Launching of 003 aircraft carrier has five important meanings!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

On the 17th, China’s 003 aircraft carrier was launched, named “Fujian ship” and the side number was “18”; China has independently designed and built, electromagnetic ejection, direct access to the deck, and a displacement of more than 80000 tons.

003 has the following five important meanings:

1. China has a real aircraft carrier

It’s not that we like the new and hate the old. After all, 001 and 002 are technologies decades ago, and there is still a gap compared with the new generation of aircraft carriers. Therefore, some people think that the first two aircraft carriers are just our training ships.

With the advent of 003, China also has a truly modern aircraft carrier, and it is still completely self-designed and built. From the beginning, it is electromagnetic ejection. At present, this technology is only available in the United States, and even the old players of aircraft carriers like Britain do not have it. It can be said that 003 is very amazing.

? 003 CCTV news video screenshot

2. China’s aircraft carrier combat power has been further enhanced

Direct access to the deck and electromagnetic ejection mean that the fighter can take off with full ammunition and oil, which further means that the fighter has a larger operational radius, more ammunition and stronger combat power;

The commander of the U.S. Pacific Air Force once said that China’s “air police 500+j20+ thunderbolt 15” is a great headache for the U.S. military. Now the advent of 003 means that this lethal chain that the U.S. military fears can be transplanted from land to sea and into the deep sea.

3. Seize several years for the advent of nuclear power

The goal of the Chinese people is always to focus on the strongest aircraft in the world. There are two regrettable points about the 003 aircraft carrier, which are not 100000 tons or nuclear power.

In fact, we don’t have to worry too much about this problem. The more new technologies used in a piece of equipment, the greater the risk of problems, and vice versa. DG1000 problems occur frequently, and Ford nuclear power is still in trouble.

Let’s use reliable conventional power to seize a few years’ time for the boarding of direct deck, electromagnetic ejection, shipborne early warning aircraft and the fourth generation stealth shipborne aircraft. When we have played these games, nuclear power should also come out.

In other words, as soon as the nuclear power comes out, we will also play with the above things. At that time, we will directly match them with full blood. We don’t have to wait for the nuclear power to come out together.

This is another important meaning of 003.

4. Only when they have the strength to directly attack the dragon city can they make the Huns fear

During the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Xiongnu was rampant. From the beginning of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, he made great efforts to eliminate it. However, many years after the founding of the Han Dynasty, he still failed to eliminate the threat of the Xiongnu.

This is because we can not govern from the root. We only beat the Xiongnu a little. The Xiongnu will soon recover, regroup and attack again.

It was not until Wei Qing and Huo Qubing had two sharp knives, and until the big man was able to attack the dragon city directly, that the Xiongnu was really afraid.

Now the United States is stepping up its efforts to contain China. If China does not have some “hard guys”, it is useless to reason with them. In particular, the United States will try to learn from civilization only if it has some strategic tools that can directly attack the United States, including ocean going aircraft carriers.

5. The backbone of the Chinese people is further straightened

55 years ago today, China’s first hydrogen explosion was successful. On the same day 55 years later, China launched a new generation of aircraft carrier;


? video screenshot of China’s first hydrogen bomb explosion

Suddenly I thought of the poor and weak China in the past;

I think of the Beiyang division, Dengshichang and Zhiyuan warships (let alone the Beiyang warships were the first in Asia in terms of combat power at that time. At that time, the Beiyang warships were far behind the Japanese warships in terms of speed, armor, firepower and range).

Thinking of the Xisha naval battle, we used 100 ton boats to attack other people’s 1000 ton ships;

I think of the first navy commander xiaojinguang going to sea in a fishing boat, and commander liuhuaqing standing on tiptoe to see other people’s aircraft carriers

A hundred years have passed. Now everything has changed. The backbone of the Chinese people is straight. I just want to say that China and the Chinese navy are powerful!

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