Jingtian is removed from the list by the variety sunshine sisters. Is it true or false that zhangbinbin introduces the script to Jingtian

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Jingtian was fined not only money for endorsing false products, but also no new endorsements for three years. Although Jingtian is not banned, its resources have been affected. Is it true or false that Jingtian was removed from the list by the variety sunshine sisters? Is it true that zhangbinbin introduced the script to Jing Tian? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Jingtian was removed from the list by the variety sunshine sisters

Jiangsu Satellite TV has produced a variety show sunshine sisters’ Amoy. It can be guessed from the name that the program invites female guests. According to the information released by the program team, the female guests invited are chenyanxi, yangqianhe, ZhangYuQi, zhoubichang, Wu Xuanyi, Ying’er, Shen Ling, and Jing Tian. Recently, the official wechat of the program updated again and sent out the program publicity photos of each guest. As a result, netizens noticed that Jingtian was missing.

Although the previous official announcements of the program group’s official wechat have not been changed, Jingtian was omitted from the sender’s photo this time, which inevitably makes people think that it is related to Jingtian’s recent punishment. Insiders also revealed that although Jingtian was only fined for three years and could not speak at home, it was a great blow to Jingtian. After all, Jingtian’s performance in TV dramas or variety shows will affect the problem of investment promotion. Therefore, many TV dramas and variety shows now avoid Jingtian. After all, Jingtian is not irreplaceable by others.

Is Zhang Binbin introducing the script to Jing Tian true or false

Jingtian is now in a very difficult situation in the circle, and zhangbinbin, Jingtian’s former partner, also helps him at this time. Jingtian Zhang Binbin has become a popular screen CP because of her cooperation with sito. Jiaxing media, where Zhang Binbin works, has been shooting some self-made dramas. Zhangbinbin also helped Jing Tian to introduce Jiaxing’s self-made drama. However, because it is a small-scale play made by Jiaxing, the script is not so good, so it is unknown whether Jing Tian will take it or not.

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