Legend of Jiuxian mountain

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As the old saying goes, mountains are not high, but immortals are famous. Jiuxian mountain is located in Tongxi mountain area of Guangfeng, Jiangxi Province. The highest place is only 550 meters above sea level. But here, the spirit of immortality is pervading. It is said that there are nine immortals playing here, so Jiuxian mountain is famous all over the world.

At the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, in Gaoyang village of tongcymbal mountain, a pair of brothers came out. Their brother’s name was Yang Wen and his brother’s name was Yang Wu. The two brothers studied at the age of ten and were good stonemasons. Although Yang Wen and Yang Wu were born in poverty, they are willing to help others. They are honest and ready to fight against injustice.

It was new year’s Eve. The brothers came home from working outside. As they walked to the street, Yang Wu found someone stealing money from an old man: “brother, look!” As soon as they saw that the two money thieves were caught by the old man on the spot, they were about to cheer. Unexpectedly, the two money thieves threw a splash. A thief called to catch the thief and was about to hit him with his fist. Yang Wen and Yang Wu were so angry that they shouted, “stop!” Immediately rushed forward, one of them held up, and the two little rascals left indignantly when they saw someone helping them. The old man was very grateful. It was already late. When Yang Wen heard that he had a long way to go back, he was afraid that the two rascals would continue to trouble him. He said, “you’d better go to our house for a night!” The old man was very embarrassed when he thought that today was the new year, but he was also a little afraid when he thought of the two naughty men. Besides, he was also alone when he went back. Seeing that Yang Wen and Yang Wu were so sincere, he agreed.

After entering the Yang family, the blind Yang’s mother heard that her son had brought back guests. She was especially enthusiastic and immediately ordered Yang Wu to kill the only old hen in the family who laid eggs. In the evening, we ate chicken head, chicken feet and chicken viscera for the new year’s Eve dinner. One chicken body was packed by Mrs. Yang and left for the old man to eat on his way home the next day. The old man was grateful.

A few years later, one day, the old man was shocked to hear that Yang’s mother had died, and immediately rushed to the Yang family. When the two brothers saw that the old man suddenly arrived, they were somewhat surprised: “Why are you here?” “I came here specially to see a treasure land of geomantic omen for your mother’s burial.” At this time, they realized that the old man was a geomantic omen, and this trip was for Thanksgiving. He saw a piece of land for Yang’s mother in the back mountain and said, “it’s a dragon shaped land. Soon the emperor will appear in Jiuxian mountain.” He patiently taught the brothers how to bury their mother, as well as the time and direction of the tomb.

The brothers did everything the old man said. Unexpectedly, on the third day after the burial, a thatch grew on the grave. The old man was shocked and the two brothers asked, “what does this mean?” The old man shook his head and said, “grass is a bandit!” “Ah?” The brothers were really surprised: “didn’t you say that this is a dragon shaped land, and the emperor will appear in Jiuxian mountain?” The old man pinched his fingers, frowned and said, “how could this happen… It’s impossible…” the brothers were also embarrassed: “what should we do now?” The old man closed his eyes, thought for a while and said, “there is a way! You should dig 36 ponds in front of the grave until you reach the river.” “Dig thirty-six ponds?” After hearing this, the two brothers of the Yang family were shocked and had to follow their orders. However, when they dug 33 ponds in a row, they were too tired to bear it. Once again, the old man didn’t think much of Feng Shui. It took time and effort to dig further, so they didn’t dig any more, and the matter was over.

In the twinkling of an eye, in the fifth year of Shunzhi, both brothers became strong men. On that day, they were working as stonemasons in a family. Their good friend Li Wannian suddenly ran in a panic and said quietly, “you brothers, run away quickly. It’s too late! The government will catch you soon.” “Why should the government arrest us?” Yang Wen is strange. “It’s all because Zhu 80 told you at Kang Town, the military attache stationed in the county, that you two secretly connected with the bandits of Jiuxian mountain and plotted a rebellion.” After hearing this, Yang Wen was filled with righteous indignation. He knew that he often prevented Zhu 80 from bullying the people. The villain held a grudge and framed them in this way. Fortunately, liwannian was under Kang Zhen’s command. He quickly told Yang Wen and Yang Wu about the news. However, Yang Wen and Yang Wu took the whole family to Jiuxian mountain to join Huang Kuiyu.

Huangkuiyu was the remnant of the king of the Ming Dynasty who fled to Jiuxian mountain after being pursued and suppressed by the Qing army. After Yang Wen went to Jiuxian mountain, huangkuiyu thought he was a stonemason. He not only looked down on them, but also asked them to do heavy physical work.

That day, Yang Wen, who came back from his hard work, suddenly saw his wife huddled in a corner of the room. He thought her sick. He hurried to ask. His wife’s face was full of tears. When he asked, he realized that huangkuiyu had raped her while there was no one at home. Yang Wen was so angry that he started to fight with Huang Kuiyu. Zhou Tianji, the supervisor of his family, stopped him: “brother Yang, don’t be rash. You should outwit Huang Kuiyu.” It turned out that Zhou Tianji was also very dissatisfied with Huang Kuiyu’s tyrannical acts. He had repeatedly advised him, but he was reprimanded by Huang Kuiyu.

Speaking of Yang Wen’s wife, it was a maid he knew when working in a wealthy family in Shanxi. She was not only beautiful, but also smart by nature. After their friendship was discovered by the master, the master said to Yang Wen, “you don’t take care of yourself by soaking in urine, and you dare to find my maid, unless the dustpan falls to the ground and the Gong rings, and the shoulder pole floats upward in the water!”

Yangwenna could not stand the taunt. At that time, he threw the dustpan to the ground and the shoulder pole into the river. Strange to say, when the dustpan fell to the ground, it really sounded louder than a gong. Carrying poles go down the river, fall together, and drift straight up. Suddenly, Yang Wen and the master were stunned… At this time, the maid came to Yang Wen quickly, pulled his hand and said, “go!” Yangwen had an epiphany, pulled on his maid and ran away. After running over several ridges, Yang Wen still asked, “how could this be?” The maid smiled and said, “when you threw the dustpan, I threw a big bronze mirror to the ground. The mirror and the dustpan hit the ground at the same time, so it made a sound like a gong. When you threw your shoulder pole into the water, you just alerted the underwater fish. Didn’t you just push the shoulder pole up?” Yang Wen was overjoyed. He hugged her and said, “it’s your wisdom to throw a bronze mirror. It’s heaven’s will for the fish to jump up with a shoulder pole. It seems that we will have a good life together!” Yang Wen never expected that his bad luck would begin with this woman.

At present, his beautiful wife was humiliated. He was furious. After a secret negotiation with Zhou Tianji, they killed Huang Kuiyu on a dark and windy night. When Huang Kuiyu’s subordinate Zhou Li heard that the stronghold leader was killed, he immediately came to help, but he was not the opponent of Yang Wen and Zhou Tianji. After two rounds, he ran away. Since then, Yang Wen has become the leader of Jiuxian mountain stronghold.

There are cliffs on three sides of Jiuxian Mountain, and only a small road in the north can go up the mountain. In order to stick to the cottage, Yang Wen built city walls and city gates in the east, south, west and north. He built the Juyi Hall and raised the banner of robbing the rich and helping the poor. As the saying goes: when the flag of being a soldier is raised, there will be people who eat food. Some peasants who were cornered by the local yamen went to Jiuxian Mountain one after another. There were so many people, Yang Wen was digging ponds in the mountains to reclaim the land, and at the same time sent people to various places in Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi to snatch official grain.

On this day, Yang Wen saw that a lot of gold and silver jewels were concentrated on the mountain and there was nowhere to hide. In order to make a long-term plan, he found a cousin Yang Xu, who was a light-worker. Knowing that she could fly over the eaves and walls, he asked her to find a place to hide. Said: “Brother, I was about to tell you that yesterday morning I went to comb the hair on the Shatou Peak opposite to Jiuxian Mountain, and found that there is a Tibetan silver hole on the cliff to the northeast.” Gold and silver jewelry is transferred into the hole. At this time, Jiuxian Mountain was already rich in food and grass, and the soldiers and horses were strong and solid. Yang Wen also invited Xu Jingshi, an official who had retired to his hometown from Yanshan, to go up the mountain and hired him as a military division.

When the rulers of the Qing Dynasty saw Jiuxian Mountain’s great momentum, they panicked and sent officers and soldiers to attack them many times. , no way to start. The Qing generals Zhou Guanfu and Zeng Zhangbiao did not believe this evil after hearing it, so they personally led their troops up the mountain. On this day, they were walking to the intersection of the upper mountain, when they saw a thick fog hit, and the officials and Zeng Zhangbiao were not seen a few meters away, so they shouted loudly. When the sound started, they suddenly saw that the fog on the mountain ridge in front had dissipated, and a person was sitting there reading a book. At this time, Yang Wen read the book attentively, as if nothing happened. Just as Zhou Guanfu and Zeng Zhangbiao led their soldiers to charge up, a sudden stone fell from the sky, killing them and injuring them. Zhou Guanfu and Zeng Zhangbiao were also killed on the spot. Not only after the province but also led troops to conquer, but also repeated defeats. So, the governor went to the court and asked for more troops. Yang Wen then gathered the crowd to raise the banner of the rebel army and openly confronted the Qing army.

In the ninth year of Shunzhi, the Qing court ordered Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces to send troops to attack Jiuxian Mountain. The three soldiers and horses cut off the food route and tried to trap the men and horses on Jiuxian Mountain. The officers and soldiers surrounded the foot of the mountain for a whole year. They never thought that straw and sweet potatoes were thrown from the top of the mountain. Only then did they know that the people on the mountain could not die. On the contrary, after two years, the Qing army was tired and consumed countless food.

At that time, there was a national division in the imperial court who was studying Yang Wen’s method of using soldiers, and found that as long as Yang Wen fought against the Qing army, he would sit in front and read a book. It was only later that I learned that this was originally a wordless celestial book, and some people even said that Yang Wen and Yang Wu was a general who descended from heaven. At that time, in the sky on the top of Jiuxian Mountain, two dazzling golden lanterns could be seen at night, that is the incarnation of Yang Wen and Yang Wu. The national teacher looked at the sky at night and saw that the two red stars in the southeast sky were shining day by day, so he said to Emperor Shunzhi: “There will be a new king in the south of the Yangtze River, and it is useless to encircle and suppress it.” Emperor Shunzhi asked him if there was any way to break this formation, and the national teacher said : “There is one way, and that is to dig his family’s ancestral grave and break his feng shui.”

Yang Shouxian, a general of the Qing army, dug up Yang’s mother’s tomb. Suddenly, two red carp with golden scales jumped out of the tomb. They jumped into the pond in front of the tomb, and then jumped to another pond. The three of them finally failed to jump over because the pond was too far from the river. They jumped on the bank and were caught and killed by Yang Shouxian. At this time, it was the day when the Qing army withdrew, and suddenly the thick fog on Jiuxian Mountain had dissipated a lot.

As soon as the Qing army withdrew, Yang Wen went down the mountain to demolish the house of a rich man’s family in Dayuan, Shaxi Village, Shatian Township, and wanted to expand the cottage on the mountain. When his subordinates asked how the bricks and tiles were transported up the mountain, he waved his hand and said: “Call the brothers to line up all the way from the big garden to the top of the mountain, and pass the demolished bricks, tiles, wood and stones to Jiuxian Mountain by hand. “Suddenly, a long procession continued from the big garden to the top of Jiuxian Mountain, and the scene of passing bricks and tiles was quite spectacular. At this time, there were more than 9,300 uprising troops, so Jiuxian Mountain was also called “Jiuqian Mountain”.

Besides, Yang Wen’s wife was too smart. Seeing that the Nine Immortals Mountain Uprising Army was winning again and again, she became ill-intentioned and wanted Yang Wen to take over the power and harm Yang Wu. One night, she quietly came to Yang Wu’s room with a knife, and saw that he was fast asleep and was about to make a move, when suddenly she saw Yang Wu’s eyes were still open, and she was so frightened that she ran away. She later found out that Yang Wu was sleeping with his eyes open. So, on this night, she killed Yang Wu. Immediately, one of the lanterns on Jiuxian Mountain went out, and the dense fog all dissipated.

On the seventh day of the tenth month of the eleventh year of Shunzhi, the imperial master watched the sky at night and found that only one of the two red stars remained in the sky in the south of the Yangtze River. Yang Shouxian was ordered again, because there was no dense fog on the mountain, and many targets were exposed to the artillery fire of the Qing army. Yang Shouxian let artillery bombard the cottage all day long, and the rebels on Jiuxian Mountain suffered heavy casualties.

After Yang Wu’s death, Yang Wen was overwhelmed as if he had broken an arm. He had to avoid the Qing army’s artillery fire in the day and check the guard posts at night for fear of the Qing army’s surprise attack. On this night, the lights he was checking at night were discovered by the Qing soldiers at the foot of the mountain, and the artillery was fired all at once, and Yang Wen was shot and killed on the spot. As soon as Yang Wen died, the dragons were headless. Under the cover of artillery fire, the Qing army climbed the Jiuxian Mountain.

The Qing army killed Yang Wen and occupied Jiuxian Mountain. At this time, there were many ordinary people at the foot of the mountain who were helped by Yang Wen’s rebel army, kneeling and kowtowing to Jiuxian Mountain. One of them was the old gentleman who was watching Feng Shui. Eyes, I will never look at Feng Shui again!” Unexpectedly, just after he finished speaking, a voice came from behind him: “Master, it’s not your fault, it’s all the fault of a villain.” The old gentleman turned his head and saw behind him. Kneeling a young man, he asked, “Who are you…” The young man slapped his face and said, “It’s all my fault!” “How can I say that…why do I blame you?” , the old gentleman suddenly realized. It turned out that on the second day after Yang Wen’s mother was buried, a golden ear of grain grew on the head of the grave. According to Feng Shui, “gu” is the homonym of “country”, and the emperor of Jiuxian Mountain will come out. Unexpectedly, this young man also knew a little bit of Feng Shui, and out of jealousy, the next night, he quietly went to pull out the ear of grain on the head of the grave and inserted a thatch.

“I see, this is God’s will!” The old man sighed after hearing this: “If his brothers listened to my words, there would be no harm in digging 36 ponds!”

After the Qing army broke Jiuxian Mountain, Yang Wen’s military advisor Xu Jingshi climbed to the top of Jiuxian Mountain and wrote a poem on the stone:

When the country is ruined and the family is destroyed,

Half my life, I have tried the guts to mistake the dust.

From the origin, the meaning becomes a sage,

Don’t make Wenshan the only one.

Then he hanged himself tragically and died calmly.

A tragic legend of Jiuxianshan has been passed down to this day.

Today, the castle on Jiuxian Mountain has become the site of Yang Wen’s uprising army in the Qing Dynasty, and the foundation of the Juyi Hall can be seen faintly. The four city wall foundations in the south, south and northwest still exist, especially the north wall foundation is 220 meters long. It is the only well-preserved ancient site of the peasant uprising army in Jiangxi Province, and is listed as a provincial cultural relic by the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government. .

Comb Peak is still beautiful and tall, and it is far away from Jiuxian Mountain.

The Tibetan Silver Cave on the cliff in the northeast of Jiuxian Mountain is still there, but its mystery has not been revealed yet, and it is still a mystery in people’s hearts.

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