Jin Yaner married Guan Xuan and has been in love with singer Gao Youlin for three years

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Friends who pay attention to South Korea must know Kim Yeon Na. As a figure skater in South Korea, Kim Yeon Na is a national treasure level athlete in South Korea. There are many advertisements for Kim Yeon Na in South Korea. Kim Yeon Na has also been on many variety shows, and her popularity in South Korea is national level. Kim Yeon Na officially announced the good news of her marriage. Her boyfriend is Korean singer Gao Youlin. The two have been dating for three years so far. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Jin Yaner officially announced her marriage

Jin Yaner was born in 1990, five years older than her boyfriend Gao Youlin. The two people fell in love with each other. Kim Yeon Na recently announced her marriage to foreign officials through her agency, saying that the two will marry somewhere in Seoul in the middle of next month. The brokerage company said that Jin Yanna and Gao Youlin met when they participated in the event in 2018, and then they began to communicate. They have been communicating for three years so far.

In fact, the media has already photographed the picture of Jin Yanna and Gao Youlin dating before, but Jin Yanna and Gao Youlin have not responded to the outside world. It was not until some time ago that the news of their marriage came out on the Internet that Kim Yeon Na announced the wedding news through the brokerage company, and many Korean netizens also sent their blessings.

Jin Yaner and Gao Youlin have been in love for three years

Jin Yaner’s agency said that only close relatives and friends were invited to Jin Yaner’s wedding. The wedding will be very simple and will be held in private in the media. Gao Youlin graduated from the Vocal Music Department of Seoul University and is a member of the Korean men’s bel canto group forestella. As a singer, Gao Youlin has not developed very well in the Korean entertainment industry, and her sense of existence is still quite low. It turned out to be a national athlete like Kim Yeon Na, and Korean netizens praised Gao Youlin’s good fortune.

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