koala planting tree

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Koala planting tree

Source: China children’s Literature Network Author: hufahui

There lived a koala in the forest. He especially liked Eucalyptus. So a eucalyptus tree was planted in a large flowerpot in front of the house. Koalas often go to fertilize and water Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus gradually thrives under the careful care of koalas. However, after a period of time, Eucalyptus grew more and more slowly, and gradually withered. When the wind blew, all the scattered leaves fell off. Kangaroo passed by and told koalas that eucalyptus should be planted on the ground, and it is not suitable to grow in a pot. Koala insisted: “this tree is just sick. I can’t save it. As long as I change a healthy eucalyptus tree and take good care of it, I will surely grow towering trees in my flowerpot.”. Kara took local materials, dug a small tree with luxuriant branches and leaves in the forest and planted it in the flowerpot, and inserted the original Eucalyptus at random beside the stream at the door. A few years later, the Eucalyptus in the koala flowerpot was withered and almost dead. One day, koala was preparing to fertilize the Eucalyptus in the flowerpot. When a gust of wind blew, the koala looked up and saw that the Eucalyptus planted in the stream at random had become a tall and green tree, and the branches were swaying with the wind.

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