Jinqiaoqiao praises Chen Xiao’s version of Princess peacock as more beautiful than himself. Chen Xiao mocks himself like a monkey

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Many netizens are particularly fond of mischief. For example, many male stars are called Peacock Princess in journey to the west through AI. After Chen Xiao became popular with Menghua, he could not escape the “ Poison hand ”, He was changed into a peacock princess. Jinqiaoqiao praised Chen Xiao’s peacock princess as more beautiful than herself. Chen Xiao left a message saying: “ Sister, you are the princess. I look like a monkey;.

Jinqiaoqiao praises Chen Xiao’s Peacock Princess

Jinqiaoqiao’s classic role should be the peacock princess in the journey to the West. A video of her dancing in the play is really beautiful. Recently, netizens changed Chen Xiao’s face to the video of Princess peacock dancing through AI technology. Two days ago, when Menghua recorded the construction of the group, some netizens asked Chen Xiao in the message area whether he had seen the video of his Peacock Princess. If so, send a “ 1” Code for. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiao gave a very serious reply “ 1”? Proved himself to be a surfer again.

Unexpectedly, jinqiaoqiao, the player of Princess peacock, also forwarded the relevant AI face changing video, and also @ Chen Xiao “ I think your appearance is more beautiful than mine;. As a result, Jin Qiaoqiao’s article also attracted Chen Xiao’s reply. Chen Xiao mocks himself like a monkey. I don’t know if he really thinks so, or is he too modest. Netizens even joked that this was the interaction between real and fake Princess peacock. Chen Xiaoyan is really impeccable. He has no dead angle at 360 degrees. He is called a girl in a different face and is also a beautiful woman.

Chen Xiao mocks himself like a monkey

Many netizens who don’t understand Chen Xiao think he is a very dull straight man, but in fact, Chen Xiao is very interesting in private, and he is also a surfer. Chen Xiao’s previous trumpet was picked out by netizens. He is definitely chatty in private. However, Chen Xiao’s trumpet has been abandoned. But judging from his surfing speed, he must have opened a new trumpet.

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