Legend of Huoshao Island

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Huoshao island is in the East China Sea to the east of Taiwan Island, dozens of miles away from Taitung. There is a legend about the origin of Huoshao Island: Ali and his sister-in-law live at the foot of Ali Mountain. They have a son named Agou. The husband and wife are terrified of their son’s treasure. They are really afraid to melt when they hold it in their mouth, and they are afraid to drop it when they hold it in their hands. Cold weather, wrapped with cotton like dumplings; It was hot, so the couple took turns to fan him until dawn. The son grew up and was able to talk and walk. The husband and wife loved each other even more. “Be good, be good” did not leave the mouth. What his son wants to eat and play, he will try his best to find him something to eat and play with. He is always afraid that his son will toot his mouth. One evening after dinner, the couple took their son for a walk outside the door. The moon came out and passed the high hill opposite. When the son saw it, he pointed to the moon and said, “Dad, I want to play with the moon. You can pick it off at the top of the mountain and play with it for me.” Now my father didn’t know what to do. He begged, “how can I climb up the cliff and pick up the moon?” But the son would not listen to this. He shook his body twice and rolled on the ground crying. In the past, once his son rolled around, his parents had to do everything possible to meet his requirements, but now the requirement to pick the moon has baffled his father. The mother hurriedly pulled up her son, patted the mud off his body for him, hugged him and said, “good boy, don’t roll and don’t cry. Dad went up the mountain to pick the moon for you.” She turned her head and scolded Ali fiercely: “what are you doing, Lao Tzu? Go up the mountain and pick the moon for Agou to play with!” Ali had no choice but to climb up the mountain. He climbed and climbed hard, sweating and trembling. But the son at the foot of the mountain kept urging: “come on, come on, pick the moon for me to play!” Ali climbed to the steep cliff, stepped on a loose stone, and rolled down the foot of the mountain with stone bones. His skull was open, his hands and feet were broken, and his flesh was blurred like a pile of rotten pumpkins. Sister-in-law Ali took Agou in her arms and looked. Her heart was as painful as a knife, and her tears streamed down. My son, ah Gou, kicked his feet and began to cry, but he was not crying about his father’s death. He was crying about his father’s failure to pick the moon: “well, well, the moon, well, my father didn’t pick the moon for me. He lay down here and slept. Well, well … …” Mother also followed her son’s wishes, pointed to Ali and scolded, “if you don’t pick the moon to play with Agou, you’ll die!” After burying Ali, sister-in-law Ali doted on her son and indulged her sons. The son is getting bigger and bolder. Mrs. Ali is also old. She is called aunt Ali. Her son stole cattle and grain, and recruited a gang of bad people to kidnap, kill and set fire. The common people suffered so much that they organized to fight against these villains. A Gou led a group of villains across the sea to occupy Nanliao Island, killing all the people on the island. He often went to Taitung, hemp lane and Dulan by boat, kidnapped people, looted property and set fire to villages, causing anger and resentment. Everyone came to blame aunt Ali: “you coddle and connive at your children. Now you have ruined our families and forced us to live in peace. Don’t you feel sad? You are guilty!” Later, the bad guys even grabbed aunt Ali’s house, stole her chickens, pigs and food, and hurt her. At this time, aunt Ali woke up. So she prayed to heaven with the people and asked Mazu Po to get rid of the disaster. A tall Turkey flew down from the sky, with long feet and red flesh hanging from its mouth, like a fire. It came to Aunt Ali’s house and said, “aunt Ali, Mazu sent me down to spit fire balls to burn the bad people on Nanliao island. Do you agree? There is your son agoo in there.” Aunt Ali said bitterly, “Agou is not my son. Burn it, burn it, burn all the bad guys!” The turkey stood on the stone cliff on the coast of Taitung, flapped its wings, raised its head and made a long sound, opened its mouth, and spit out large red flames. It flew to Nanliao island in series. The fire split and burned on Nanliao island. The ash smoke soared and the flames soared to the sky. Aunt Ali shouted with the people, “burn, burn, burn that group of bad guys!” The fireballs in the mouth of the turkey kept spraying, burning, burning, burning, all the bad guys on Nanliao Island were burnt into coke, and even the stones were red. Aunt Ali did not shed any tears, but shouted: “burn, burn, burn well! Burn well!” Later, people called Nanliao island Huoshao Island, and only one town was also called Nanliao town.

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