Kissinger’s worries!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

Recently, the whole world is worried. The number of vicious shootings in the United States is increasing. Do you think this is just because the traffickers are doing a good business?

Because of the pressure of economic downturn and rising prices, people of all ages and races become nervous and fall into anxiety. Is it easier to get fired in a high antagonism?

Don’t tell me that the shooting has nothing to do with the economy. I remember reading a story about teacher Mao before. The teacher met guests. The guests told about the poverty of their family when they were children and were beaten by their father. Xiao Li Na said in a voice of milk: “my father never hit me.”, The teacher told Xiao Li Na that if you had no food, Dad would beat you.

You see, economic pressure will lead to an increase in domestic violence. Similarly, if society is regarded as a big family, why do some people take up guns and shoot at others mercilessly?

If it is an individual case, you can say that there is a psychopath, but the violence continues to escalate. How can it have nothing to do with the economy?

The mature Kissinger saw the problem, so he hurriedly shouted to Ukraine that it was time to secede and make peace.

In order to control the world finance, the financial center leaving the case has to provoke the world into all kinds of turmoil. In the past, the British Empire played micro operation, but in the end, the British Empire played off-line, and the sun never set became a sunset in Britain. It seems that even the three islands of the mainland are almost lost, and Northern Ireland and Scotland are fighting for independence.

Before that, many big V’s said that the United States would take the initiative to engage in a global financial crisis to burst the foam and plunder the world.

It is reasonable to think so. They have done it many times before, but at that time, why did the United States fall into such a turbulent environment?

In 2022, if the Federal Reserve really dares to take the lead and smash through the US stock market, look, there will certainly be several times more vicious robberies in the United States than now. The common people will become frightened birds and the social order will be completely completed.

Quite simply, I have said many times in my previous articles that from Obama to trump, they have used too much thought on US stocks. The family property, pensions and the viability of enterprises of ordinary people have been completely kidnapped by US stocks.

U.S. stocks are full of multinational enterprises with negative assets, because these enterprises take all the money in their accounts to buy back shares. If not enough, they issue bonds to borrow and write off the purchased shares. Then there will be fewer and fewer shares in the market, and the share price will become more and more expensive. However, financial leaders have made a lot of money, but good multinational companies have become empty shelves.

This is not enough. In order to maintain their share prices, American enterprises have also done many activities to dismember enterprises, such as splitting listed companies, outsourcing important manufacturing links, and so on.

I wrote an article “Boeing ruined by finance” before, which talked about the process of emptying a good enterprise.

Therefore, if an enterprise’s shares dare to fall a little more, it will immediately be the debt crisis of the enterprise. If the bank can’t repay the money to buy back its shares, then if people want to save themselves, they will have to lay off workers frantically, and the social unemployment rate will soar.

Don’t forget that 80% of the entire U.S. economy is composed of the service industry, and services revolve around finance. The serial collapse brought about by the collapse of the stock market will certainly make many service industry jobs unsustainable.

Then you talk about consumption. What kind of consumption do you have and what kind of consumption do you take?

Everyone fell into collective despair. There was no hatred for each other. All kinds of trivial contradictions could kill them at once. Everyone had guns in their hands, so let’s be abrupt.

Some people may say that in the past, the United States used to deal with economic crises as often as it did. The Great Depression of 1929 was not all good in the United States. What is this now?

It is all different from the past, because in the past, many things in the American dream were dug up by the American authorities in the interest struggle.

Has American society been so divided in the past? In the past, has the main nation of the United States been hammered into Luther like this? People everywhere are shouting about minority rights, but the interests of the majority are ignored. The huge middle class that the United States was proud of in the past has been exhausted by all kinds of shameful operations.

We should make clear the logic here. It is not that the rise of China has reduced the middle class to a rust belt, but that the financial capital of the United States has deliberately designed various new ways to play, crippling the middle class.

In order to distract the middle class, various minority rights and interests have been specially created. The voice of the virgin of white left has made the public more divided in confusion.

You think there’s only active peaceful evolution? Only NGOs are qualified to go around the world with a large number of sponsorships can there be chaos everywhere?

According to the experience of China’s thousands of years of history, the most powerful dynasties have always been rotten from the inside. Why is it that the general trend of the world must be divided after a long time? Because anti feudalism is not complete, the United States itself is a glue monster. It relies on a group of interest communities to plunder the world and bring back a steady stream of imperial interests. Everyone can share the spoils together under the banner of stars and stripes. That’s why the United States has the feeling of winning.

Local forces in the United States have always been the most important political participants. It is often seen on the news that a father and son, several generations of presidents, and one family have taken over the voting rights of a state.

Using Chinese history, do you think it looks like the story of the late Eastern Han Dynasty?

Powerful and powerful families, clan politics, intensified party strife, and evil spirits are everywhere. I am afraid the authority of the president is just like that of emperor Xiandi of the Han Dynasty. It is just a banner. Take it out and shake it. When you really do something, you say your own words.

In fact, Mr. Kissinger can’t be a Republican, but after all, he is an old Jianghu killed by the cold war. He also completed the establishment of the petrodollar system with his own efforts, which contributed to the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States.

It is not so much to serve the Republican Party as to burn life for the benefit of the dollar.

However, no matter how strong the US dollar is, it is not blessed by US hegemony. That is, it is inferior to toilet paper.

Kissinger gave two suggestions at this Davos Forum: in addition to advising Ukraine to quickly cede land and pay reparations to end the war, he also advised the United States not to engage in confrontation with China.

During the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union could confront each other, because the United States pulled its NATO partners to confront the Soviet Union, which was of great benefit. The United States could use this excuse to order its small partners to contribute money and effort.

After all, it is the bourgeoisie all over the world who are most afraid of the Soviet Union and the iron fist of the proletariat, so the United States can automatically win the support of capitalists all over the world.

But now, it has been a long time since such an ideological approach was adopted, and national capitalism has awakened everywhere.

Why? Because everyone can’t stand the endless greed of Americans. No matter how they try to make money, they are not as fierce as others’ method of cutting leeks. If you dare to resist? Sorry, uproot.

You will see that the United States intends to launch a new Cold War mentality, but on the contrary, it has provoked the national capitals all over the world to oppose the United States’ nonsense in various ways.

After all, China is just selling commodities and doing some infrastructure construction. It won’t bother.

Once the Americans make a move, your local currency will fall into a dog, and more than half of your domestic wealth will be destroyed in an instant. You go to ask the international monetary fund controlled by the United States for help. Sorry, I will give you a comprehensive rectification first, from politics to economy, and finally just want you to become an unprotected leek land worse than a colony.

More and more people have been cheated. They are all good at it. They are usually afraid that the United States can fight and dare not resist openly. This time, Russia has come out to block the front. Therefore, the longer the conflict between Russia and Ukraine drags on, the more people will support Russia openly and secretly. After all, not everyone borders on Russia, but all countries are reaped by dollars.

This is tantamount to forming an anti dollar alliance. Now Russia has bound the ruble with energy, but let the ruble rise sharply. Domestic prices have started to decline, which is a rare situation since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In Kissinger’s view, this is the family that quarrels with us dollars. Therefore, regardless of whether it is politically correct or not, people shouted out at a large age and asked Ukraine to cede land and beg for mercy.

As long as the war between Russia and Ukraine ends in a way satisfactory to Russia, the United States naturally has a way to win over Russia. After all, pro Western forces have always prevailed.

It is a pity that the United States is not allowed to do so at present, and even Europe does not agree. If Kissinger’s proposal is really implemented, how should Europe view the United States?

If Europe finally comes to its senses and is willing to make friends with Russia, there is nothing wrong with the United States. Can Russia, which has tasted the benefits of the energy ruble, come back to the dollar system? Impossible.

It can only be said that once something is missed, there is no turning back.

As for the appeal to ease the relationship between China and the United States, it may also be difficult for the old man to do what he wants.

At present, the parties and governments of both parties in the United States are so fierce that both sides regard China policy as a weapon to attack each other. Anyone who dares to say something soft will be scolded by pointing his nose at each other. Therefore, many seemingly useless means are used to damage the feelings of the Chinese people.

If you want to keep good relations, you must be sincere. You can’t face people and complain that they are not friendly enough. What kind of diplomacy is this.

The last pillar of the dollar system that Kissinger worked hard to maintain throughout his life is China.

If you really want to force China to try to de dollarize, what else is there in the US dollar?

Without dollars, what is left of America?

If the strange suture is gone, everyone will fall apart. Anyway, the local forces in the United States have been unable to control it for a long time.

The old man was also worried that he could not help coming out for activities. Young careerists might use another way to arch fire everywhere.

This is the spontaneous peaceful evolution of the United States.

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