Jingke assassins the king of Qin

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Jing Ke

The king of Qin put Yuliao in important position, and he was bent on unifying the Central Plains and constantly attacking all countries. He broke up the alliance between Yan and Zhao, and Yan lost several cities.

Prince Dan of the state of Yan used to stay in the state of Qin as a hostage. Seeing that King Qin was determined to annex other countries and seize the land of the state of Yan, he secretly fled back to the state of Yan. He hated Qin deeply and wanted to avenge Yan wholeheartedly. However, he neither trained his troops nor intended to contact the princes to jointly fight against the Qin Dynasty, but placed the fate of Yan on the assassins. He took out all his possessions and looked for someone who could assassinate King Qin.

Later, Prince Dan found a very capable warrior named Jing Ke. He took Jing Ke under the door as a guest of honor, gave him his chariots and horses, and let him enjoy his meals and clothes. Jing Ke is certainly grateful to Prince Edward.

In 230 BC, the state of Qin destroyed Korea; After two years, General Wang Jian of the state of Qin ? n) It occupied Handan, the capital of the state of Zhao, and marched northward, approaching the state of Yan.

Prince YAN Dan was very anxious, so he went to find Jing Ke. Prince Dan said, “it’s like throwing eggs at a stone to take troops against the state of Qin. It seems impossible to unite with other countries to fight against Qin. I think it’s OK to send a warrior dressed as an emissary to the king of Qin, close to him and force him to return the land of the princes. If the king of Qin agrees, it’s best to stab him to death. Do you think so?”

Jing Ke said, “yes, yes, but if you want to get close to the king of Qin, you must first make him believe that we are seeking peace from him. It is said that the king of Qin wanted to get the most fertile land in Yan (in Zhuoxian County, Hebei Province) ? There is also fan Yuqi, general of the state of Qin, who is now in exile in the state of Yan. The king of Qin is offering a reward for him. If I could take general fan’s head and Du Kang’s map to the king of Qin, he would meet me. Then I can deal with him. “

Prince Dan felt embarrassed and said, “Dukang’s map is easy to handle. General fan came to me after being persecuted by the state of Qin. How can I bear to hurt him?”

Knowing that the crown prince could not bear it, Jing Ke privately went to find fan Yuqi and said to fan Yuqi, “I have an idea that can help Yan remove the scourge and avenge the general, but I can’t say it.”

Fan Yuqi hurriedly said, “what’s the idea? Tell me quickly!”

Jing Ke said, “I decided to assassinate him. I was afraid that I would not see the king of Qin. Now the king of Qin is offering a reward for you. If I could bring your head to him, he would meet me.”

Fan Yuqi said, “OK, you can take it!” Then he pulled out his sword and killed himself.

Prince Dan prepared a sharp dagger and asked the craftsman to boil it with poison. Anyone who is stabbed with a drop of blood by this dagger will immediately die. He gave the dagger to Jing Ke as a weapon to assassinate. He also sent a 13-year-old warrior qinwuyang to be Jing Ke’s deputy.

In 227 BC, Jing Ke set out from Yan state to Xianyang. Prince Dan and a few guests put on white clothes and hats and went to Yishui (now Yixian County, Hebei Province) to see them off. Before leaving, Jing Ke sang a song for everyone:

“The wind blows and the water is cold,

Once a strong man has gone, he will never return. “

Hearing his solemn and stirring song, everyone was so sad that they wept. Jing Ke took Qin Wuyang to the car and walked away without looking back.

Jing Ke arrived in Xianyang. King Zheng of Qin was very happy to hear that Yan sent envoys to send fan Yuqi’s head and Du Kang’s map. He ordered to meet Jing Ke in Xianyang palace.

The pilgrimage ceremony began. Jing Ke holds a box with fan Yuqi’s head, and Qin Wuyang holds Du Kang’s map and steps up the steps of the Qin Dynasty hall step by step.

Qinwuyang trembled with fear at the sight of the majestic appearance of the court of the state of Qin.

As soon as the bodyguards around King Qin Zheng saw it, they shouted, “why did the emissary change his face?”

Jing Ke looked back and, sure enough, saw that Qin Wuyang’s face was blue and white. He smiled and said to the king of Qin, “a rude man, who has never seen the majesty of the king, is inevitably a little afraid. Please forgive me.”

After all, the king of Qin was a little suspicious. He said to Jing Ke, “ask Qin Wuyang to give you the map. You can come up alone.”

Jing Ke took the map from Qin Wuyang and went up with a wooden box to offer it to Qin Wang Zheng. When King Zheng of Qin opened the wooden box, it was fan Yuqi’s head. King Zheng of Qin asked Jing Ke to bring the map. Jing Ke slowly opened a volume of maps. When all the maps were opened, a dagger that Jing Ke had rolled in the map in advance was exposed.

The king of Qin jumped up at the sight.

Jing Ke quickly grabbed the dagger, grabbed the sleeve of King Qin Zheng with his left hand, and stabbed the dagger into his chest with his right hand.

Qin Wang Zheng turned back and broke the sleeve. He jumped over the next screen and was about to run out. Jing Ke chased up with a dagger. As soon as the king of Qin could not run away, he ran around the big copper pillar on the hall. Jing Ke pressed hard.

The two men walked around like lanterns.

Although there are many officials nearby, they are unarmed; According to the rules of the state of Qin, the samurai under the stairs are not allowed to go to the temple without the order of the king of Qin. Everyone is so anxious that no one can call the samurai under the stage.

One of the officials was a doctor who served King Qin. He was so quick that he picked up the medicine bag in his hand and threw it at Jing Ke. Jing Ke raised his hand and the medicine bag flew to one side.

In the blink of an eye, King Zheng of Qin took a step forward, pulled out his sword and cut off Jing Ke’s left leg.

Jing Ke could not stand and fell to the ground. He took a dagger and threw it at King Zheng of Qin. The king of Qin just flashed to the right, and the dagger flew from his ear and hit the copper pillar with a bang, which burst into sparks.

Seeing that Jing Ke had no weapons in his hands, the king of Qin came forward and cut several swords at Jing Ke. Jing Ke suffered eight sword wounds on his body. Knowing that he had failed, he smiled bitterly and said, “I didn’t start early. I wanted to force you to return the land of Yan first.”

At this time, the samurai who served with him had already caught up with the temple, and the result was Jing Ke’s life. The Qin Wuyang at the foot of the stairs had already been killed by the samurai.

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