Legend of folk geomantic omen story: Liu Banxian looks at the cemetery

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Dad was dying. Li Chongxian spent a lot of money to invite liubanxian, a famous Feng Shui man in the village.

He led Liu Banxian around the corners of the village. After turning around, liubanxian said to him, “the north slope of Nanling Mountain is next to Julong mountain in the South and Wenliang River in the north. It should be the best geomantic treasure land in the village. After your father dies, you can bury him there to ensure your prosperity and prosperity in the future.”

Lichongxian was a naughty child. Although he was flexible, he didn’t like learning. He dropped out of school before he graduated from primary school. In the early 1980s, when the village divided the farmland into households, he stopped farming and started small businesses in the city. He’s quite capable. From the flour mill to the distillery, he pulled a rickshaw to turn the wheat. He earned two cents a kilo. In more than a year, he became the first 10000 yuan household in the village. At that time, the 10000 yuan household was rare in the local area, and the villagers admired him very much! After grabbing the first pot of gold, he organized a group of people in the village to form a construction team. After more than ten years of hard work, he became a millionaire and built the first small Western-style building in the village.

Many people in the village said that Li Chongxian’s ability to become a top man mainly depended on his father’s burial in a good place.

Hearing this, Li Chongxian felt very happy.

Li Weixian is Li Chongxian’s cousin. From primary school to high school, he has always been among the best in his class. When he graduated from high school, during the cultural revolution, he failed to take the college entrance examination and had to go home to farm. Later, the village lacked a teacher, so the village let him become a private teacher. At that time, the salary of private teachers was very low, only a dozen yuan a month. Li Weixian’s family lived in a tight house built by his father. Lichongxian said to him, “come to our construction team and work as a recorder. It’s not tiring. The salary is still high.”. Li Weixian said, I’m leaving. What about the children in the village? I won’t go. Lichongxian scolded him in his heart, and the eldest daughter begged for food — dead heart!

Li Weixian’s father also died. Li Chongxian said to Li Weixian, “brother, you also have to find a good feng shui gentleman to see, let my uncle bury in a good place, and change your destiny.” Li Weixian was very stubborn and said, “where the Loess doesn’t bury people, what geomancy doesn’t geomancy, I don’t believe that.” Li Chongxian was so embarrassed that he stopped talking.

Li Wei had a responsibility field first. The soil was very poor and the bottom was covered with large stone slabs. In the year of drought, the crops planted were often dried up. In the year of flood, the crops planted were often drowned. This land almost had no harvest every year.

Li Weixian saw that it was useless to keep the land, so he buried his father there. On the street, many old people in the village talked about him one after another. In front of these people, lichongxian said that Li Weixian was stubborn and buried his father in that ghost place. He would look good in the future.

Lichongxian was rich and had superior family conditions. He let his son spend the money and neglected to discipline him. Over time, his son developed a domineering character. In school, often fighting, truancy has become a common occurrence. Of course, it is a mess in learning. After graduating from junior high school, I won’t go to school. Lichong entrusted his relationship to find him a unit. He often fooled around in the society and didn’t go to work. He was soon removed from the unit. Lichong wanted to discipline his son, but his son couldn’t listen.

Later, Li Chongxian’s son took part in a group fight and killed a man. Li Chongxian spent a lot of money to “fish for people”, but he didn’t fish out his son. Finally, his son was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Lichongxian suspected that something was wrong with his father’s grave, so he invited Liu Banxian. After seeing the cemetery, Liu Banxian said, “it’s broken. A winding mountain road has been built here, which has broken the geomantic omen here.”

Liubanxian found another good geomantic omen place. Lichongxian asked people to take dad’s ashes out of the grave and bury them.

After two years, Li Chongxian’s son was reduced from life imprisonment to 20 years’ imprisonment. After another two years, his son’s imprisonment was reduced to 18 years. Li Chongxian saw hope and thought it was right to move back to the cemetery. A few days later, his son was sentenced to life imprisonment for his prison break. Hearing the news, lichongxian suddenly fainted

As a result of the state’s policy adjustment, Li Wei changed from a private teacher to a public teacher. His salary is also like sesame blossoming – rising day by day, and his days are like sugarcane climbing a ladder – step by step.

Weixian deserves to be an educator. He teaches his son well. In school, his son has always been the best. After graduating from high school, he became the first person in the county to be admitted to Tsinghua University. At this time, people in the village said that there was smoke on Li Weixian’s ancestral tomb.

One day, Li Chongxian went out and met Liu Banxian on the way. He asked, “I showed you the place where Li Weixian’s father was buried. You said that the land there was barren, and that future generations had been poor all their lives. However, Li Weixian’s life has become more and more prosperous. His son has also been successful. He was admitted to Tsinghua University and caused a sensation in the whole county. Look at me… Tell me, why is this?”

Liu Banxian stretched out his right hand, spread out his palm and said, “if you want to know the mystery, first take 200 yuan.”

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