Lai Guanlin signs a contract with Xi Tian. Has Lai Guanlin terminated his contract with cube entertainment

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Now there are many artists in the entertainment industry who have returned to China to develop after their debut in South Korea, and Lai Guanlin is one of them. Lai Guanlin participated in the Korean talent show “product 101 Season 2” and won the seventh place, making his debut successfully. Recently, Lai Guanlin signed a contract with Xitian. Has Lai Guanlin terminated his contract with cube entertainment, a Korean brokerage company? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Lai Guanlin signs a contract with Xitian

Lai Guanlin is still very lucky. He joined cube entertainment through selection in 2016 and became a trainee of the company. In the second year, I came across the program “product 101 Season 2” and made a successful debut. “Product 101 Season 2” has also attracted the attention of netizens in Kazakhstan and South Korea in China, so Lai Guanlin is also popular in China. One year after his debut, Lai Guanlin returned to domestic development from a high starting point. His partner Zhao Jinmai starred in “the little thing of first love”.

Although Lai Guanlin has only appeared in three works so far, each play has good splashes. Lai Guanlin plays a leading actor and partners with very good actresses. In addition to Zhao Jinmai, his partner in “the little thing of first love”, he also starred in “don’t disturb my study” with Li Randy and in “love should be like” with angelababy. Although Lai Guanlin has good resources, he still chose to terminate his contract with cube entertainment.

Lai Guanlin and cube entertainment terminate the contract

Lai Guanlin started a lawsuit with cube entertainment in 2021. The court ruled that the exclusive contract was invalid, and Lai Guanlin also successfully terminated the contract. Many contracts of Korean entertainment companies are very unreasonable, which is why many craftsmen in Korea can win the lawsuit. Lai Guanlin, who has restored his freedom, has no deep connections and qualifications in the entertainment industry, so he still needs to choose a big tree to rely on and sign up with a powerful company. Lai Guanlin finally chose Xi Tian. Among Xi Tian’s young male artists, Qu Chu Xiao is more popular and well-known. I don’t know whether Xi Tian will hold Lai Guanlin as its brother.

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