Jingri people want to sympathize with Abe. Do you prefer it?

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

30 years ago, there was a honeymoon between China and Japan. At that time, we often heard the voice of “friendship for generations”. Japan seemed to be doing well except pleading guilty.

Japan’s willingness to deceive “friendship for generations” is based on its “wild geese theory”.

“Wild geese theory” is a self regarded and efficient economic development model proposed by Japan in the 1980s.

Under the planning of Japan, the economic development of countries in the Asia Pacific region is as orderly as the wild geese. The United States and Japan are the leading geese, the four Asian dragons are the second tier, and Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and other countries are the third tier.

In this mode, Japan, as the leader and the most loyal agent of the United States, as the leader of the Asia Pacific region, plans the development of the entire region, and is always in the upper reaches of the industrial chain. It can easily earn high profits through the export of high technology, while other countries can earn meager profits in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain through the export of labor or relying on the technology provided by Japan.

In this theory, Japan’s positioning for China is a huge labor and market, which will become Japan’s fuel, raw material market and product dumping market.

As we all know, 20 years ago, shopping malls were full of “made in Japan”, which was much more expensive than made in China, but there was still a huge market, which was synonymous with high-end products.

As for the raw material market, take chestnuts for example. A few decades ago, 99% of Japan’s disposable chopsticks were imported from China, equivalent to eating about 2million trees in China every year. At that time, Japan was still synonymous with environmental protection.

If it is such a “wild geese theory”, based on China’s utilization value, as long as China is willing to be a weak person, Japan is very willing to “continue to be friendly from generation to generation”, and is very willing to release goodwill to China

And when it comes to its own needs one day, it may be called “a soldier lost at the Lugou Bridge” In short, everything is under Japanese control.

However, if it is a wild goose, some birds are doomed to be unable to be caged, because her feathers are so gorgeous that they are only occasionally wetted by rain and sludge, which temporarily obscures the brilliance.

In some countries, thousands of years of history have given it the position it should have. Although there are ups and downs, it will always return.

As an American colony, Japan wants to become the leader of China with independent sovereignty? The Japanese still don’t understand the situation at all.

By 2016, China will not export timber to Japan, but has become Japan’s largest timber exporter.

Japan exported timber to the mainland with a total value of 9.8 billion yuan, an increase of 48% over 2015.

By 2020, China accounted for more than 80% of Japan’s timber exports.

At this moment, China is the only country in the world whose forest coverage is still increasing.

China has become a big country in environmental protection, but what is Japan doing, discharging nuclear sewage, slaughtering young whales, and all kinds of perverse actions.

In 2010, China’s total economic output surpassed that of Japan. In the following ten years, China has overcome all difficulties and become the world’s largest trading country, the world’s only industrial overlord, and proposed a new international order of “a community with a shared future for mankind”;

By 2022, the deficit of global industrial countries will be reversed in China! Japanese industries have lost their strength and land

Seeing this scene, Japan’s heart bristled, thinking of its numerous crimes against China, Japan sat uneasy.

Jingri said: it’s okay, China will forgive Japan, don’t worry

Japan flew into a rage: baga, forgive if you say forgive. I killed so many of you and burned, killed and looted countless. Why should I believe that China will forgive me?

Japan can no longer sit still. In the future, it will only try its best to contain China.

There are only two factions in Japan now. One is a firm pro american faction, which hopes to faithfully become the watchdog of the United States, help the United States guard East Asia, curb the rise of China, and even become cannon fodder.

One group is radical, hoping to profit from the game between China and the United States. It is best for China and the United States to have a big fight, take the opportunity to amend the constitution, normalize Japan, and restore Japan’s former “glory” to comfort the animals in the Yasukuni toilet.

No matter which faction, they all hope that China will decline.

These Japanese politicians are not the worst, only worse

Why doesn’t Japan show goodwill to China like it did 30 years ago?

Although only three years ago, 9.54 million Chinese tourists went to Japan to support Japan’s economic development, why do more than 90% of Japanese people dislike China according to the poll?

Recently, a Japanese assassinated another Japanese, and some Chinese people expressed deep sympathy.

I can only say that it’s a pity that many people live in vain and don’t even understand what compassion is.

You see the tramp on the street who is lonely and can’t eat enough. Give him a steamed stuffed bun. Your sympathy is right.

I can say you are kind.

You bought a large future house, but as a result, a large capital chain was broken, and you didn’t have a house to live in. But you said that the belt owner was on the verge of bankruptcy and mortgaged his villa. He was so poor.

Then you’re stupid ×?

What qualifications do you have to sympathize with a certain belt? Do you deserve it?

Thirty years ago, not only Japan was willing to show goodwill to China, but also European and American countries were willing. Although they essentially wanted to engage in Yan Ge, some white left, as if they wanted to “help” some Chinese

But today, why can’t these goodwill be found? And countries seem to be increasingly hostile to Asians.


What is sympathy in the western world?

Kneeling and licking the king, containing the strong and sympathizing with the weak are the consistent culture of the western world.

Obviously, the China they hope to “help” is the China described by Mo Yan, which is “a world without truth, common sense or compassion, in which all sentient beings appear reckless, helpless and absurd.”

This is their dream country. They very much hope that here, they can stand on the commanding height of morality and show their hypocritical sense of superiority.

Unfortunately, a country that has been at the peak of the world for 90% of its 5000 year history will eventually return to its own position.

With the rapid development of China, the western world is full of envy, jealousy and hatred for China, and “goodwill” can no longer be found.

Why, especially since 2020, the western world has gathered to attack China’s anti epidemic policy?

Because everything in China sets off their incompetence, indifference and hypocrisy

Sympathy is to be used where it is right.

After the 9 / 11 incident, many people expressed deep sympathy. They lit candles and shouted that we are all Americans tonight. They forgot that not long ago, Americans bombed the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and the mastermind behind this incident was Wall Street, which wanted to provoke the war in Europe and suppress the euro.

This kind of sympathy, in the eyes of Americans, is a joke.

What kind of thing are you? I need your sympathy?

During World War II, the Japanese aggressors tried to rob North China and turn it into another “pseudo Manchukuo”, but they didn’t want to fall into the vast ocean of the people’s war under the leadership of our party. Japan, which failed to rob, fell into an unprecedented crisis. The Japanese in the rear were living in poverty, 80% of them were too poor to eat, and the Japanese soldiers in the front line were like vegetables. Do you want to sympathize with them?

In order to snatch food and energy, Japan, at a dead end, secretly attacked Pearl Harbor and finally recognized the reality in the high temperature of 6000 degrees. Do you want to sympathize with them?

You are right about the Japanese, but the wrong is Japan.

I believe it. Who is Japan? Where? Come out and sneak two steps for me to have a look?

If what is wrong is Japanese militarism, isn’t it class a war criminals such as Kishida, represented by Abe’s grandfather?

Abe, as a descendant of class a war criminals, inherited the legacy of militarism and frequently worshipped the Yasukuni toilet in an attempt to “normalize” Japan, to help defend Taiwan and to block China’s reunification

Now that Abe is dead, do the elite want to sympathize?

That’s right with the Japanese. Who’s wrong?

Is it the 35million innocent Chinese soldiers and civilians, the ghost of Nanjing?

If Abe does not die, he will “visit Taiwan” in the near future, and may pay tribute to Lee Teng Hui

I really can’t find a cheaper one to sympathize with such an old Anti China politician.

Abe has made numerous Anti China remarks, which have been refuted by China. Abe said in an online interview at the end of last year that he was “deeply honored”

According to this logic, you should sympathize with Abe. Is he willing?

The elite Japanese have always demanded Japan with the standard of bitch and China with the standard of sage.

In those days, the heinous Japan was engaged in the immoral hundred people beheading competition, and the whole Japan was jubilant. In order to continue the criminal war of aggression against China, men went to serve as soldiers, and women went out to sell At the end of the war, in order to make Americans forgive, the whole country served the United States, and there were comfort houses everywhere. Such a Japan was said to be high-quality by Jingri.

An anti China politician was assassinated by the Japanese, and many Chinese people were said to have no love, no quality and barbarism when they were happy.

I can’t find anything more humble than this. I just want to ask them:

Are you the seed left by the Japanese reclamation corps during the war of aggression against China?

Is love overflowing?

Want to sympathize with Abe?

I also want to sympathize, but I know we are not qualified today.

To sympathize, wait until the return of the Chinese king, return to the top of the world, and the day when Japan submits!

The day when the accounts are settled!

When the Japanese kowtow and knock the ground out of the pit at the memorial of the victims in Nanjing, I will definitely sympathize with Abe

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