Kinsailon apologized for drunk driving and compensated the damaged shops

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Kim Sai Lun is a very famous actress in South Korea. As a child star, she is also loved by the Korean public. Although kinsailon is young, his acting skills are very good. His position in South Korea is equivalent to that of Zhang Zifeng in China, and he has won many awards in performance. However, kinsailon recently fell into a scandal because of drunk driving. Kinsailon apologized for drunk driving. It is reported that kinsailon has compensated the damaged shops. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Kinsailon apologized for drunk driving

Previously, kinsailon hit guardrails, trees and power distribution boxes along the roadside due to drunk driving, resulting in a power outage nearby, so nearby businesses have also been seriously affected. The police have also been involved in the investigation of Kinsey lon’s drunken driving. The blood test results also showed that Kinsey lon was a serious drunken driving accident. Kinsailon has always been silent. Now kinsailon finally broke its silence, saying that kinsailon himself has personally apologized to these damaged shops and compensated them.

When the news of kinsailon just came out, everyone scolded kinsailon. However, nearly two weeks have passed since the incident, and the Kinsey Lun side has actively dealt with the aftermath and compensated the shops. The attitude of Korean netizens towards Kinsey Lun seems to have softened. Many netizens have begun to say that they are willing to give Kinsey a chance to correct her.

Kinsailon compensates the damaged shops

In fact, there are not a few artists in South Korea who have been exposed to drink driving, such as Qiang Ren, jun.k, Ni Kun, Lu Hongzhe, etc. Although they were abused and resisted by the Korean public at the time of the accident, they finally returned and continued their activities in the entertainment industry. Kinsailon’s drunken driving will definitely not lead to her withdrawal from the circle. But the matter of drunk driving will also become the black history of kinseyron, with its lifelong.

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