Johnson became the most disgraced prime minister in 300 years! Major secrets are exposed!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

Just two days later, British Prime Minister borisjohnson suddenly collapsed and stepped down!

The storm came a little suddenly and embarrassed. Although there were signs before, it came too suddenly this time, and borisjohnson, who was ousted, looked very embarrassed, and even looked disheartened and everyone shouted.

In fact, this process lasted only twoorthree days. On July 5, finance minister sunak announced his resignation, and on July 6, health minister Javid and Johnson subsequently appointed their successors. But then the domino effect occurred in the primary election, and soon more than 50 officials in Johnson’s Cabinet resigned instantly. This speed of resignation means that all staff are basically opposed to borisjohnson, and it is too late for him to be reappointed, which also shows that his ruling foundation has disappeared.

Facing this situation, borisjohnson reluctantly announced his resignation as the head of the Conservative Party and prime minister, but claimed that he would stay in office until the new leader was elected. His plan is to stay in office until September after resigning. This is to learn from Teresa may, the former post, but Aunt Mei was not chased by anyone at that time! In Johnson’s case, the situation was so terrible that everyone didn’t want him to stay in that position for even one more minute and hoped that he would step down quickly – so we saw that almost everyone was blowing him out of office!

How bad is borisjohnson? According to Sky News on the morning of July 7, Dominique Cummings, former chief adviser to British Prime Minister Johnson, urged the conservative party to “expel” Johnson immediately that day. He said Johnson was “fighting for time and trying to stay in office”. Cummings also said, “Dominique Rabu, the current Deputy Prime Minister, should become interim Prime Minister on the evening of the 7th.” In the afternoon, Chris Bryant, a senior member of the British Labour party who just said that borisjohnson “must leave office next week or launch a no confidence vote”, cursed on Twitter: “you’re thinking of farting, you’re a joke!

Why does borisjohnson miss the prime minister so much? According to the disclosure of British media reporters, he has announced that he plans to hold a grand wedding with his wife in the next few weeks in the prime minister’s exclusive villa cheques manor. If he steps down now, he will not be able to hold the wedding in the prime minister’s villa as scheduled. No wonder British Labor leader Bryant scolded him. This appearance is really ugly!

The US media “Daily Beast” reported that Boris Johnson had dreamed of becoming British Prime Minister for most of his life, but he was expelled from his office less than three years after he achieved his goal, which can be said to be the most humiliating situation for the prime minister in 300 years.

Then, we can’t help asking, why did borisjohnson end so bleakly? After all, he just passed the no confidence vote last month. How could he avalanche in just a month?

According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), the fundamental reason for Boris Johnson’s political avalanche and becoming the most disgraced prime minister in 300 years is that he is too radical. In the end, not only the British people can’t stand him, but also the conservative party can’t stand him. Overall, there are three reasons:

The first reason: the complete reversal of politics to the United States has put Britain’s political diplomacy and economy in trouble

As Zhan Hao analyzed when borisjohnson came to power, his coming to power will cause great damage to Britain. He is trump of Britain.

After taking office, he took radical measures to achieve a complete “brexit”. The damage of brexit to Britain is long-term and sustained, which in fact has seriously weakened Britain’s influence in Europe and thus in the world. In order to maintain Britain’s international influence, the Johnson administration can only do two things:

First, it is completely following the United States, or even more radical than the United States. The serious consequences of this behavior are that Britain has lost its independent foreign policy and ability, and has completely become a servant country of the United States, which is fundamentally different from the previous conservative foreign policy of Britain. So although Britain seems to maintain its influence, it has also lost itself.

The second is to provoke China and Russia. Provoking China has deprived Britain of the opportunity to get a free ride on China’s development. Many cooperation between China and the UK has stalled, which is actually a heavy blow to Britain’s future, as well as politically. Provocation against Russia has been strongly warned by Russia, of which the strongest warning is that Britain “likes to mention” the “priority” of Russian nuclear weapon attacks. Andre gurulev, a member of the Russian State Duma, declared that if the Third World War broke out, the British capital London would be the first city to be bombed. The threat of Russia to Britain is very shocking in British politics.

Under Johnson’s administration, Britain suffered heavy political losses, and its economy can be described as miserable. After the outbreak of the COVID-19, the UK economy declined by 9.9% in 2020. Although it rebounded by 7.5% in 2021, it remained in recession for two years. In 2022, the UK economy will also face the risk of recession. More importantly, the inflationary pressure in the UK is too serious, and the CPI has exceeded 9% for two consecutive months. Such an economic situation is obviously not satisfactory to British voters. In particular, Britain’s fierce provocation against Russia has led to a sharp increase in its imported oil prices, which has exacerbated inflation in the British market. Looking at the British economy now, there is really no sign that it is expected to improve. In this case, the whole UK was disappointed.

For this reason, he became the worst Secretary of state in history.

The second reason: Britain is in a political split

Britain’s internal politics are being torn apart, including the Scottish independence referendum. On June 28 local time, the chief minister of the Scottish government, Stephen sturgeon, elaborated on the second independence referendum plan in the Scottish Parliament. She proposed in parliament that the second independence referendum be held on October 19, 2023. The question of the referendum is the same as that of the 2014 referendum, that is, “should Scotland become an independent country?”

Facing Scotland’s request for a referendum, Prime Minister borisjohnson refused. Although he refused, it at least showed that the trend of internal political tearing in Britain had increased significantly. Faced with such a serious internal political tear, Johnson must be powerless,

Therefore, facing such a situation, borisjohnson is quite old-fashioned.

The third reason: cronyism, no choice of people, and disorderly play in personal life

Borisjohnson is indeed very cronyist. He always likes to turn some tainted people into senior officials suddenly, and he also plays the fiddle in his personal life. British news is reported over and over again. He just doesn’t care about going his own way. When such a person becomes prime minister, it really expands his territory.

So, who will be expelled if he is not expelled? That is to say, he!

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