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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source: wechat official account: the Dao of the big shopkeeper has been reprinted with authorization

In Singapore, Mr. Zhang’s residence is a garden house with an area of more than 300 square meters, which is somewhat cramped compared with his residence in Laos, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. But in Singapore, where land is expensive, it is already a very good place to live. “Brother Zhang, I went to the Philippines from South Asia this time and made a special detour to Singapore to see you. I just want to hear your suggestions for the new Philippine government.” Xia Zhengqi and Mr. Zhang are old friends. As early as the early days of duterte’s administration, Xia Zhengqi, as China’s special security adviser in the Philippines, made some special contributions to duterte’s security work and Malawi’s bandit suppression. At that time, Mr. Zhang also cooperated with some Chinese companies to develop infrastructure projects in the Philippines, and they knew each other well at that time. “Brother Xia, I heard that you did a very good job when you were transferred to Afghanistan. You successfully predicted the bombing of the Afghan airport when the United States withdrew its troops, and avoided great losses for the Germans. I really admire you. At the beginning of this year, it seems that you went to Kazakhstan and gave some very good suggestions to the Kazakh government. Brother Xia, I really admire you.” Mr. Zhang said to Xia Zhengqi with a smile while playing with the tea set on the table. “No, I’m just performing my duty. Some of the achievements are also by chance. Unlike brother Zhang, you have a career in Southeast Asia and are committed to making contributions to the motherland. This is the person we should admire.” “Ha ha ha, well, brother Xia, let’s not flatter each other. Why are you going to the Philippines this time? Has the mission in Afghanistan been completed?” “No, I’m going to Philippines on a temporary business trip. When I was a security adviser, I made some friends in the Philippines. At present, the situation in the Taiwan Strait is tense. I went to the Philippines to exchange views with these friends.” Obviously, Xia Zhengqi’s so-called exchange of views with those Philippine military friends must be related to the future direction of the Taiwan Strait. In these aspects, Xia Zhengqi’s friends should be able to provide some help or convey some information. Although Xia Zhengqi did not hide these things from Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang naturally would not pursue them. “Oh, so you’re making a detour to Singapore to see me?” Mr. Zhang has a smile on his mouth. He knows that Xia Zhengqi must have something to do with him. Or he is one of Xia Zhengqi’s friends. He came here to consult him about the Philippines. “Of course, it’s not just to see you. When I left the Philippines last time, the election in the Philippines had not yet begun. President duterte’s political tactics were always dazzling. Now it’s President Marcos Jr. and vice president Sarah. I want to listen to brother Zhang’s opinions on my trip before I go to the Philippines.” Xia Zhengqi said sincerely. “Ha, you’re welcome. You are supposed to be familiar with Miss Sarah. Why not go to her directly? I believe she will give you more useful advice. After all, she is now the vice president of the current government.” “Brother Zhang is joking. I have met Miss Sarah for a few times, but it is because she is now in an important position in the government that I am not suitable to go to her for consultation. Besides, looking at Southeast Asia, who can better understand this region than you?” “What you said is also reasonable. Recently, I really pay close attention to the situation in the Philippines. After all, several projects have been shelved. What does little Marcos want to do? I will naturally know more.” “Oh, what have you learned?” “Brother Xia, you don’t know that the biggest characteristic of this kind of voting government is that one emperor and one courtier. No matter how well the previous one has done, the new one will have to be a demon. Otherwise, how can he count his political achievements on his own. I admire Mr. duterte. He knows this very well, so before he leaves office, he suspended some Sino Philippine cooperation projects so that this little Marcos can Tong has more room for maneuver. ” “This is probably because his daughter, Miss Sarah, is the vice president of this administration. The fat water does not flow out.” Xia Zhengqi smiled. It’s not surprising that duterte could do such a thing. His governing methods are changeable and slippery. He is a master who is skilled in the market and the world. This kind of means is also wonderful when used in governing the country. “So, what I want to say is that the projects that were stopped in the early stage will be resumed after a period of time, and may even increase. It’s just that we investors have suffered, and a large amount of money has been delayed for several months.” Mr. Zhang shook his head and sighed. “You know, I don’t want to ask about these infrastructure projects.” Xia Zhengqi took a sip of tea and said. “Of course I know what you want to ask. The fundamentals of the Philippines have not changed, and you have had a lot of contacts with their military. Naturally, you know that they are still very pro american. But there is one thing I can assure you. If the mainland really wants to do something in the Taiwan Strait, the Philippine side will not talk much, and there will not be any cooperation even in the use of the Philippine military bases by the United States. Although little Marcos has his own politics Ideal, but the current situation in Southeast Asia is like this. If we want to develop, we can not rely on the United States. The general trend of cooperation between China and Southeast Asia is set. On the security issue, all Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, will follow the same model. That is, try not to cooperate with the United States while trying not to offend the United States. Even countries such as Indonesia, which have the ambition of being a regional power, are currently using the United States more than they are willing to cooperate. But… ” Mr. Zhang suddenly fixed his eyes on Xia Zhengqi. “I don’t think the mainland will really do it.” “Oh, how can you have this idea? It seems that people at our level can’t know about this kind of thing. But if it’s the last resort, it’s inevitable to do it.” “Brother Xia, don’t leave in a hurry today. I have to visit someone later. They should also want to get the answers you want from me.” “Oh, there are such people?” Xia Zhengqi Qidao. “Have you heard of an international security consulting company called global security guard?” “This is a global business security consulting company located in North Carolina, the United States. Its CEO is Dell Buckner. Its background is rather mysterious. It not only provides security consulting to many multinational companies around the world, but also provides security consulting to the governments of some countries and regions. I think that behind this company, there is actually the shadow of the United States government. Through its influence on American international policies and information superiority Learn first, predict in advance the changing situation of security in some regions, so as to provide security advice to those multinational companies, so that they can take corresponding countermeasures before the security situation is reversed, so as to avoid losses and even gain benefits. ” Xia Zhengqi seems to be able to tell the company’s background and operation mode. Mr. Zhang was also a little surprised when he heard this. He didn’t expect that he could know so much about an unknown American company. “Yes, this company is also the white glove of some American politicians. They use their influence on the White House and Congress to promote changes in the security situation in some regions, and then make money through these changes. Now its chief executive officer, Dell Buckner, is in Singapore.” “Is he the one you’re going to see later?” Xia Zhengqi could not help but look solemn. Such people come to Singapore. Meeting with regional industry leaders such as Mr. Zhang is bound to be a topic related to the security of Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. What does Dell want to talk to Mr. Zhang? Xia Zhengqi is not only curious, but also genuinely concerned. “I can tell you that he came here this time to make an analysis report on the situation in the Taiwan Strait, so as to provide a reliable reference for those multinational companies and international capital who have large investments in the Taiwan Strait and Southeast Asia. Meeting me is only a part of his trip. You also know that no matter how powerful you are, you must pay a visit to me as a mountain tiger. As for the details, please wait here. When I come back Yes, let’s talk more about it. ” Mr. Zhang burst into laughter. It’s not that he thinks he’s so great, but that he knows that Dell can just give this guy some eye medicine when he comes to visit him. After all, it is Mr. Zhang’s unchanging principle to do things from the Chinese standpoint. Shangri la hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Singapore. The annual Shangri La security forum is held here. Although this year’s session has passed, those with some international status will still choose to stay here when they come to Singapore. In the presidential suite of Dale barnak, Mr. Zhang met Dale. The reason why he chose this room instead of other places is that according to Dell, he does not want more people to know the existence of this meeting. “Mr. Zhang, I’ve heard of you for a long time. It’s really a great honor to have face-to-face communication with a person like you.” Dell travels around the world all day, and naturally knows how to greet a Chinese when dealing with him. “Mr. Dell, you are a big man who can’t see the end of a dragon. It’s my honor to be invited.” Mr. Zhang is more modest. Anyway, both sides know that the strength of the other side is extraordinary, so no matter how modest, they will not let the other side look down on themselves. After the greetings, Dell began to go straight to the topic. “Mr. Zhang, I know that you have a lot of business in Southeast Asia, and some of them are closely related to companies in Chinese Mainland. Therefore, I believe you must have your own unique views on the situation in the Taiwan Strait. Of course, we will pay corresponding compensation for consulting you. In the future, we will also provide some related consulting services for your investment in Europe or America.” This is Dell’s style of doing business. It makes it clear from the beginning. Only by letting the other party know what you will pay, will it be easier for others to know what kind of service they want. “Mr. Dell laughed. I’m just a small infrastructure investor. How can I climb a big dock like that in Europe and America? However, since Mr. Dell looks up to me, but asks questions, I try my best.” Mr. Zhang is also cheerful. “I’m at ease with your words, Mr. Zhang. It’s like this. As you know, our company is providing security trend consulting for major multinational companies. This time, the situation in the Taiwan Strait has become this way, and the investment intentions of several companies in Taiwan have begun to waver. Now, several companies want to know whether Taiwan can invest now? If not, will the industries that have already invested be moved out? And First, if the mainland really takes concerted action, can these investments be guaranteed? ” Dell asked, “Mr. Dell, I know you are not consulting me alone. As a Chinese who has more contacts with Chinese companies, I do have some understanding of Chinese thinking. Although it is not necessarily correct, I might as well say it to you for reference.” “You say, I’m all ears.” “Mr. Dell, as a matter of fact, if the mainland side does not take action, isn’t the initiative in the hands of the Americans? If the United States does not provoke, the mainland will not take action. So, for Taiwan’s investment, you should consider whether it is worth it, not whether it can? The investment of capital is beneficial. If it is worth it, it will be no problem not to stimulate the mainland. If you think that the investment is worth it, you should We should exert influence on the US government and let them not act rashly. ” “Although this is reasonable, we are a company, not a government. You also know that even the US government is actually just a comprehensive company. The capital interests represented by Biden and Pelosi are not necessarily the same. Besides, there are also differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.” Dell made no secret of it. “So, what is important is interest? This can explain why the mainland has made this deployment.” Mr. Zhang asked, “what is the meaning of this remark?” Dale asked, “in fact, don’t you think the current training is very strange? There is no blockade or action, but only regular training at six points in a step-by-step manner. What kind of feeling will this give you?” Mr. Zhang asked. “Feeling? Naturally, it’s a feeling of anxiety. This feeling is shared by all people now. It is shared by Taiwan, as well as US investors. Including the US government.” Dell replied, “Yes, in fact, I think what the mainland needs is this kind of feeling. Who will have long-term plans in the face of panic? Even the people on the island may not be willing to buy long-term assets, let alone these multinational companies. With the strength of the mainland, under such training, it is a matter of minutes. What is needed is the mentality of all sides. And this mentality will lead to What is the economic result of the island? ” “Mr. Zhang, I understand that what you said the mainland wants is this kind of mentality. In fact, it still wants to subdue people without fighting. If our international capital reduces investment in the island or even withdraws investment from the island because of this reason, the economy of the island will be bleak in the future. At that time, without the mainland’s hands, the island will be a mass of starving people. There is no strength to resist.” “Correct it, Mr. Dell. The so-called resistance forces do not exist in the first place. But if there are starvation victims, they are not. In short, there is no economic strength for confrontation in the island, but it does exist. There is another point I need to let you understand. Just now, you said that if the interests of international capital in the island can be guaranteed after reunification, these international capital will need to make the right choice. If we help the island to confront National reunification, not to mention whether its interests can be guaranteed, I am afraid that it is also a question whether it can continue to do so in the Greater China region in the future. If they can cooperate with each other, I’m afraid there will be more interests waiting for cooperation, let alone the protection of interests. ” “Mr. Zhang, I think you seem to be helping the mainland speak.” Dell seems to understand something. “Actually, it’s not true. The fact is that I personally don’t think much about the investment on the island. On the surface, the Taiwan Strait issues are all provoked by the United States. But I don’t know if Mr. Dell has thought about it carefully. Why is the mainland not moving when it has the strength to solve the problems? Is he really afraid of the reaction of the US government and the western society? But if he is really afraid, why does he not take a step against the United States in the trade war Give Way? If you want to understand this problem, or you can provide more professional advice to your customers. ” “This… You mean, it seems that the United States is stimulating China, but in fact it is China that draws the attention and consumes the credibility and strength of the United States?” “I don’t know if it’s consumption, but it’s definitely not because of fear or fear of war. On the contrary, as far as I know, there are not many soldiers who want to make meritorious contributions, and one of my friends actually wants to make meritorious contributions. If players of international capital can see this clearly, they should exert influence on the US government and American politicians, and do not regret life-long things when they think they are right.” Although Mr. Zhang’s tone was moderate, he could hear the strong meaning. “I see. I seem to have found the right person for Mr. Zhang today. Thank you very much.” Dell felt that his trip to Singapore was indeed worthwhile. Next, he will have a good chat with his friends from multinational companies and international capital. Of course, what they are talking about is not helping the mainland, but trying to find a way to thoroughly wipe out Taiwan island before the mainland console island. It’s not a pleasant thing to clean up the mess.

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