King Lu: a straw to save the Ming Dynasty

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The death of Ming Dynasty was due to the death of luzhonglie!



In the history of the Ming Dynasty, there was a man who was successful in his youth. At the age of 23, he won the Jinshi examination. At the age of 30, he created the Tianxiong army as a scholar. He was called “King Lu” when he was fighting with several arrows. In his middle age, he was in power and held a high position. At the age of 36, the premier had destroyed the military affairs of the world’s exiles, and the Qing army invaded Beijing. He was ordered by the governor to resist the military affairs of the Qing Dynasty. During his term of office, he repeatedly defeated the invading army. His life ended with great heroism. At the age of 39, he led the army to serve the king, led 5000 disabled soldiers to fight against tens of thousands of elite of Dorgon, and finally died with four arrows and three knives. His posthumous title was loyal. Later generations praised him: the death of the Ming Dynasty was due to the death of luzhonglie!

Young and successful, the scholar is in charge of the army

This man is Lu Xiangsheng. He came from a typical scholar bureaucrat family. His father used to be a county magistrate. He had a good life since childhood. He was powerful and powerful. He was handsome and had a good figure. What’s more, he was also good at both literature and martial arts. While studying, he also practiced martial arts. He was especially good at archery. He shot 100 times in 50 steps. Luxiangsheng is very talented. When he was in his twenties, he was awarded the title of head of the household department. He is an absolute young talent. At this time, he can be said to be complacent.

Luxiansheng’s official career has also been very smooth, and he was promoted to the position of commissioner wailang before long. Later, he was promoted to the position of prefect of Daming Prefecture, which made those scholars and scholars who had a bumpy official career envious. In the second year of Chongzhen’s reign, the Jin army led by Huangtaiji invaded the capital for the first time. Lu Xiangsheng recruited 10000 people to serve the king in Beijing, which won the trust of Chongzhen emperor.

In the third year of Chongzhen, luxiangsheng was promoted to the right political and Deputy envoy, and was ordered to straighten out the army of Daming, Guangping and Shunde. Therefore, he officially established the Tianxiong army. Most of the Tianxiong army are father, son, brothers and neighbors. If one person is injured, everyone will be angry. As Guan once said: one person is desperate, a hundred men can’t stop it, and ten thousand people will die and run amok all over the world. Because of this, the fighting power of Tianxiong army is very strong. Every time Lu Xiangsheng fights with the bandits, he is always desperate to take the lead. Once in the battle, there was a bandit shooting an arrow from a high place. One arrow hit his forehead, and another arrow killed the bodyguard around him. However, he still dared to fight, leaped forward, and finally repulsed the bandits. Later, the bandits all said that they would die if they met Lu Xiangsheng and never fight with him. At this time, he was already a rising star of the Ming Empire, or a fire extinguisher. The imperial court sent him wherever thieves invaded.

I am tired of exterminating bandits

In the eighth year of Chongzhen, luxiangsheng was 36 years old. At this time, he was already the premier of Jiangbei, Henan, Shandong, Huguang and Sichuan military affairs, and concurrently served as the governor of Huguang. At this time, governor Hong Chengchou was in charge of the military affairs to suppress thieves in the northwest, while Prime Minister Lu Xiangsheng was in charge of the military affairs in the southeast. He led his troops to fight with the main force of the bandits, and repeatedly defeated the bandits led by Gao Yingxiang and Li Zicheng. Unfortunately, the government was corrupt, disasters occurred frequently, the people were difficult to live, and the bandits were more and more suppressed. At this time, Lu Xiangsheng was tired of it. He knew better that this would not solve the fundamental problem, but he did not have a better solution, We can only hope to exterminate the bandits as soon as possible, and then rest with the people.

In the process of exterminating the bandits, Lu Xiangsheng constantly gave advice and suggestions to the imperial court. In his memorial to the emperor, he said: because the bandits are powerful, the imperial court should dispatch troops to exterminate them. Because the number of bandits is increasing, the imperial court should increase its troops to suppress bandits. In this way, the imperial court’s action is slower than that of bandits everywhere, and it can’t take the initiative. Moreover, after the army is increased, it can’t discuss the issue of increasing food and salaries in time, which will only make the situation more difficult to control. Moreover, the food and salaries requested can’t be met, and the soldiers will rebel with the bandits. To solve the problem, local officials must have a higher degree of autonomy and deal with the rebellion in a timely manner. It is not necessary to ask the imperial court for approval for everything. However, at this time, the Ming Dynasty was deeply involved in Party strife. The ministers in the court blamed each other, and the remonstrating ministers were also too harsh on the foreign ministers. Lu Xiangsheng was also often impeached. He could only express his position and determination in grief and indignation: “there are laws to suppress but not to block, and there are laws to fight but not to abide by the law.”. Words are sincere and every sentence is stained with blood.

Although luxiansheng knew in his heart that the bandits could not be completely exterminated, as a scholar bureaucrat loyal to the Ming Empire, he had to do his best to fight the bandits. During this period, the forces of the bandits could not grow. However, when Hou Jin entered the fortress again, no one was able to deal with the attack and expansion of the bandits in time. Their power was growing and could no longer be contained. Even if Lu Xiangsheng was ordered to be king Qin, he could not return to heaven. The national fortune of the Ming Dynasty was like a huge stone on a hillside, which would only roll down.

Fight against the king and guard the frontier

However, joining the medical service king this time was not a relief for Lu Xiangsheng. He could finally escape from the strange circle of exterminating the bandits.

Lu Xiangsheng was ordered by the governor general Xuan, Dahe and Shanxi military affairs to defend against the invasion of Mongolia and the later Jin Dynasty. In office, he led the army to defeat the invading Mongolian army many times. On one occasion, the frontier received an alarm that the tartar army was going to invade the Xuanfu. After receiving the news, Lu Xiangsheng asked the sentry in detail. He found that the enemy seemed to be threatening, but the cavalry brigade had not camped far from the Xuanfu. He decisively judged that the enemy wanted to attack East and West. When the troops from Yunyang and Jinyang came to rescue the Xuanfu, he could take advantage of the weakness to attack Yunyang and Jinyang, So Lu Xiangsheng ordered him to stand still and confront the enemy. Sure enough, the enemy did not move forward 60 miles away from the Xuanfu mansion. A month later, the enemy’s food and grass were poor and the army was tired. He ordered the army to assemble for a decisive battle with the enemy. The enemy was scared away and never dared to invade the frontier.

In the 11th year of Chongzhen, Lu Xiangsheng’s father died. He played the imperial court to mourn for his father for three years. However, Emperor Chongzhen did not allow him, so he had to wear mourning in office. Every time he thought of his dead father, he would cry with tears in his eyes. In September, when the Qing army entered the frontier again, luxiangsheng was ordered to enter the garrison. Emperor Chongzhen appointed him as the governor of the whole country. At this time, Emperor Chongzhen plotted to make peace with the Qing army with yangsichang and Gao Qiqian. However, luxiangsheng resolutely refused to make peace and was determined to fight the Qing army to the end.

Villains plot to die generously

At this time, although luxiansheng was named as the governor’s reinforcements, he offended Yang Sichang and Gao Qiqian because he was unwilling to negotiate peace with the Qing army. Even emperor Chongzhen felt that he had disobeyed his own wishes. Therefore, luxiansheng’s army was divided into half by the eunuch Gao Qiqian, and only 20000 people remained. After chenxinjia, the Minister of the Ministry of military, arrived in Changping, luxiansheng again divided part of the army to him, At this time, he knew that he had been excluded.

Soon, the alarm of the enemy’s invasion came from Shanxi. The general soldier Wang Pu directly led his army to leave. Lu Xiangsheng’s army was only 5000, and there was not enough combat power to compete with the Qing army. Local people urged him to evacuate to a safe area, recruit soldiers and horses, and then fight again. But at this time, Lu Xiangsheng was already determined to die. He was already desperate for the decadent court, the fatuous and incompetent emperor and courtiers.

Since I have been unable to save the Ming Dynasty, resist the invasion of the Tartars and protect the people in the north, I would like to fill my own flesh and blood into the pillars of the crumbling Ming Empire, let those invaders see that there are people who dare to fight with them in this country, and let those officials who are dead and plain see that there are people who are willing to take responsibility for the rise and fall of the country. I hope some people can wake up and prolong their lives for this great empire.

When Lu Xiangsheng refused to retreat, the local villagers gave the Army food and drink as a reward. People without food sent the picked dates to the barracks. Lu Xiangsheng finally led the army to meet the Qing army. From the morning to the afternoon, he ran out of gunpowder and arrows. He personally led the team to fight hand to hand with the enemy. Finally, he was killed with four arrows and three knives, and the whole army was wiped out.

After luxiangsheng’s death, yangsichang and Gao Qiqian took the opportunity to retaliate against him. They claimed that luxiangsheng had not died in the war, but had escaped in disorder. They refused to give him the pension he deserved. They also sent people to pretend to check luxiangsheng’s body, so as to slander him that he had not died in the war. As a result, the people who were ordered to check it were moved by his heroism when they saw luxiangsheng’s body.

Manage the local area and make great achievements

Lu Xiangsheng not only made great achievements in military affairs, but also made his own contributions in cultural and political affairs. When he governed Yunyang, he reduced taxes, repaired the city, recruited merchants to buy and sell goods, and collected copper to make money, lent to neighboring counties’ warehouses and valleys, and distributed them to the people for cultivation. Yunyang is a place of great governance. When Lu Xiangsheng was the governor of Xuanhe, Dahe and Shanxi military affairs, he carried out field reclamation in Daxing. Each mu of land could produce more than 400 kilograms and harvest more than 200000 kilograms of millet. The emperor ordered nine sides to learn from Xuanhe and Dahe. Unfortunately, the officials were corrupt, the people were centrifugal, and the weather was bad, which made it impossible to carry out field reclamation.

Throughout Lu Xiangsheng’s life, from complacency to frustration, and finally to despair, this is not only his own destiny, but also the epitome of all living beings in the late Ming Dynasty. It is not that no one fought to the end for Ming Dynasty. On the contrary, too many people would not hesitate to fill their own flesh and blood into this endless black hole in order to continue the life of this empire. Even if there is “Lu Yan Wang”, a straw to save the Ming Dynasty, it is also powerless to return to heaven. It can only make the Empire, which is hard to return, continue to accelerate on the way down, and finally fall into the abyss.



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