King Zhou loves Daji deeply. Does Daji have feelings for King Zhou?

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King Zhou loves Daji deeply. Does Daji have feelings for King Zhou? I’ll tell you about it.

In Mr. Xu Zhonglin’s fairy tales, Daji is a millennium fox demon, that is, the authentic fox spirit in people’s mouth; King Zhou was the king of the Yin and Shang Dynasties and was also a very lecherous king. The fox spirit is a perfect match for the blind king, so Daji and King Zhou are a perfect match.

King Zhou loved Daji so much that he couldn’t bear to die with Daji when the state was about to break. He went to the Jiexing building to burn himself, but he let Daji and others escape.

King Zhou loved Daji deeply. What kind of feelings did Daji have for King Zhou?

Fox demon Daji

The fox demon is extremely beautiful and charming. Otherwise, why are there so many people who are attracted by the fox demon? Even now, the girl with outstanding appearance will be envied by lemon essence and call her “fox spirit”.

Take Mr. Pu Songling’s strange stories from the Liaozhai. Ying Ning is “incomparably glorious and smiling.”

Jiaona is about thirteen or fourteen years old. She is beautiful and beautiful, and willows are beautiful

Brucea’s eyes are full of autumn, and his eyebrows and eyes are full of emotion. He is really immortal

Lian Xiang said, “with her sleeves hanging down, she is elegant and graceful. If you walk between steps, you can still go.”

All of them are stunning beauties. Similarly, Su Daji, the daughter of Jizhou Hou Su Hu, who was possessed by a fox demon in the fairy tale, is also extraordinary in appearance. When she entered the palace, the original text described it as follows:

King Zhou saw her “dark clouds on the temples, apricot faces and peach cheeks, light spring mountains, delicate willow waist, really like begonia intoxicated in the sun, pear flowers with rain, not inferior to the nine Fairies in the yaochi, and Chang’e in the Moon leaves the jade Pavilion”. Moreover, he also “opened her lips like a little cherry, and the tip of her tongue spits out a harmonious atmosphere of beauty and diligence. Her eyes are like double curved Phoenix eyes, and her eyes are full of charming and charming feelings.”


King Zhou and Daji

What was king Zhou’s reaction? Can’t find the southeast, northwest and northwest immediately, and the saliva is flowing out, and the nose blood is racing out three feet? It’s a bit exaggerated, but it’s not different from the original saying that his soul wanders outside the sky, his soul is scattered in the sky, his bones and muscles are soft, his ears are hot and his eyes are jumping, and he doesn’t know what to do.

King Zhou couldn’t wait for Daji to go to the back of Jiang to report. That night, he hurriedly roared and accomplished good deeds with Daji. He made friends with her and was reluctant to part for a moment. I can’t help it. Who makes the fox demon so attractive. After having Daji, King Zhou left behind empress Jiang, concubine Huang, concubine Yang and other concubines in the harem. Even empress Nuwa did not think about it. He spent time with Daji day and night playing and drinking.

As we all know, the love of fish and water between men and women can be harmonious only if both sides are affectionate and happy. However, this is the standard of modern people. It is impossible to pay attention to ancient times, especially in front of the king. Everything is based on the needs of the king. It is not important whether Daji is willing or not, and she satisfies King Zhou for her own future.

In this way, Daji and King Zhou each got what they needed. One got the promise of Nuwa and the other got the beauty. They worked together day and night like glue, and seemed to love each other very much. However, the appearance of boyikao revealed Daji’s true feelings for King Zhou.

Boyi Kao

Daji, the Nine Tailed demon fox, made a special effort to harm King Zhou for Nuwa’s saying that “after everything is done, you can wait for it to be done.” first, she aimed her eyes at the head of King Zhou’s harem, namely queen Jiang.

With Daji’s efforts, Queen Jiang died, the crown prince of Donggong fled, and the four major princes, except the iron powder of King Zhou and the Marquis Chonghou of Beibo, were both killed and imprisoned. And this prisoner is Xibo Hou Jichang. At that time, Bo YIKAO, the eldest son of xibohou, was a filial child. After taking care of Xiqi’s affairs, he took Xiqi’s three treasures to Chaoge to save his father.

Boyi Kao pianpianpian’s son is like jade, and his piano skills are superb. At the first sight, Daji had an unusual idea about him. Under the control of unhealthy thoughts, Daji was fascinated by Boyi Kao.

At this time, Daji’s original version was only a young and beautiful girl, about the same age as Boyi Kao. It was normal for a beautiful girl to love a young man. What was abnormal was actually King Zhou. At that time, he was already a bad old man. Therefore, when Boyi was admitted to the court song, Daji’s feelings for King Zhou almost did not exist. But later, why did Daji help him when the court song was about to break and King Zhou was dying? Is it because of love?


King Zhou wept

With Daji’s unremitting efforts, the other two of the three demons in Xuanyuan tomb, the nine headed pheasant chicken essence and the jade lute essence, also entered the palace one after another and became the concubine of King Zhou. Of course, the latter is Daji’s. after all, the king of Zhou loves Daji most.

At the beginning, Mr. Xu Zhonglin told us about the ending of King Zhou and the Yin and Shang Dynasties through Yun zhongzi, that is, “we should know that the blood stained song of the dynasty is in the middle of the fifth year.” As expected, when Jiang Ziya led the army to join forces with Meng Jin, the princes of the world, he said, “the will of heaven responds, and the princes of the world cannot gather together before the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.” The language of.

Seeing that Chaoge will destroy King Zhou and die, the task of Daji and other three demons has been completed. Of course, the process is bloody and inhumane, but it is not important for Daji and others. If the task is completed, then go to find lady Nuwa to restore her life. Unexpectedly, Daji and other three demons did not return their lives, but instead robbed Jiang Ziya’s camp. Is it because of love? I think it’s not!

Daji and the other three demons ended up in failure. Seeing that they came back, King Zhou wept and understood that there was no possibility of reversal in the current situation, so he told the three demons goodbye. After holding you like this for the last time, he went to the star tower to die. Daji said to the two demons:

Xuanyuan tomb three demons

“If King Zhou goes here today, he will kill himself. But we have sent Chengtang all over the world for several years. Where are we going now?”

Therefore, Daji was aware of the idea of King Zhou’s death, but she thought it was irrelevant. That is to say, in Daji’s mind, King Zhou is not important, or human love is not important. Since King Zhou and love are not important, why did she risk robbing Jiang Ziya’s camp? The reason is very simple. It is nothing more than “habit.”.

Before Daji entered the palace, he lived in Xuanyuan tomb with Hu Ximei, Wang Guiren and other three demons to hunt and feed passers-by; After entering the palace, numerous people in the harem enjoyed it with the three demons, which made the Taihu Lake full of white bones. The wind and dew at night before entering the palace; After entering the palace, the wine pool and meat forest. Waiwai suddenly feels that Daji is Cinderella in the fairy tale.

Cinderella, the fairy tale version of Cinderella who is used to the luxurious life in the Imperial Palace, that is, it is difficult for Daji and other three demons to move from luxury to thrift. Therefore, if there is any possibility of continuing this life, you should try it. This is the reason why the three demons robbed Jiang Ziya camp. Then, isn’t there any emotion for King Zhou involved in it?

In the fairy tale, Daji is a millennium fox demon, Hu Ximei is a nine headed pheasant chicken essence, and Wang Guiren is a jade lute essence. All of them are old demons who have lived for thousands of years. For the demons, the most important thing is longevity and fruit. For them, King Zhou is only one of the guests in tens of thousands of paragraphs. Moreover, this passer-by is old and colorful, and does not meet the taste of the fox demon at all. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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