Jing Boran attacked the chest, Guo Shuyao picture Jing Boran was scolded and robbed really

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Jing Boran was recently photographed shopping closely with his eldest cousin Liu Wen. Previously, he was also stripped of many details of his love. Jing Boran and Ni Ni also had a public relationship earlier, but Jing Boran has always been said to be gay, which is also a wonderful phenomenon. Jing Boran attacked Guo Shuyao on the chest. Is it true that Jing Boran was scolded by netizens as a female star who stole money? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Jing Boran attacks the chest, Guo Shuyao pictures

After Jing Boran’s relationship with Liu Wen was exposed, many netizens began to worry about Liu Wen, because many netizens felt that Jing Boran was not a good love object. Not to mention that Jing Boran has previously had an affair with many men, Jing Boran has also been exposed to the news of robbing female stars. This object of robbing is guoshuyao, the representative of the baby beauty and mammoth actress in Taiwan’s entertainment industry.

When many netizens think of Guo Shuyao, they should think of her title of e-milk. At the beginning, Guo Shuyao was called a female star by a netizen because of her proud bust. Jing Boran also went to Taiwan in his early years and had a lot of interaction with Guo Shuyao. There is a video about Jing Boran and Guo Shuyao doing fitness together on the Internet, which is still hotly discussed by many people until now, because Jing Boran in the video is really full of people, and it feels very sexy and disrespectful to women.

Jing Boran was scolded for stealing

In the video, Jing Boran and Guo Shuyao are doing exercises side by side, and Jing Boran’s left hand actually touches Guo Shuyao’s chest. After watching the video, many netizens felt that Jing Boran was intentional, because he didn’t leave immediately after touching Guo Shuyao’s chest, but also slipped from the top, and then moved his position. Moreover, Jing Boran didn’t turn his head to look at Guo Shuyao in this series of actions. But Jing Boran’s fans also refuted the rumor, saying that the video was slowed down. Jing Boran really accidentally touched Guo Shuyao’s chest, and then immediately bounced away.

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