Jingtian’s new play: Feng Shaofeng, the hero of the romantic official’s propaganda and suppression of fan

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Jingtian was fined 7.22 million yuan for illegal endorsements some time ago. She was not allowed to take endorsements for three years, which led many netizens to think that she was blocked by the entertainment industry. Unexpectedly, the resources of Jingtian were not affected. Jingtian’s new play is a romantic official propaganda, in which Jingtian even beat fengshaofeng. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Jingtian’s new opera “burning romantic official propaganda”

Because of the illegal endorsements, people thought Jingtian’s resources would be affected. After all, the TV dramas or resources she participated in needed investment, and many brands would avoid this. But I didn’t expect Jingtian to take over Tencent’s new play so soon, and her partner fengshaofeng played the role of burning romantic. And the burning romantic also gave Jingtian a position, which led to fengshaofeng being laughed at by many netizens.

After all, what do netizens think of Jingtian now? It’s a difficult period for her career. It’s good to have a movie. The result did not expect to get the heroine, but also pressed fengshaofeng. Although fengshaofeng does not belong to any traffic, his popularity is still very high. In addition, in recent years, she has acted in large-scale productions, and her actresses are bigger than Jingtian. In fact, Xiaobian really doesn’t think it’s necessary for everyone to laugh at fengshaofeng because of this. He can only say that non flow actors don’t care about fan bit. As long as they are actors and actresses, they are the leading actors, regardless of their positions.

Fengshaofeng, the hero of Jing Tian’s fandom

In fact, it was always said that Jingtian and zhangbinbin were the two partners before the hot romance. Unexpectedly, it was Jingtian and fengshaofeng who cooperated for the first time. The play “burning romantic” is adapted from the novel “Zeng romantic”. The story is about a woman who only wants fame and money, saves a prince in the process of escaping marriage, and then starts a love story of fate. Do you expect Jingtian fengshaofeng’s new play to be romantic?

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