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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

There was a time when I enjoyed watching American legal dramas. At the beginning, I was obsessed by the elites of all kinds of lawyers, and I had an inexplicable sense of justice.

After reading a lot, I suddenly have a question: Why are lawyers so important in the United States?

If lawyers are too important and lawyers are required everywhere, does it not mean that the poor do not deserve legal protection?

Just like the epidemic group buying in the coffee market, ordinary people can’t buy goods through normal channels. They have to use the leader as an intermediary to achieve the achievement of obtaining goods. The media often report the deeds of various conscientious leaders, but as we all know, the leader is really a good way to make money. There is no denying that some people have noble character, but human nature is like this. They can make profits through monopoly. How many people can resist the corrosion of money?

The truth is the same. When the normal rights of ordinary people cannot be maintained by themselves, they must be maintained through the intermediary of lawyers. What will the law become?

Who revised the law? The laws are all revised by law makers.

In the United States, lawyers, prosecutors and judges seem to be three separate departments, each representing a piece of interest, but in fact, lawyers can change jobs at will. In fact, the three companies have the same interests, that is, they all work together to play with the law.

In the huge GDP of the United States, the lawyer service fee accounts for 6%. Such a huge benefit belongs to the whole group of legal people, so the bottom decides the head. In the final analysis, all laws focus on how to make people unable to enjoy direct legal protection. Seeking protection must be through agents, who can charge expensive fees. As a result, the law has become a weapon to protect the rich, The rights of the rich can be upheld indefinitely, while ordinary people can’t afford expensive lawyer fees and can only resort to other justice models, such as picking up their own pistols and seeking shelter from underworld groups.

As a result, the cost of maintaining the law in the whole society is about high. The more private businesses are rampant, the more difficult it is to prohibit the issue of guns, and everyone has no sense of security.

Another interesting question comes to mind when I think about this. In addition to the energy problem, the CPI in the United States has soared. A large part of it comes from the soaring rent and house prices. Do you know why they have soared? After the outbreak in 2020, the United States issued a temporary ban to prohibit landlords from driving out tenants. As a result, there are more and more Laolai. Landlords, as a group, have to raise rents collectively in order to fight against risks. This is the same reason that high-risk credit corresponds to usury.

Some time ago, a Chinese American church was shot dead. The Chinese American gunman bought 12 houses for investment, but he couldn’t get the rent. The law didn’t protect him. As a result, he fell into bankruptcy financially. So he picked up the pistol, so he didn’t dare to shoot at the infringer, and turned to his compatriots.

The cost of zero yuan purchase will also be added to normal buyers, so the CPI in the United States is so high. Tell me the demand is too strong? Cheat the ghost!

Looking back at these strange phenomena, they are all evil laws that seem to uphold the bottom. What is not prosecuted for less than 950 dollars, and what is too poor to live in overlord’s house for free, looks like a flood of kindness and love. In fact, they are conniving at evil in the whole society and expanding social problems infinitely.

I remember when I was a child, I saw on all kinds of TV and news that public security in the United States was good. Because everyone had guns, no one dared to commit crimes casually. Now? Because of the unrestrained gun, various laws that restrict you, and the loopholes that the law makes for evil, the social order is getting worse and worse. So what is the good about this kind of law?

These days, the hottest topic on the Internet is the Tangshan beating case.

In fact, it’s nothing new for a group of garbage people to commit crimes. Where are there few scum? China is so big that even if only 1% of the people are violent, that is a huge number.

You can’t expect everyone you meet to be good natured.

Therefore, society needs laws, public power and state machinery to restrict those who are fierce and violent.

I remember seeing Song Meiling’s niece konglingwei’s heroic past. When she had a dispute with the police in the street, she pulled out a gun and killed the police who enforced the law impartially. However, the eldest lady lived in the United States and even evolved from a mixed world demon king to a law-abiding citizen. Why? Because the laws of the United States do not give Ms. Kong any privileges, and because of racial discrimination, the Chinese are even more afraid to take the initiative.

Why are the black and evil forces becoming more and more arrogant? When the bad guys get old, they have nothing to fear? Just ask if they dare to do this if they go back 50 years?

Not every villain who dares to be arrogant has a great umbrella. Recently, there is a popular play “police honor”. You can go to see it. The reason why some heinous bad deeds can occur frequently is that the law protects the villain behind.

The cost of breaking the law is too low, so there is no fear in doing some evil deeds.

Just think, if both sides of the Tangshan beating incident were men, even if one side was beaten more miserably, would it cause a public outcry like this?

Over the years, our laws have been learning from the United States, and many crimes have been abolished.

The crime of hooliganism is gone, so molesting women in public can not be reversed. As long as the victim fights back, it can only be regarded as a public security case.

So can you blame the police for their inaction?

Let’s take a look at the determination of hooliganism in those years:

The crime of hooliganism refers to the act of openly defying national laws and disciplines and social morality, gathering people to fight, stirring up trouble, insulting women or disrupting public order, and other abominable acts. It is a crime stipulated in Article 160 of the Chinese criminal law promulgated in 1979. In 1983, the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on severely punishing criminals who seriously endanger public security stipulated six crimes to increase the range of sentencing, and the crime of hooliganism ranked first.

During the strike hard campaign, the crime of hooliganism was sentenced in this way: “the ringleaders of a hooligan criminal group or those who carry lethal weapons to carry out hooligan criminal activities, if the circumstances are serious, or if the harm caused by hooligan criminal activities is particularly serious”, “they can be sentenced to death at least the maximum punishment stipulated in the criminal law”. From then on, the maximum punishment for the crime of hooliganism is the death penalty, which is the same as the crime of intentional homicide.

If the crime of hooliganism has not been deleted from the criminal law, will the Tangshan girl beating group still dare to be so arrogant?

At present, when enforcing the law, we can only follow the crime of injury. As long as we don’t use lethal weapons, or the perpetrators are experienced hooligans, we can do it with great discretion. Generally, even minor injuries are difficult to constitute, and we can only detain them for a few days at most.

Of course, in the Tangshan case, those who beat people didn’t even walk away from the scene of criminal detention, which shows that the local police have a lot of problems.

However, we should consider the question from the perspective of maintaining good social order. Is it better to keep the crime of hooliganism or to delete the crime of hooliganism?

Unscrupulous playing hooligans and flirting with women in public places do not lead to a big fight. If they do not get on the Internet and cause a storm of public opinion, even if they encounter a very righteous and responsible police, these hooligans will be shut down for a few days at most according to the existing law and reconcile with the victim.

There is a unit in “police honor” that talks about why the victim should be forced to reconcile, because as long as the perpetrator has no lower limit, the victim simply cannot live a normal life.

Originally, there was a crime of provocation, but in the words of a big V big law party with the surname Luo, it is a disgrace to keep it in Chinese law. To put it bluntly, because there is a conclusion that has caused adverse social impact, the discretion does not belong to legal agents. Lawyers say no, but social public opinion the final say.

For the Dafa party, the law should not be swayed by public opinion.

There are more smuggled goods here. If the public opinion doesn’t work, only the people who explain the law can work. What has the law become? Who can make the most profit?

Just like the American legal drama, lawyers decide everything, so the GDP created by legal people is rising?

Many lawyers have criticized the Chinese legal spirit before, and the legal profession is also an industry flooded with public offices. So does it really matter whether the American law is good or not? However, the income of American law is high. The bottom decides the head. People in the educational field use textbooks every day. Do people in the legal field not use the brains of the law?

He always says I’ll sue you. He can afford a lawyer.

Instigating or intimidating people to ask lawyers to protect themselves is the most favorite business of legal people.

When the law becomes a business, whose interests will the law finally protect? Will it be formulated with the goal of maintaining social stability and unity and people’s well-being?

No, no, no, it will certainly change in the direction of people doing more legal transactions with each other.

It’s like the crime of hooliganism is gone, and the hooligans become arrogant. After playing hooligans, losing money will be over. The victim can only swallow his anger and accept mediation. If he is not convinced, he will file a lawsuit, and he can only take a civil lawsuit. This gives lawyers room to operate. Playing the trick of legal industrialization with the slogan of legal spirit is worthy of vigilance of all kind-hearted people.

Why are civil actions and civil compensation more and more varied? Why do some people have the arrogant mentality that I can do nothing as long as I lose money? This is connivance who has violated who?

There are often some events with very bad influence exposed, and then the parties can plausibly say that I am not in violation of the law, and I am so bad that you can’t help shouting. At this time, the legal people rush up and shout “legal spirit”, which seems to be complacent behind the condemnation.

Is there something wrong with the law here?

If the law goes wrong in maintaining good social order, should we not review how the law should be amended? But to praise the spirit of the rule of law?

The reason why Americans play with small government is that they outsource many public powers to interest groups. Interest groups share the spoils collectively. Therefore, no one cares how the growing appetite of vested interests in the process of sharing the spoils will harm the normal operation of society.

Why is it difficult to ban guns in American society? China says it is forbidden, because we are used to believing in the government and the justice brought about by the law, which is also the basis for maintaining good social order.

So don’t tell me that public opinion can’t override the law.

If the people are so indignant that they are forced to indulge according to law, what is the problem?

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