King Zhou can be canonized, but these eight famous people have not been canonized

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The legend of the gods mainly tells the story that the Jade Emperor wanted to recruit his subordinates, and the three Xuanmen sects launched the war of gods on the grounds of dynasty change and sealed 365 righteous gods on the whole week. Today, the editor of China will take stock of those famous people who have not been canonized. Let’s have a look.

No.1 jiangziya

It is inconceivable to say that, as a person who granted the God of Zhou, Jiang Ziya himself failed to grant the God. He can only enjoy the wealth of the world for a hundred years. After birth, old age, illness and death, he is in reincarnation.

There are actually two statements about this. First, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty had already approved his life for him, so he could only enjoy the wealth of the world for a hundred years. According to the words of the sage, the Jade Emperor naturally had to give face, so Jiang Ziya worked hard to worship God and failed to get anything.

Another saying is that Jiang Ziya was too ambitious when he became a God. He wanted to make himself the emperor of heaven, so he planned to make himself the emperor of heaven only after all the gods were granted. However, when he didn’t want to be granted, he mistakenly said his name was zhangbaining, which led to Zhang Baining being granted the emperor of heaven. He had no gods to be granted, so he could only stay on earth and enjoy life, old age, illness and death.


No.2 Jichang

Jichang, the famous Xibo Marquis among the gods, was one of the four major princes of the great Shang Dynasty. He was proficient in the calculation of heaven’s secrets, and his reputation spread throughout the great Shang Dynasty; However, it was such a well-known figure who was not canonized when his son was canonized as Ziwei emperor, one of the four emperors of heaven, and other princes were canonized as a founder God.

As for his whereabouts, there is a generally accepted view that he is so proficient in the derivation of heaven’s secrets that he is a disciple of emperor Fuxi and a link with the emperor of man. Therefore, he cannot be canonized. Most of the time, he went to huoyun cave.

No.3 lady of turtle spirit

The goddess of tortoise spirit, one of the disciples handed down by the leader of Tongtian cult, is one of the five great goddesses of intercepting religion. She has been practicing Taoism for thousands of years; It’s a pity that her luck is not very good. Originally, with her Taoism, the world can’t go.

But I didn’t want to meet zhunti Taoist, one of the Western saints, who was directly captured and suppressed in the twelve Golden Lotus. All his magic power was sealed, giving the mosquito Taoist a chance to swallow it alive. Even the yuan God was eaten up and could not be listed on the list of gods, so he was not sealed.

No.4–no.6 Xuanyuan tomb three demons

As the three demons of Xuanyuan tomb, the Nine Tailed Fox demon Su Daji, the nine headed pheasant chicken Jing Hu Ximei, and the jade Pipa Jing king, who pushed the big business to the end, can be said to have made great contributions.

I’m afraid that Shen Gongbao is the only deity who can match them in terms of his contribution to the promotion of deity. Unfortunately, none of the three of them was able to do so in the end. According to empress Nuwa, the three demons are sinful and should be beheaded to eliminate their sins. Their original gods cannot be listed as gods, so they have to sink in the world.

No.7–no.8 Gaoming gaojue


Gao Ming and Gao Jue. Although the peach and willow ghosts on the chessboard mountain are not strong in combat power, they have the unique ability of seeing from afar and listening to the wind. Together, they can observe three realms and monitor six channels. They are the most suitable supervisors.

In the canonization, they were beaten to death by Jiang Ziya because they helped Yuanhong fight against Xiqi, and Yuanshen was on the canonization list. But it is strange that they were not mentioned at last, as if they were not on list of the gods.

However, from other myths and the journey to the west, they finally became gods, turned into the eyes of heaven, and supervised the three realms for the Jade Emperor. How did they become gods? Why was it that when the gods were granted, they were clearly on the list but were not granted? None of this is known to us. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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