Journey to the West why does black bear monster like cassock? But have no interest in Tang monk?

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Today, China story network editor brings you journey to the West. Why does black bear monster like cassock? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Most of the monsters in journey to the West want to eat Tang Monk’s meat, and some female goblins want to marry Tang monk, but in addition to these, there is another very different, that is, the black wind monster, that is, the black bear spirit. What he wants is not to eat Tang Monk’s meat, but the precious cassock in Tang Monk’s hand. Such a monster can be said to be the only one. Why other monsters are not interested in the cassock, but the black bear spirit likes this cassock so much that he can even give up for the sake of immortality?


The black wind monster doesn’t appear much in journey to the west, and the scenes are really few. The reason why it wants to get the cassock is that the Monkey King shows off the Tang Monk’s precious brocade cassock in front of the elder Jinchi, which has caused the thief’s heart of the elder Jinchi. The elder Jinchi was originally the old abbot of Guanyin temple, and he is 270 years old, but it’s simple. After the brocade cassock, he wants to burn the Tang monk to get the cassock, But I didn’t expect that the Guanyin Buddhist temple was burned, and the cassock was snatched away by the black bear spirit. I really had no face, and finally I was killed.

The black bear monster was originally an old friend of elder Jinchi, and stole the brocade cassock while taking advantage of the fire in Guanyin Buddhist temple. It’s really strange that other monsters are either interested in Tang Monk’s meat and can live forever, or they are interested in Tang Monk’s Junxiu and want to marry him, but why does the black bear monster have no interest in Tang Monk and only take the cassock? Let’s first look at the origin of this brocade cassock. From this point, we may understand why the black bear monster did this.


The brocade cassock is one of the many treasures given to Guanyin when the Tathagata ordered Guanyin to find a scripture taker. In addition to the brocade cassock, there are nine rings of tin staff, gold, tight and forbidden hoops. Among the three hoops, the gold hoop is on the head of the red boy, the forbidden hoop is on the head of the black bear monster, the tight hoop is the monkey king, and the nine ring tin stick and the brocade cassock are given to the Bible reader, that is, the monk of Tang Dynasty. The brocade cassock, also known as the “Buddha’s Robe”, is a very powerful treasure. It is embedded with seven treasures, which can prevent water and fire from invading, and can defend yourself and sneak.

However, Tang Monk seldom wears this brocade cassock. He only wears it on some important occasions, such as meeting the Tathagata. Therefore, even if it is a treasure, it has not played its role. The reason why it attracts the attention of the black wind monster is because of the ability of the cassock. Guanyin once said that if a dragon wears this cassock, then the ROC bird can’t eat it. If the crane wears it, Then the crane can immediately enter the realm of transcendence and holiness, which is imaginable.


Not only that, “but where you sit, there is the worship of gods; where you move, there are seven Buddhas with you”. Is such treatment more attractive than immortality? It’s no wonder that the black bear spirit wants the cassock instead of the Tang monk. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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