Legend of folk geomantic omen Stories: businessmen and geomantic omens

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It is said that a merchant in the Qing Dynasty wanted to sell a batch of silk by waterway to other places. When he came to the town that day, he saw the bustling streets. The merchant saw a geomantic omen man at the gate of a restaurant. He was very spiritual and wanted to ask him to see if the trip was smooth and whether he could make a profit. Mr. Zhang glanced at the businessman, asked him what route he would choose, pondered for a moment, took out a piece of paper and wrote four sentences:

Don’t lock the boat on a high mountain, don’t go upstairs for lodging, don’t wash your hair with oil, ten meters and seven buckets.

The merchant looked at it for a while and didn’t understand the meaning. Please make it clear. The teacher smiled: “this is a heaven’s secret. If you can’t break it, you should rely on self understanding.” The merchant paid the divination fee and watched his husband go away. After thinking about the meaning of the last two sentences, he folded the paper and put it in his pocket.

The next day, the merchants burned incense to worship the God of water and ancestors, and the big ship set sail with silk. A few days ago, it was calm. The businessman was in a good mood. He could eat and drink. He just thought of his young and beautiful wife from time to time. It was a sunny day. The merchant stood in the bow of the boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river. The river in front of him was curved, and he was blocked in front of a big mountain. There was a wharf at the foot of the mountain. The merchant had also been here many times before, stopping the boat and going ashore to buy some food utensils. As usual, the merchant wanted to call the boatman to stop the boat. Suddenly, a strong wind hung on the river. Some small boats were swayed by the wind and could not move forward. Therefore, some large boats and small boats stopped at the dock one after another.

The boatman asked the boatman to stop and take shelter. The merchant looked up at the mountain in front of him. The mountain was abrupt and majestic, giving people a sense of oppression. The merchant suddenly remembered the four words that Mr. Feng Shui had written to him a few days ago, saying, “don’t ask for a boat when the mountain is high.” he was in a daze. Did it imply that there was any danger for me? Although he was dubious about Mr. Feng Shui’s words, he decided not to take the risk. He would rather believe in nothing than hope for it. So he asked the boatman to turn around and return. Although the boatman was puzzled and was unwilling to turn around to increase the danger, he was forced to “work hard and die of fatigue”. It was an eye to compete with the God of wealth, so he had to turn around and return. After a journey of about 23 miles, there was a thundering noise behind them. They all turned around and were shocked. The huge mountain nearby was collapsing and suddenly turned into a low hill. The wharf, nearby boat stops and nearby shops were all buried. Some of the mountains fell into the river and splashed huge waves. They went upstream along the river like a sea tide, pushing the ships several miles away. Businessmen and boatmen were all lying on the deck, grasping the fixed objects for self-protection.

After a long time, the frightened souls of the people slowly drilled back into their bodies. The boatman smoothly returned his cool tongue, looking at the merchant with fear, doubt, admiration and many complex emotions, as if Avalokitesvara had come in front of him. In fact, the businessman was no less frightened than others. He just narrowly escaped a disaster by relying on the tips of Mr. Feng Shui. He didn’t answer the questions of the crowd. He wanted to keep a sense of mystery to the crowd. He just kowtowed to his hometown and recited the words he was excited about Mr. Feng Shui.

Maybe you must think that the blogger is happy to see here. How much wind energy has blown the mountains to collapse? By the way, the blogger forgot to tell us. There were several heavy rains here a few days ago. The mountain was full of water. In addition, the stone and soil were loose. It was about to collapse. By chance, a big wind and fire poured oil on it. As a result, a landslide occurred, which led to a tragedy of burying people. The merchants and boatman were spared when they returned in time. At present, landslides often occur for the same reason, that is, the ecological environment is damaged and deforestation is indiscriminate. It is natural disasters plus man-made disasters.

The merchant hid his misfortune and took good fortune. When he was killed, the silk was sold out at a much higher price than usual. The merchant made a lot of money. He used the money to buy a large amount of grain, which was purchased by the grain army at a high price. The merchant married a new wife to bring his belly – and did not bother to pick up the money. On this day, I came to Hangzhou, a big city, just in time for the Dragon Boat Festival. Dignitaries, businessmen and tycoons poured in, and the streets were full of inns. The businessman found no place to live in the busy street, so he came to a remote inn. When he asked, there happened to be a spare room upstairs. The guest had cancelled his reservation temporarily and no one had checked in. According to the shopkeeper’s instructions, the businessman liked the spacious and clean room, which was richly decorated and affordable for ordinary people. But when he walked down the stairs with the shopkeeper, the merchant suddenly remembered the words of Mr. Feng Shui, “don’t go upstairs for accommodation”, so he lied that he was slightly afraid of heights and didn’t like living in high places, and asked if he could find a room on the ground floor. The shopkeeper smiled a little contemptuously and said, “all the rooms are booked out a few days ago. If you don’t mind, you have to live with the groom.” The merchant knew that the shopkeeper thought he was reluctant to spend money and underestimated himself, so he said, “I paid for the room, but I live in the groom’s room and let the groom live in this room. Do you think it’s OK, shopkeeper?” The shopkeeper promised, so he went down to make arrangements and scolded the fool in his heart.

At night, the merchant went to bed early in the groom’s room. In the morning, he was awakened by crying. When he went out, he learned that the groom on the second floor had been killed last night, and the room had been turned upside down. It was estimated that the robber had done it. When the shopkeeper saw that someone had died, he was so scared that he cried. Decent people reported to the official. The merchant felt his head and was glad that he didn’t live in that room. Otherwise, it was not the groom who died but himself. The merchant knew that the groom’s death was related to him, but he couldn’t explain the specific reasons. People from the government and businessmen are temporarily awaiting trial as suspects. Two days later, the case was solved. It turned out that a jeweler was carrying jewels to book a room upstairs. The robbers learned that. The jeweler fell ill on the way and cancelled his room. The robber didn’t know it. He broke open the door and stole in the middle of the night. The groom found that he was trying to call people. The robber’s hand fell on the knife and the groom was killed. The robber saw that the groom was not like a big businessman. He rummaged through the room and found nothing valuable. He had to admit his misfortune. Later, the robber drank too much in the restaurant and exposed his knife. The constable found the blood on the knife and arrested and interrogated him. Then he knew the reason, The groom became a substitute for the jeweler. The merchant didn’t live in that room. It was Mr. Feng Shui who saved him.

The merchant twice narrowly escaped death and sighed deeply. He felt that this trip was full of danger. He had no intention of doing business again. His heart was like an arrow. So he saved his silver ticket and hired a car to go home day and night. That night, the merchant finally came to the front door of his home and knocked on the door. When the old man came back, he told his wife to stop him and ordered his home to rest. When the merchant came to the main hall, the room was lighted, the door was open, and the merchant pushed in gently. The wife was sitting on a stool, dragging her chin in one hand and holding osmanthus oil in the other hand. It seemed that she wanted to make up, but she did not know why she was in a daze looking at the mirror. The merchant’s heart swelled, thinking that his wife had died. He was in his forties, and God gave him a beautiful wife in his twenties. Now, for the sake of business, I went to a foreign country to neglect Fang boudoir, and almost died. The merchant was ashamed of himself. Seeing that his wife was shy, flushed and ambitious, he quietly came forward to hold her.

“Dead devil, think of this as soon as you enter the door!” The wife pours osmanthus oil on the merchant’s head. When she looks back, it’s her husband. Her face changes, and she scolds: “dead ghost, don’t say a word when you enter the door, frighten me!” The merchant did not say anything at this time. The man’s primitive wildness was expanding. He blew out the wax lamp, took his wife to the bed and stripped his clothes. He was like a wild ox in heat on the grassland. A businessman is a dutiful person. He never flirts with women when doing business outside. He is like a person who sits on the sidelines and sees even a cauliflower in the well. He feels very cute, focuses on nothing and cares for it wholeheartedly. But now there are many men, once they have some power or wealth, they always want to pick flowers and plants all over the garden. They always want to paint a little green for other men, and they are spotless.

The merchant passed on all the troubles and tiredness of the journey to his wife. They were too tired to move again, and they all slept soundly in bed for a while. It was dark, the door was gently pushed open, and a dark figure crept in. It seemed that he was startled when he came to their bed. After a while, the shadow reached out and touched the hair of the people outside, and then reached out and touched the hair of the people inside, and then withdrew. After a while, the shadow came back with a kitchen knife in his hand. Suddenly, he cut hard at the neck of the people lying outside the bed. The people sleeping outside the bed were cut off without a sound. The people who slept inside woke up when they heard the noise. They saw a dark figure standing in front of the bed, holding a kitchen knife in his hand. They were so scared that they shouted and copied the objects from the head of the bed and hit them. The dark shadow was stunned. He immediately threw down his kitchen knife and ran out of the room. For a while, he disappeared into the dark night.

When the merchant lit the wax lamp, he was stunned and woke up shouting. The county government sent a medical examiner to inspect the scene. The merchant’s wife was naked and her head was cut off with a kitchen knife. The blood flowed all over the bed and the ground. It was terrible. Later, the businessman was sent to the county government to make a statement. The county magistrate asked him to provide clues. The merchant saw only one shadow and knew nothing about the others, so he had to ask the county magistrate to solve the case early and avenge his wife.

A few days later, there was no progress in the case. The county magistrate sent some decent people to investigate the merchant’s wife’s ordinary womanhood. There were different opinions and no substantive progress. The merchant gradually sobered up from his sadness and remembered the last two words of Mr. Feng Shui, “you don’t wash your hair, you are ten meters and seven meters”. Yes, he was oiled by his wife osmanthus oil when he came home a few days ago. He went to bed without washing his hair. Why is it so strange that he didn’t die? Recalling the strange things happened in business, the businessman felt that it was no accident. There must be a mystery in it.

The merchant came to the county government and met the county magistrate. The county magistrate is a learned and decent old pedant. At first he didn’t care much about what the businessman said, but later he didn’t care|




His eyes turned solemn, and finally he paced and meditated, “ten meters and seven meters, and the bran is three. Does this tell us who the murderer is?” Suddenly the county magistrate asked, “is there anyone named Kang San or Kang San Dou in your village?” The merchant thought for a moment and said, “there is a man named Kant yuan in the villa. He is the third in his family. People call him Kang. I’m not sure if he is the third.” the county magistrate asked, “how old is he? What kind of livelihood?” The merchant said: “his age is estimated to be less than 30. His father is our villa leader. Kang Laosan hasn’t made a serious living. He has learned martial arts skills for several days and is idle all day.” As soon as the county magistrate heard this, he immediately patted the case: “come on, get old Kang’s third arrest.” He also ordered the constable to search the neighborhood of Kang Laosan’s house closely.

Kang Laosan was escorted to the lobby, shouting and asking why the county magistrate arrested him. The county magistrate was shocked and asked Kang why he had killed the merchant’s wife. The following scenes are the same as those in the TV series. Don’t repeat them with our blogger. The county magistrate took out evidence, blood clothes and kitchen knives, and even tried to torture him. Old Kang refused, but had to confess the cause of the murder. In fact, there are many such people who are extremely cruel to others and kill people without blinking an eye. Once they treat themselves, they feel pain through the bone marrow. They can’t stand it. Let alone the severe punishment, they have to be obedient.

It turns out that businessmen often go out. In addition, they are quite old. Their lovely wife is in full bloom. She always feels that the rain of businessmen is difficult to nourish her land. She meets Kang Laosan by chance. Kang Laosan is an old hand in love. They are like fish in water. Maybe the process can refer to XiMenqing and panjinlian in the water margin. Later, Kang Laosan had the idea of killing the businessman and his wife. It happened that Kang Laosan had a date with the businessman’s wife this evening. He didn’t want the businessman to come back suddenly. His idea of killing the businessman increased sharply. I couldn’t see who it was in the dark. I felt that one person’s hair was wet and smooth, and the other person’s hair was dry. So I thought that the person with dry hair was a businessman (at that time, a rich woman moistened her hair with osmanthus oil). I hurt the killer. As a result, the businessman shouted loudly and scared Kang Lao San away. When Kang Laosan returned home, he hid his blood clothes and threw away his kitchen knife. He thought no one knew about it, but he did not know that the vast network of heaven was doomed.

At this point, the merchant knew the meaning of Mr. Feng Shui’s four words. It was Mr. Feng Shui’s prophecy that made the merchant avoid disaster several times and turn danger into safety. It was also fated. The county magistrate was good at reasoning and brought the murderer to justice. The merchant did not take a wife any more. He devoted himself to studying the theory of the book of changes and finally achieved great success.




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