Know a lot of truth, but still can’t lead a good life!

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Source: a bad potato (ID: iamhtd)


1. Who are loyal and treacherous officials?

2. What is shuangwen and what is history?

3. The price of Heroes

4. Historical probability

5. Historical foundation, humanity and interests

Conclusion: why can’t I have a good life after knowing a lot of truth?


In December 2020, he wrote his first historical review, “the lonely emperor, 300 years of destiny.” today, 21 months have passed.

Although most of the time I have been on official account for one shift every day, I have completed 27 Chinese history series, especially the last southern and Northern Dynasties, Five Dynasties and ten countries, Yuan Dynasty and Southern Song Dynasty, which are very painful.

Especially in the Southern Song Dynasty, I was very resistant. I never knew how to write. The publishing house urged me six times before I wrote it reluctantly, because this period of history is too “mournful”

Sure enough, I met Waterloo after writing this article, and my reading volume was halved.

But after I finished writing, I had a deep sense of “substitution.” this feeling made me immersed and fascinated. I wanted to follow this history and complete the preface of “the dark rules of Chinese history”.

How to be a good emperor seems to be a very simple thing.

Zhuge Liang said in his apprenticeship that “people who are close to virtuous officials are far from villains. This is why the Han Dynasty flourished in the past.”; Since then, the Han Dynasty has declined.

However, whether we are ordinary people or emperors, the vast majority of people do not know who is a virtuous minister and who is a villain.

Let’s not say that virtuous ministers are far from villains. It’s a big problem to distinguish who is loyal and who is treacherous!

We think the emperor is stupid because we opened the perspective of God.

Your mother asked you to finish all your homework, otherwise you are not allowed to go out to play. Your father said to let the child relax first and take you out to play games.

Who is a traitor? Who are loyal officials?

You are late for work, your work task is not completed, and you dare not be scolded by your boss. Your boyfriend said with a straight face that you should be strict with yourself. Don’t stay up late at night to chase drama. You deserve to be scolded, but your girlfriend said you were stupid × The boss is not worthy of your talent. Life should not only have tea, rice, oil and salt, but also poetry and distance.

Who are loyal officials? Who is a traitor?

How did we feel after reading “the northern expedition of the Southern Song Dynasty”?

It may come to mind that Zhao Min, Emperor Xiaozong of the Song Dynasty, was sitting on the Dragon chair in a daze, while the courtiers in the court were so angry that they almost didn’t fight directly. They all told Zhao Min what to do with their hearts and lungs.

Zhao Min’s face showed various expressions from time to time.

A moment of excitement, a moment of fear, a moment of hate, a moment of joy

One moment full of confidence, one moment depressed

At the end of the one-day meeting, Zhao Min was still at a loss. He didn’t know whether he should listen to the war advocates or the peace advocates. In his heart, he probably only said:

My Tema’s is too difficult.

Do you think Zhao Min is Hun Jun?

No, among the emperors of the Song Dynasty, the Southern Song Dynasty is absolutely the first. The whole Song Dynasty can be ranked in the top four or three. If compared with the Ming Dynasty, it is definitely not inferior to the filial piety sect of the Ming Dynasty.

Later generations commented on him, saying: Zhuo Ran is the first of all the emperors who crossed the south.

The emperor, who was only respectful and filial to his ancestors, made great efforts to restore his ambition of great achievement with his wisdom and unparalleled talent. His bravery and martial arts were in line with those of his ancestors, and his artifacts were personally influenced by the emperor. In addition to the nine leap years, it is better to govern hundreds of kings.

Zhao Min is the absolute master of ZTE and Ming Jun, and his performance and personality exceed 90% of the emperors.

But he didn’t know who was right and who was wrong.

So many suggestions only made him mad.

Do you want to throw the pot to Zhao Gou?

It’s impossible. If it were all Zhao Gou’s decisions, the Longxing northern expedition would not have started.

Zhao Min, who has never been a county magistrate, used to be a defense envoy and a thrifty envoy, but these are more honors and empty posts, and he has little practical experience, let alone military power.

Where does he know who is right and who is wrong?

Where do you know who is fooling him and who is working for song?

It’s not that he doesn’t want to exercise himself before he ascends the throne, but that if he is too active, his father will punish him.

Zhao Gou said you can’t wait? Want to seize power? Do you want to wait for me to die and become emperor soon?

Before becoming emperor, Shi Hao, his teacher, was the one he came into contact with most.

Shi Hao is knowledgeable, pure and good-natured, and loyal to him. It can be said that Zhao Min can ascend to the throne of God. Shi Hao has contributed a lot and is a person he can absolutely trust.

According to our standards, he is absolutely loyal.

However, as soon as Zhao Min became king, Shi Hao gave him a bad idea.

In the battle with the kingdom of Jin, the song army on the Western Front fought back under the command of Wu Lin and recovered a large area of lost land, including Deshun city. With the evolution of the war, the status of the Sichuan Shaanxi battlefield has become more and more important, and the attribution of Deshun determines the situation of the western route battlefield of both sides.

In such a state, Shi Hao actually urged Zhao Min to give up the frontline of Shaanxi and Deshun.

The king’s life could not be violated. Wu Lin had no choice but to withdraw. On the way to retreat, he was pursued by the Jin army and suffered heavy losses. In the end, the battle of Deshun was dominated by the song army, and ended in a disastrous defeat due to the strategic decision-making mistakes of the central leadership of the Southern Song Dynasty.

It was not until Zhao Min communicated with veteran Yu Yunwen that he realized what a stupid mistake he had made. He sighed bitterly:

Shi Hao misled me!

Then why did Shi Hao give Zhao Min bad advice? Was he deliberately trying to make a fool of Zhao Min? Or did he receive the benefits of the gold man?

Of course not. The problem is that Shi Hao is a civil servant and a scholar. He has never fought a war. He doesn’t know what the front line looks like. He just makes blind suggestions based on his “loyalty”.

Because Shi Hao was a fan of the Three Kingdoms, he could memorize almost all the Three Kingdoms, so he blindly copied the textbooks, thinking that what Zhuge Liang had done was right. He should “attack Chencang and Xi, which is now Fengxiang.” in this way, “if you get it, you can see Chang’an.” therefore, Shi Hao wanted to give up Deshun, which he had already got, and attack Baoji, which is now in the west of Xi’an, so as to occupy Chang’an.

Shi Hao said that this is the strategy and the big chess game

Shi Hao doesn’t understand, Zhao Min doesn’t understand

You may say, then listen to the general’s opinion, but who should you listen to?

According to Zhang Jun or Shao Hongyuan, if the Northern Expedition can be successful, even sows can climb trees.

This scene is like:

Lao Wang is the chairman of Wang’s group, in charge of 4 industrial clusters and 27 large enterprises. Xiao Wang is Lao Wang’s only son. He is excellent in both sketch and learning. Lao Wang has high hopes for him. After graduating from University, Lao Wang arranged him to practice in the marketing department of his subsidiary company, and he was ready to spend 15 years training him. Finally, he took over his own class.

As a result, Xiao Wang only worked for two months. Unfortunately, Lao Wang was killed in a car accident. So Xiao Wang became the chairman of the board and convened the board of directors of the company.

Now Xiao Wang’s situation is:

The following group of general managers of business units, subsidiaries and senior executives had serious disputes over the company’s strategy.

My uncle’s “relatives” is the director of the business group. He said that the real estate market is bound to shrink in another two years. Our plate is too big now. There is the possibility of exercising the capital chain. We need stability and strategic convergence.

My uncle “royal family” is the vice president of the group. He said that in the past 20 years, we won the market and scale because of speed. Now we are almost forming a monopoly position. Is it not sick to give up at this time? We should increase market input.

The two sides argued red in the face. My uncle said that I watched you grow up. Can I harm you?

Uncle said that when your father left, he said that he gave you to me personally. How can I be sorry for my brother?

You didn’t understand a word they said. Looking at the uncles and uncles in the room, you almost cried. Who is a loyal minister and who is a traitor?

You say forget it. I’ll ask my teacher. Then you ask your teacher, “Taifu”, a university economics professor who has never been out of the ivory tower in his life

Everyone expresses their own opinions and is doing good for you, including your best friend eunuch, girlfriend harem, mother empress dowager, and die hard “lineage”… Everyone is heartfelt and heartfelt about you. They all make a lot of sense. Then who is loyal and who is treacherous?

If you fail in your decision-making, you may still be able to keep your wealth and honor. If Zhao Min makes a wrong decision, he may go to the north to be a prisoner like Huizong of the Song Dynasty.

Therefore, don’t think Zhao Min is incompetent. He has created a situation of ZTE, which has surpassed 99.9% of ordinary people.

Not to mention Zhu Yujian’s stupidity, he can quietly kill Wei Zhongxian, and he has already surpassed most ordinary people.

Many people may come to the palace and suddenly think:

I’ll rein you in. I’m the emperor. Go to the harem first. What’s the state affair? Isn’t there a minister in state affairs? Let’s sleep on it!

We often say that reading history can be wise, but it seems that this is not the case at all.

The ability of those who study technology is indeed proportional to reading, but it seems that those who study literature and history are not proportional.

I read too much and became a bookworm. Finally, I know a lot of truth, but I still can’t live my life well.


I don’t like to write about the Southern Song Dynasty, because everyone doesn’t like to read it, because the Southern Song Dynasty is not pleasant at all. We like history, and more like shuangwen.

In other words, we look at history as a cool article on the Internet.

This kind of feeling is like reading the TV drama Langya list and thinking that you understand the conspiracy.

Unfortunately, Langya Bang is only a cool play, which has nothing to do with power and wisdom.

If Mei Changsu is replaced by anyone, he can win, and maybe even better;

Because behind you, there is an omnipotent “Jiangzuo League” that will wholeheartedly support you.

Do you want someone? The Jiangzuo League is full of martial arts experts. All you need is an instruction, and you can handle all the complicated things. You will never smash the pot;

Do you want public opinion support? Before you leave the country, the public opinion that “Jiangzuo meilang, the talent of Kirin, can win the world” has become famous in the Jianghu;

Do you want contacts? Everyone sold the face of the Jiangzuo League.

Not only that, you and the emperor’s seventh son are tie Ju, you and the neon princess, who has military power and strong local power, you and the commander of the forbidden army, and Meng Zhi, the emperor’s most trusted friend, are friends of the same heart;

You want money?

That’s not a matter. Langya Bang doesn’t care about money at all. You want a house and a place to buy people’s hearts. It’s all yours. It’s easy to catch

Money is the simplest thing to answer.

Now, you have money, public opinion, contacts and experts

You are much better than the emperor, and the emperor is bright and you are dark. I don’t want to ask you how to win. I just want to ask you how to lose if you are like this?

After reading the Langya list, I felt that I understood the conspiracy. Unfortunately, Mei Changsu’s four natural conditions: talent, wealth, public opinion and relations, none of us have.

We want to learn through Langya list, but unfortunately, we have worked hard all our lives, and the end point has not reached the starting point of male protagonists.

Not to mention that Meng Zhi is the first master, Liusu is the second master, and Lin Chen, an unparalleled miracle doctor, are all under Mei Changsu’s influence.

Modern shuangwen dare not give all four items to one person. If I want to give them to you, can you open them?

No one likes to watch the close to real Daming 1566, because the whole 46 episodes of the TV series did not solve one problem in the end:

The National Treasury is empty. Where does the money come from?

For Mei Changsu, this question, which has baffled all emperors in ancient and modern times, is still a problem?

Therefore, the game between Mei Changsu and Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty is bullying people, that is, doctoral students are crushing primary school students.

“Langya list” tells us a truth. If you are as rich as Ma Yun, you must be able to kill the canteen downstairs.

But he won’t tell you how to become Jack Ma

Serious literature or historical drama, except for myths or fairy tales, has a basic premise, that is, it conforms to the laws of the real society.

Therefore, we can understand the imprint of that era through literary masterpieces, but shuangwen has completely changed the laws of social operation.

Jin Yong’s martial arts novels establish the social rule that if you learn unparalleled martial arts, you have everything, and you are the master of the world.

The characteristic of modern shuangwen is that in a way that goes against logic, the male or female leader has directly stood at the top of the pyramid from the beginning, and has talents, wealth and martial arts that are difficult for normal people to reach

However, if I choose today, I’d still like to see the Langya list, and I don’t want to see the Ming Dynasty 1566

A good work can most conquer the audience or readers is called the sense of substitution. We will bring our emotions or fantasies into the TV series.

The pleasure of reading comes more from the realization of my dreams in novels or movies.

We have been tired enough in real life. If you let me watch the male protagonist live so tired, I will read your books and movie pictures.

Our way of thinking is more receptive to shuangwen, so we often read history as shuangwen in the process of reading history.

We can’t help but be slaves of money. We need to work hard every day to live. Naturally, we need to fantasize and relax. If I have endless money

Now you show me another TV play that everyone worries about money. I don’t want to watch it, let alone watch 1566 of the Ming Dynasty. I still can’t earn money.

Therefore, when we saw that Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty granted the wolf residence and drank the horse by the Bank of baierjia lake, we were already excited, but we forgot the huge economic cost and the efforts of three generations behind it. This is the key to crusading against the Xiongnu.

But this key has been forgotten by us

What we are more concerned about is the war situation, the tip of the iceberg.

The second big mistake we make in reading history is to regard history as the growth history of heroes.

Whenever we read about the emperors or famous generals who are burning their bridges, advancing unstoppably and invincible, we often have a strong adrenaline rush. At this time, we have a strong sense of substitution, pretend to be heroes, and turn to thinking about their success.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing is by no means the normal state of history, but an accident.

As long as we burn our bridges, we can finally belong to Chu.

As long as you sleep on the brushwood and taste the gall, you can swallow Wu for 3000 yuan.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing is a small probability event that happens at the right time.

History does not have so much blood. Being a hero has to pay a price.

And most of the time, after paying the price, you still can’t be a hero.

In the Qing Dynasty, Duan Guangqing, the Zhejiang press Commissioner, wrote a “self compiled chronology of Jinghu”, which really recorded the ecology between officials and citizens at that time.

One of the stories is that officials in Ningbo and Yinxian county are corrupt and prey on the people. In terms of tax revenue, like goose City, the people pay more taxes and the large families pay less. The villagers complain.

Zhou Xiangxian, an alternate official of Yinxian County, is a very compassionate person. Although he is also in the special class of paying less taxes, he is very dissatisfied with this inequality. He went to the local big family several times and asked everyone to go to the Yamen to petition for the grain tax.

The result was very natural. People simply ignored him and asked the Yamen to pay more money. Do you think you have too much money? Isn’t that crazy?

However, the farmers in Heyin county were naturally very moved by Zhou Xiangxian’s initiative. Zhou Xiangxian’s reputation was getting higher and higher. The people elected him as a “speaker” and led everyone to the government to petition.

Seeing that a large number of people surrounded the government, the county magistrate was very nervous. Without asking why, he first arrested Zhou Xiangxian and put him in prison.

At this moment, the villagers stopped working. Driven by their enthusiasm, they rushed into the cell and snatched Zhou Xiang out first. Then they got more and more in charge. They not only robbed the warehouse, but also set fire to the county government.

It’s over. It’s a big deal!

At this time, Zhou Xiangxian could not control the situation, because all the villagers believed that they represented the “force of justice.”.

The villagers felt that the businessmen and citizens in the county paid less taxes than themselves, and they were all part of the exploitation. They began to rob the county indiscriminately on behalf of justice.

The nature of the matter has changed, and the villagers have become bandits

The officers and men of the Qing Dynasty quickly went down to fetch people. These officers and men were not the “people’s army.” compared with the gangs in North America, they hoped to have such an excuse. They could burn wherever they went, fight all the way, and leave no chickens or dogs wherever they went.

At a time when the villagers were in panic, the imperial court sent more experienced bureaucrats to calm down the incident. As a technical bureaucrat, he was very smart and took his master to the countryside alone. He asked the villagers: are you going to revolt with Zhou Xianxiang?

The villagers shook their heads like rattles in fear. They cleared up the relationship like a game and told the officials that they had absolutely no courage. They went to the city to petition for a flat grain price after hearing Zhou Xianxiang’s words.

Then the townships rushed to submit documents to the government, saying that they were absolutely obedient and willing to pay grain tax in accordance with the practice.

If at the beginning, the villagers thought Zhou Xiangxian was a hero, then their mentality had changed.

It’s all your fault. Don’t you just pay more tax? Why are you taking us to yamen if you’re not looking for something.

It’s all your fault!!

At this time, the government came up with another cruel move. Don’t you want to level the grain price? I promise you, in the future, the tax of the common people and the tax of the big families will be the same, but you must hand over Zhou Xiang first.

At this time, Zhou Xiangxian was isolated first. The farmers didn’t say anything, but he knew very well that everyone wanted him to turn in.

You won’t surrender?

It’s a matter of time to surrender. Later, the Yamen will offer a reward. One day, the villagers will seize Zhou Xiangxian and send him to the government.

As a result, Zhou Xiangxian had no choice but to turn himself in, and finally… Was put on display.

At this time, I’m afraid the mentality of the villagers is a bit of Liu Bang’s inner taste of joy and pity.

Although I feel sorry for Zhou Xiangxian, I am happy. After all, I can pay less in the future, which is a real benefit.

Zhou Xiangxian was soon forgotten.

In a few years, no one will remember him.

In fact, there are many such cases in history. For example, Qianlong was stopped several times to sue the imperial court. In the end, Qianlong dealt with them in the following way: after investigation, he justified the people’s grievances and stood up for the people, but the people who sued the imperial court were killed by Qianlong.

The most famous one is the Peng Jiaping case. Peng Jiaping took the lead for the people and plotted to sue the illegal governor. Finally, the governor was exiled and reduced the money and food of the people. However, Qianlong found fault and killed both the villagers and Peng Jiaping who took the lead in complaining.

Even worse, Qianlong distributed Peng Jiaping’s land to the local people.

As a result… Everyone was happy to share the land and felt that the emperor had done a good job

Do you feel very sad about such a story?

However, it is a pity that this is the normal state of history, and when we read history, we like the abnormal state of history.

When the final outcome is not as good as we expected, we don’t like reading

This is just like college students’ entrepreneurship. They went to the library to see various business legends. They saw the stories of Ren Zhengfei, Ma Yun and Liu qiangdong thoroughly, and felt that they could do everything. As a result, 99.99% of them failed.

Because what you see is only a carefully selected accident.

And a large number of failure cases have not been summarized.

A cloud said that he had 99 successful experiences, but he didn’t say the most critical one

Yihe Chongxin is his “Jiangzuo League”!

Otherwise, he is the 99%

When we read history, we tend to pay more attention to the stories of winners and despise the losers. However, even the famous losers in history are already our upper limit.

What are the weaknesses of shuangwen, Chenggong, jitangwen and business myth?

Not to mention the failure rate of small and medium-sized enterprises here, it can be found on Baidu. Even if many people are optimistic about our projects, they still have a high probability of failure. According to big data, the success rate of angel investment is only 4%;

The business myth we see is 0.01% after breaking through the probability of at least five times from angel to ABCDE round. Behind every book, there are at least 1000 failed stories.

4% is the rule. Let alone how excellent you are, no one is ordinary. We can only fight for a success rate of 4%, and the probability of failure is 24 / 25.

You think you can work hard, and everyone else thinks you can work hard;

You think you are talented, and everyone else is no dumber than you;

You think that you have read Ren Zhengfei’s biography, and people have read more than you;

What you see are all successful cases, and those who fail have been buried in the dust. Why? When we read any book, we see that the male protagonist is despised and suffers a lot. But at the end of the story, the male protagonist is still at the bottom. Will anyone read this book?

Why do some people want to learn e-sports, and parents desperately oppose it?

If you go to study and enter a university, the college admission rate is getting higher and higher, which has exceeded 50%, and the average salary of college graduates is about 5000 yuan;

The monthly salary of 5000 is guaranteed.

To learn e-sports, there is only a 0.01% chance of reaching the top. From now on, you can make a lot of money and stand at the shining peak. But how can you not reach the top? I can’t even make a living.

Which do you choose?

Therefore, the second mistake we make in reading history is that we pay too much attention to people. Once they appear, they are our upper limit.

If we must learn from the successful people in history, we should learn more from their technology than from their strategy, which is too far away from us

Just as we read Mao Zedong’s biography, some of his cases you want to learn from in the business field, but often learning from a tiger can not become a dog.

Because you can’t do his first step, Mao Zedong often joked that I became a mountain king in Jinggangshan.

But do you think Mountain King is easy to be?

Mao Zedong went to Jinggangshan after the failure of the Autumn Harvest Uprising. The revolutionary team failed in succession under the wrong policies of the Central Committee at that time. The revolutionary team grew from 3000 to less than 700. Lu Deming, the only commander-in-chief who supported Mao Zedong, also died.

Other officers with military power are old officers graduated from Huangpu. The morale of the uprising team has basically collapsed. There are often mutinies. Mao Zedong has no military power. His status is a party representative.

Mao Zedong wanted to lead his troops to Jinggangshan, but the old officers didn’t want to go at all.

As a result, Mao Zedong brought 700 people to Jinggangshan and established the first army belonging to the people.

You think the key to success is that Mao Zedong put forward the principle that the party commands the gun.

Come on, I’ll go back and try? Take the original manuscript written by Mao Zedong and read it word by word. Will the team listen to you?

The ability to start is the peak

Of course, the foundation of all this is that Chiang Kai Shek in his youth speculated in the stock market in Shanghai, while Mao Zedong in his youth went to the countryside to do peasant surveys.

Chiang Kai Shek only wanted to know how to play with money, and Mao Zedong understood what the farmers needed.

So, don’t say it’s useless to read Mao Zedong’s anthology if you want to start a business. First, learn that Mao Zedong can do research in a down-to-earth manner in a few years.

When can we:

1. All venture capitalists don’t approve of your market plan;

2. You have no money and resources, and you can’t even afford to pay your partner’s salary;

3. Our business model runs counter to all business logic; “The Comintern thinks that the peasant class can’t do anything at all, and it’s funny that the countryside encircles the city.”

On the basis of these three points, there are still 10 partners who are willing to talk about heroes in history when they stay with you.

The history we read often focuses on the most glorious moment of heroes, but most people have been killed when they were small shrimps in the process of growing up, and we simply can’t survive that moment of history.

Even an excellent general, now let you print all the military cases back, it may be really the same thing to command, and he was accidentally killed by a cold arrow.

The story of reincarnated god of war ends here.

Another biggest problem is the neglect of human nature and interests.

In fact, the history I write today is not even separated from the high school textbooks. Today, I still think that the high school history books are excellent classics.

But I’m writing another piece of American history – “the truth of the war of independence, how bad American history is.” many readers leave messages behind. It turns out that the history of the founding of the United States is like this. It’s not about freedom, equality and fraternity at all. History textbooks deceive us.

In fact, where did the textbooks deceive us? It was our experience at that time, and we still couldn’t understand the textbooks.

The textbook said at the beginning that the American War of independence was a bourgeois revolution. What is the appeal of the American bourgeoisie? Is it for love and justice? For the liberation of ordinary workers?

Our high school politics textbook can be enthralled because it says at the beginning: the economic foundation determines the superstructure.

Unfortunately, we learned this sentence when we didn’t understand economics

At that time, we were still in high school, and the money for breakfast was given by our parents. Where did we know about the economy and the class.

We do not understand the interests behind the class.

Therefore, when we read history, especially reform, we tend to ignore the interests and humanity behind history.

Therefore, we can not understand why ancient emperors, even if they were as strong as Yongzheng, were opposed by so many people when carrying out reforms.

In the story of Zhou Xianxiang that we just told, heroes often have to pay a price. Failure is a normal situation. It represents the interests of most people, but it may not necessarily succeed. It also requires sufficient ability and strategy.

Why can’t I have a good life after knowing a lot of truth?

When we read history, we often make the mistake that the perspective is too grand, the people we learn from are too far away, we look at problems from the perspective of God, and we peel off the most basic economic laws, and fail to understand the selfishness of human nature. In fact, history and politics in middle school tell us a lot of truth, but we are not able to see the world in combination with experience.

Moreover, we often ignore the probability.

Why do parents’ words sometimes seem more useful than those in books?

What parents give is a minimum safety advice, and this advice must be applicable to ordinary people.

This is the minimum guarantee, which protects our lower limit. No matter how you lose, you can’t lose your capital.

And history shuangwen tells you: go gamble, be a hero, and forge ahead.

Unfortunately, the Twenty-Four Histories are only the genealogies of emperors, generals and ministers.

The significance of this kind of reference is really limited, because our upper limit can not reach the lower limit of the legendary heroes.

Therefore, history tells us that there are often two kinds of people who can win in gambling. One is a complete proletarian like Zhu Yuanzhang. Anyway, he has nothing, so it is better to go all out; Either Liu Xiu or Li Yuan, who have the capital to play, have a big family and a big business, and can stand losing.

Why do intellectuals seldom gamble, because intellectuals can guarantee the minimum.

The limit that most of us can learn from may be what Liu Bowen said after Zhu Yuanzhang ascended the throne: I wanted to block the way and rob, but I didn’t want to make it real.

That is, don’t think about such a grand market first. In the near future, first do a reasonable and legal money making project to ensure your company’s profitability. Take your time bit by bit.

The dark rules of Chinese history are the 27 historical essays I have collected. We try our best to put aside the grand concept of history, start with humanity and economy, interpret the rules and codes behind each era, and read the decisions and stories behind them.

In the history series, I will interpret history from a new perspective:

1? Economics interprets the predicament of the dynasty;

2? The game of human nature interprets the system and reform of the dynasty;

3? The linkage of the court, officials and the bottom and the balance of power;

The summary of history is: read the rules, try and make mistakes in small steps, and iterate quickly.

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