Ke Yirou wins the divorce lawsuit. The man needs to compensate about 90000 yuan and pay alimony

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I like to watch Kangxi’s friends. I think they are all familiar with Ke Yirou. She is a regular visitor to Kangxi and has some memories of her performance in the program. Ke Yirou won the divorce lawsuit, and her ex husband guozongkun was sentenced to compensate Ke Yirou about 90000 yuan and pay alimony. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Ke Yirou wins the divorce lawsuit

In 2011, Ke Yirou married guozongkun, who had been in love for half a year. At that time, many people felt that Ke Yirou was a pity, because everyone felt that guozongkun’s appearance did not deserve Ke Yirou. After marriage, Ke Yirou promoted her husband’s restaurant in various programs for her husband’s career, and gave birth to three children after marriage. As a result, Ke Yirou’s efforts were not rewarded by guozongkun. On the contrary, guozongkun was exposed by Taiwan media that he had an ambiguous relationship with a restaurant actress.

In fact, guozongkun did have an affair with Ke Yirou behind her back. He also lied to Ke Yirou in various ways, and there were financial problems, so Ke Yirou finally chose to divorce. Ke Yirou and guozongkun had a divorce lawsuit for four years. During these four years, Ke Yirou raised all three children alone. Guozongkun did not take any responsibility as a father at all. That’s why Ke Yirou was very sad and tore guozongkun in front of the media.

Guozongkun needs to pay Ke Yirou alimony

After two trials, the court finally sentenced guozongkun to compensate Ke Yirou by NT $400000 (about RMB 90000), and then to pay a monthly alimony of NT $60000 (about RMB 13000) to Ke Yirou’s three children. Ke Yirou is satisfied with this result and thanks the justice of the judiciary through the broker. On the contrary, guozongkun made no mention of the result. When asked by the media, he said he didn’t see the judgment and refused to talk about it.

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