship, and &\8221; Linggong, thinking of taking power &\8221; Caused by. This view is somewhat biased. Zhao Dun’s great power is an undeniable historical fact, but linggongzhi &\8221; Waste & \8221;, There are also conclusive records in ancient books. It is reasonable that Zhao Dunli admonished linggong who lost the way of the king and caused death. When linggong was killed, Zhao Dun ran away. How can he plan to kill the king? In the third year of Jin Jinggong (597 BC), Sikou tu’an Jia Yuzhu Zhao family also said: & \8221; Although the shield is unknown, it is still the head of the thief&# 8221; It can be seen that Zhao dun really didn’t know about regicide.

In 601 BC, Zhao Dun died at the age of 50. Four years later, the Zhao family suffered and was almost wiped out. However, Zhao Dun’s initiative of governing the Qing clan with different surnames could not be stopped, and finally led to the separation of Han, Zhao and Wei. And his descendants, Zhao Xiangzi, also performed a story of yurang with the assassin, leaving no less beautiful talk than him through the ages.

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