Journey to the west what caused the car to be late for three years without rain? Buddhism is too unkind!

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Journey to the west what caused the car to be late for three years without rain? Buddhism is too unkind! Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

I believe everyone is familiar with journey to the West. I think there is a reason why it can be listed as one of the four famous works, and the author will certainly not just think of a monkey to do something. It has to be said that journey to the west is a good book. Some people say that it is Yang fo’s suppression of the way, because the purpose of journey to the west is to get Buddhist scriptures from Lingshan. Otherwise, it would not be difficult to infiltrate the Central Plains. Mr. Wu spent so much time and energy talking that he had to tell the reader something to read the journey to the West carefully. In fact, Buddhism is a bit unkind, not as honest as Taoism.

First of all, let’s take a look at how we treat the protagonist Sun Wukong, Buddhism and Taoism. Sun Wukong is a Taoist and Buddhist character. It is most appropriate to use him to describe things. Sun Wukong spent the first half of his life in Taoism and did not know how to cherish it. He was expelled and later poached by Buddhism. Sun Wukong’s success in Taoism was relatively smooth and relaxed. Worshiping Subhuti as a teacher and learning some skills of a three legged cat is enough to wander the Jianghu and become a Tai Yi Sanxian. If Subhuti could teach him more Taoist Dharma without showing off his ignorance? Because the origin is unknown, the heavenly court first asked him to be the Bi Ma Wen, which is also an organization in the system. Later, he was asked to take care of the flat peach garden. This is a great compliment to him. What is the flat peach for? The sacred thing that makes immortals immortal, the supreme magic weapon, belongs to the category of state secrets. Taking care of this garden is the Jade Emperor’s trust in him. Later, he was named the great sage of Qi Tian, which was second only to the Jade Emperor. It was explained in the book that the great sage of Qi Tian only said “old” when he met Sanqing, and only called “Your Majesty” when he met the four emperors. As for the five elders, nine Yao Xingjun, twenty-eight constellations, four heavenly kings and so on, you’re welcome. Just waiting for someone to call you is not awesome? It was only because of the Jade Emperor’s negligence that monkeys were not allowed to participate in the peach banquet, which led to monkey dissatisfaction and caused havoc in the heavenly palace.

But what did Buddhists give when they let monkeys join? There is nothing in the title and official position, but he is given a task and a bunch of encumbrances to help Tang monks who can’t even walk well, walk to the West with their feet, and get the Scriptures. Every time the Taoist school wants to punish the monkey king, it always comes with a clear sword and a clear gun, while the Buddhist school plays with Yin. The Taoist school accepted Sun Wukong’s sending tota king and Yang Jian to take the heavenly soldiers and generals. There were no high-level leaders at all. Instead, the Buddhist school was eager to send Guanyin to help. The Taoist school naturally had to guard against it. So let Lao Jun accompany you. You can’t let the Buddhist School steal the merit, let alone let her not hurt the monkey lightly. When the monkeys rebelled, the heaven didn’t let any big people appear, only 36 thunder gods blocked him. The Jade Emperor wanted to test Buddhism, but the Buddhists always took the lead, and the Tathagata came in person. Isn’t this a big deal? If this is the case, a Taoist Jiuyao star ruler can control the monkey. Buddhism takes things too seriously.


The Tathagata fought with the monkey and cheated him. The monkey was also unconvinced. Until the end, Sun Wukong refused to obey the Tathagata. Avalokitesvara seems kind, but it is also Yin to Sun Wukong. That hoop spell needs to be hidden in a hat for Sun Wukong to wear. Can’t you come face to face? Guanyin also used a trick to collect red children, so we can’t have a formal contest with children. The Taoist way to subdue the Bull Demon King is to let Nezha fight, and there is no deception. Maitreya helped Sun Wukong pack his mount. It was supposed to be a trivial matter, but Maitreya still used the consistent style of Buddhism to deceive him. On the other hand, every time Taoists come to pick up monsters, they will directly pick them up. If they don’t obey, they will fight. They will never play tricks, let alone cheat. Taoism does things by saying one thing. If you want to use you, you will use you. It is impossible to deceive and conceal. It is the official of Sun Wukong and Ma Wen who likes to do it or not. However, Buddhism has to make up a story, saying that you should protect the Tang Monk from going to the west to get scriptures, and then look at it and show it to you. What if you repent? Monkey Sun can’t beat a man’s shoulder, so he can only suffer.

Sun Wukong is a Buddhist who joins the scripture collection team. His changes are great. From struggling with monsters at the beginning to muddling through later, he understood a truth: any monster with a backstage can’t be beaten to death, and Tang monk is also an immortal. There will always be someone to save him, so he doesn’t have to work so hard. When something happens, he will find a helper. The reason why Sun Wukong has become so sophisticated and smooth since he dared to love and hate is that he has changed the environment and entered Buddhism from Taoism. There are two worlds. The distinct personality is also being worn away bit by bit, just like a person, who was originally starting his own business and was full of energy. Once he gave up his career to work for others, no matter how hard he tried, he would have no future. Every day he mixed, he would find a leader if he had difficulties, and someone would always be responsible. Moreover, it is also false to say that Sun Wukong was granted the title to fight against the Buddha, because the Buddha was cultivated. Like the immortals, no one can grant the title, only God. Doushengfo is one of the 35 heavyweight Buddhas. Sun Wukong has not done this, and the Tathagata cannot have this power. Fearing to leave behind Sun became the last Buddha through practice, and others got it through practice.

There is still a big difference between the two companies in handling the problem. Take tiger power immortals and goldfish spirits as examples. Their leaders show their nature. The three great immortal brothers of Huli are the National Teachers of Che Chi state. With their skills, they bless the country’s stability, good weather, people’s food and drink, and live and work in peace and contentment. However, they attack monks because in their eyes, monks are lazy and can’t eat by their skills. Instead, they rely on compassion to ask for alms. As a Buddhist, Sun Wukong couldn’t stand it. He killed three national teachers. These three worshipped Sanqing and were doing things in the name of Taoism. Lao Jun didn’t help them. In the fight with the tiger power immortal, Sun Wukong is full of despicable means to deceive the superior and the inferior. If there is fair competition, Sun Wukong can’t fight. In dealing with the problem of goldfish essence, Guanyin couldn’t sit still. Before the monkey went to invite her, she made preparations in advance and didn’t even bother to put on her clothes. The goldfish essence is under the banner of Buddhism. They have higher requirements to keep the Tongtian River from overflowing. The tiger power immortal only bullies monks, while the goldfish essence eats virgins and virgins, directly hurting the people. It is said that all the great tigers and immortals have died, and the sin of goldfish spirits is heavier. There is no doubt that they will die. But Guanyin intervened, killed the small fish and shrimp, and then took the pet goldfish back to continue to keep them. It’s also living by big trees. If something goes wrong, Taoism doesn’t cover it up. If Lao Jun wants to save people, how dare he, Sun Wukong, fart? People think that if you do something wrong, you should be responsible. If you can’t fight others, you can’t eat by your ability. If Guanyin didn’t intervene, it was believed that Zhu Bajie could go down to the Tianhe River to kill the goldfish spirit. In fact, a sand monk was enough. The reason why Sun Wukong went to the purple bamboo forest in the South China Sea was that he had seen through all this long ago.

Buddhists love to meddle in Taoist affairs, which are originally Taoist family affairs. The first is to lower the monkey king from Wuzhi Mountain, deceive Zhu Bajie from Gao Laozhuang, pull monk Sha out of Liusha River, and turn little white dragon into the mount of Tang monk. These people are all Taoist and belong to those who have committed crimes and are undergoing reeducation through labor. Why do you want others to do things for you? Where are the rules of Taoism? Sun Wukong knocked down the ginseng fruit tree in Wuzhuang temple. Whose territory is this? Whose jurisdiction? Zhen Yuanzi is the ancestor of earthly immortals. He does the same business as Lao Jun and the queen mother, so that immortals can live forever. You, Sun Wukong, destroy other people’s fruit trees casually. Zhen Yuanzi wants the heaven to give him an explanation. If you agree, which of the three clear, four Royal and five old people can’t make Shu live? It’s not your turn to show the means, is it? There is also red boy, a serious Taoist figure. Because of the complicated relationship, your Buddhist family came to take the people away first, obviously digging them up.


Buddhists hit too hard and punished those who made mistakes too severely. Monk Tang is the reincarnation of Jinchanzi, which was personally said by Zhen Yuanzi. The reason why tong’er was invited to entertain monk Tang was because Jinchanzi served tea to Zhen Yuanzi five hundred years ago. It can be said that we met each other, and this time we played host. Jin chanzi is the second disciple of the Tathagata. She was punished for reincarnation because she was distracted from her lessons. She also had to go through the hard road of learning sutras. She was eaten by monk Sha the first nine times. Isn’t that too cruel? And the other four under Tang Monk are also those who made mistakes. Sun Wukong also made a big fuss in the heavenly palace, and the heavenly court did not kill him. Monk Zhu Bajie Sha also made mistakes and did not die. The six eared macaque just wanted to take the place of Sun Wukong to get scriptures, and was killed with a stick. The king of the black Rooster state was the most important one. He put Manjusri in the water for three days without knowing the situation. Later, Manjusri would take revenge and punish the black Rooster state. Let the mount jinmaoli push the king into the well and occupy everything of the king of Wuji state. The most hateful thing is that he punished the king of Wuji state for three years without rain. How many people starved to death? You, Manjusri, have an affair with the king. You shouldn’t let the people suffer? The black chicken king was finally saved by Lao Jun’s elixir. No one in Buddhism is willing to save him. He is too small-minded.

Take the important event of getting Scriptures as an example. I don’t want to stop me when I get home. Otherwise, Monk Tang will die if I can’t walk five miles. Your Buddhist family even needs four people to help me. What’s the meaning of this? If Sun Wukong makes another mistake, it’s still glorious to go to heaven. No one makes difficulties for him. On the contrary, it’s not easy to meet a big person in the Buddhist school. A small black bear spirit dares to stop him. Elder Jinchi wanted to blackmail Tang Monk’s cassock. The black bear monster set fire to the temple and stole the cassock. What happened? I was promoted to show Guanyin the show. The people of the great Leiyin Temple gave fake Scriptures because they didn’t receive any benefits. This was embezzlement and Bribery under the nose of the boss, and they were never punished. In Taoism, this kind of thing will never be tolerated. Marshal Tianpeng was fired and turned into a pig because of his secret love for Chang’e. the rolling curtain general just broke a wine cup and threw it into the Liusha river. Who dares to steal and blackmail? The jade emperor should not agree to take scriptures. He should call back his four people directly. You can let Tang Monk go alone to try whether he will die for the tenth time. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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