King Zhou desecrated Nuwa. Why didn’t Nuwa kill him directly? We need to make a “ King Wu attacked Zhou ”?

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Today, the editor of has brought you an article about the romance of gods. Welcome to read it~

In a brief history of Chinese novels, Lu Xun, a modern writer, commented on the romance of immortality in this way: during this period, there were Buddhist names, sometimes famous religions, and a mixture of three religions, just like the journey to the west, but at its root, it was just the view of scholars.

King Zhou of Shang Dynasty was ignorant, but there was no immortal to eliminate harm for the people

In the romance of gods, there is a typical villain, King Zhou of Shang Dynasty.


According to the original record of the romance of gods, King Zhou was the third son of emperor B.

King Zhou of Shang Dynasty was tyrannical and ignorant. In the historical records of Yin Benji, it was recorded that King Zhou “liked wine and pleasure, loved women, loved Da Ji, and followed Da Ji’s words”. Judging from the crimes of King Zhou, he was simply everyone’s punishment.

However, although there are Shen Gongbao and others around King Zhou, they are not closely protected by King Zhou, and if there are powerful masters at the level of Jinxian, King Zhou can’t escape even with help. However, why have no gods ever acted to eliminate harm for the people.

Why did no immortal dare to kill King Zhou of Shang Dynasty? Nuwa: I dare not kill

King Zhou of Shang Dynasty insulted Nuwa with his poems, but Nuwa did not dare to cut her hand

In the romance of immortality, King Zhou of Shang Dynasty went to Nuwa palace to offer incense on Nuwa’s birthday. When he arrived at Nuwa palace, King Zhou saw the peerless color of Nuwa’s holy image. He couldn’t help but surge in his heart and wrote a poem, in which he wrote: “but you can act enchanting and get back Changle to serve the king.” the intention was to bring Nuwa’s mother into the harem.

When empress Nuwa came back and saw this poem, she flew into a rage. She wanted to kill King Zhou, but she didn’t dare to do it in the end.

However, the resentment in Nuwa’s mother’s heart can’t be calmed, so she let the three demons of Xuanyuan tomb harm the rivers and mountains of the Shang Dynasty, and at the same time, she also promoted the king of Wu to attack Zhou, and the gods from all walks of life helped the king of Wu.

In this regard, everyone may have a question: is it not a piece of cake for Nuwa to destroy a small king Zhou with her ability to mend the sky and help the world and create virtue by benefiting things? Why send three demons to disturb Cheng Tang Jiangshan and kill King Zhou by their hands?

King Zhou’s fate is not exhausted, even Nuwa dare not disobey heaven’s destiny

In fact, when Nuwa went over Chaoge to kill King Zhou, she found that Chaoge was shrouded in a layer of Qi, and Nuwa’s ability could not be broken.

What is this so-called “luck”? After Nu Wa’s action was blocked, she quickly calculated that King Zhou’s life should not be terminated. He still had more than 20 years of life, and these were all Providence, and even Nu Wa dared not violate it.

What the heaven stresses is “the number of days has been set”, especially Taoism, which is divided into human religion, Buddhism and apostasy.

The reason why Nuwa’s mother couldn’t break her “luck” was that Nuwa couldn’t kill the emperor on earth with her anger, otherwise she would be attacked by other sects, so she didn’t dare to do it.

The so-called “luck” of King Zhou was decided by the emperor, who controlled how long a dynasty could rule. However, the number of disasters and blessings on earth has been set, and it must not be changed at will.

Immortals cannot change the fate of heaven, and King Zhou’s fate is already doomed

If anything can be decided by the gods, let them save people and kill people as they like. If there is a good monarch in the world, it will make his dynasty more than hundreds of years, and if there is an immoral monarch in the world, it will make it less than hundreds of years.


If this is true, then the world of heaven and earth will be in chaos. Heaven’s luck and man’s merits and principles are not poor. Heaven and man have their own survival laws, and no one can change them.

As the mother of the earth, Nuwa naturally can’t kill King Zhou because of her momentary happiness and anger, and she has no ability to directly kill King Zhou. The sect of heaven is also very complex. After all, there are also gods Nuwa dare not offend.

Those high-level immortals can see things like national fortune. King Zhou was still in good luck at that time, so if the gods directly started, their Taoism would be destroyed. Therefore, even if the gods wanted to eliminate harm for the people, they were powerless.

Therefore, if you want King Zhou to fall, you have to be mortals. If Jiang Ziya killed King Zhou in advance, it would be difficult to survive the Apocalypse at that time. Therefore, King Zhou waited until King Wu broke the Chaoge before he died.

And another point is that under the banner of King Zhou, there are many capable and strange people, some of whom are strong under the saints. For example, Kong Xuan, who has the cultivation of Da Luo Jinxian, Wen Zhong, and many disciples of the sect, all of whom have spells, but are also willing to be soldiers under King Zhou.

Just think, if these soldiers with magic want to be the king of the Shang Dynasty, they can easily kill King Zhou directly. Why should they stoop to be king Zhou’s hands?

In fact, this reflects from another level that they cannot kill King Zhou, otherwise they will be punished by the way of heaven.



This is why King Zhou made the people miserable and complained, but no gods would directly kill him. It is a number of days for the king of Wu to defeat Zhou, and it is also a number of days for the Zhou army to break the Chaoge king of Zhou to commit suicide. Although the immortals are powerful, they cannot go against the sky! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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