Laughing and crying, the Taiwan authorities can even use such indiscriminate means!

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In recent days, as the G7 summit and NATO summit have been held continuously in Europe, the UN maritime conference also held in Europe has not attracted much attention.

The UN ocean Congress was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from June 27 to July 1, with representatives from 193 countries and regions attending. The last Ocean Conference was held five years ago in New York.

The Chinese government led a delegation by zhangzhanhai, chief engineer of the Ministry of natural resources. The participants discussed such topics as “marine ecological environment protection and building a sustainable future”.


As in 2017, this is a highly professional and technical conference, but I didn’t expect that such a serious conference would make an international joke.

New Zealand’s National Radio (rnz) reported on the 27th that before the opening of the UN Ocean Conference, three Chinese Taiwanese mixed into the delegation of Tuvalu, a small island country in the South Pacific, in an attempt to “entrain” the delegation. Chinese Mainland stopped them in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations General Assembly, and the organizers expelled them.

Tuvalu foreign minister Kofi decided to withdraw from the meeting and fly back to Brisbane Airport in Australia. Then he felt that it was inappropriate and asked the United Nations to allow other Tuvalu representatives to attend the meeting.

Before the New Zealand media broke the news, the Taiwanese media did not report it. After the news came out, the island was fried. The DPP authorities and the green camp media rolled around and pretended to be sad. They “strongly accused” the mainland of suppressing Taiwan’s right to participate in maritime issues, and said that the mainland bullied Tuvalu.

When some non green camp media reported the news, even the hostess could not help laughing while talking. Because this is too wonderful, it is still a “top secret” case in advance. How could the three Taiwanese come up with such a clever trick? It’s easy for people to follow their parents to watch movies when they were young.

And it was the Tulua delegation.

However, only a weak country like Tuvalu would agree to “bring” Taiwanese into the country and cooperate with them to engage in such indiscriminate farces.


Tuvalu is not easy to find on the map. It is a country composed of nine islands in the South Pacific, with a total area of about 26 square kilometers and a population of less than 12000. It is one of the only 10 “friends” of the Taiwan authorities.

There is no industry or agriculture, and the source of income is selling coconuts, selling stamps, fishing and selling territorial waters to collect fishing fees from other countries.

The most frightening thing is that as the problem of global warming intensifies, the country will disappear below sea level. Therefore, it will actively participate in any international climate change conference or Marine Protection Conference.


At the global climate conference last year, Tuvalu foreign minister Kofi stood in the sea to record a video, calling on all major countries to pay attention to the crisis that Tuvalu will be “disappeared”.

However, this country is too poor to carry out self-help activities such as Island reclamation. It can only ask the international community for assistance. People have come to New Zealand for temporary residence. If they are lucky, they may obtain citizenship.

At the “UN ocean Congress” held in Lisbon this year, Tulua could send a delegation of ten people, but the Tulua government even had problems with the airfare and accommodation expenses for flying to Portugal, because it could not be reimbursed.

The fact that three Taiwanese can get in shows that the Taiwan Province has paid for this and is likely to give foreign minister Kofi a “carry on fee”. This can never be caused by Tulua’s initiative to invite Taiwanese people in, but by the shady activities of Taiwan’s “representatives” in the local area.

A United Nations conference that Tuvalu could have openly participated in turned out to be a secretive and confidential matter. The list has not been made public.

For special meetings at the United Nations level, the list of representatives from all parties must be reviewed. First, it is necessary to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting. Some environmental activists often want to attack the venue; Second, to ensure the safety of the venue, there is a need for counter-terrorism.

The Taiwan authorities and some officials in Tulua thought that they had made things airtight. At that time, three Taiwanese wearing large masks directly sneaked into the meeting.

Is it a “magic trick”? But what these monsters did not expect was that Chinese Mainland was a member of the “Qualification Committee” of the conference.

The “qualification review committee” is the review body that reviews the list and people. That is to say, even if tulova steals the name list from the actual participants, you will not escape the eyes of the mainland.

Portugal’s entry-exit department was also mentioned. Therefore, the Taiwan authorities now suspect that the Portuguese leaked their “clever plan” in advance.

In fact, the three Taiwanese did not get a “guest card” hung on their chest.

Our work in the “Qualification Committee” is very serious. It’s like checking tickets. As soon as the Taiwanese come to hand over the materials, they can fill in the picture:

Q: are you from Tuvalu?

A: I am a thuruwa!

Q: what kind of food do you have in Tulua?

A: let me tell you something! There are oyster roe fried, pearl milk tea

Security guard, security guard, come and deal with it.

So why didn’t the Taiwan authorities blow up this time? The money was wasted and the face lost.

So, what is the purpose of the Taiwan authorities to engage in these indiscriminate means in the international arena?

1? After entering the site, you may pull banners, wave flags, shout political slogans, and take pictures to spread to the island;

2? Look for any opportunity to shake hands and take group photos with representatives of the United States and other major countries;

3? Group photo with UN related landmarks.

These photos will immediately become the most important material for the DPP’s “great internal propaganda” on the island. 1450 groups went out to declare a “diplomatic breakthrough”, and Taiwan representatives attended the United Nations Conference

Whether the security guards pull them out of the venue within three minutes or five minutes, they will be complacent.


This is not the first time that the Taiwan authorities have humiliated themselves. When the who held a meeting in 2018, chenshizhong, the head of the township health station, took people outside the venue in Geneva to play a “press conference”.

In 2017, he shouted slogans outside the venue and was chased away by security guards, so he held a “press conference”. The so-called reporters are the Taiwan media flying with him.

When it was cold outside, they peeped through the door. After that, I went back to boast that I had attended the World Health Assembly and had talks with anyone.

These dog shows are all aimed at building momentum for “Taiwan independence” in an attempt to undermine China’s sovereignty in the international arena.

Although they are sad and ridiculous, we must not take them lightly.

“Crack the door” has been upgraded to “entrainment”. I don’t know what else to do next time. Do you want to stuff people into your briefcase?

Foreign Ministry spokesman zhaolijian responded on the 27th that the Taiwan authorities are used to making small moves in the international community. Their so-called “personnel” degrade themselves, willingly serve as followers of other countries, and attempt to squeeze into the UN Ocean Conference. This can only bring shame on themselves!

How much visibility can Tuvalu bring to Taiwan? Cheaters can’t even cheat themselves in the end.

No matter who in Taiwan wants to live a personal life in the world, they must realize that they are Chinese.

Otherwise, where can there be dignity, personality and status?

Forgetting the identity of the Chinese, I can only be a group of lonely spirits.

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