Legend of the moon: Zhang Gu cuts down trees

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On the evening of the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar every month, if you look at the moon carefully, you will see that there is a dark shadow inside. There is a saying about the dark shadow of the moon passed down from generation to generation:

Long, long ago, there was a man named Zhang Gu, who lived in the moon. Every day, he went to see a big camphor tree with rice and a pair of axes. Chopping and chopping… When the tree was about to fall down, a dog came from nowhere. When old Zhang Gu was not paying attention, he took away his lunch box. Because there was no food to eat, old Zhang Gu had no strength to cut the tree. Old Zhang Gu put down his axe to chase the dog. The dog ran very fast. Mr. Zhang Gu ran after him and couldn’t catch up. But he was not angry. He chased and chased until he finally caught the dog and grabbed the lunch box. It is only a short time in the moon from putting down the axe to chasing the dog to grabbing the lunch box, but it has been hundreds of years on earth. When ZhangGu returned to the bottom of the camphor tree, he saw that all the places he had cut down had been restored, and there was no trace of cutting. Not only that, the tree grew taller and bigger than before.

Zhanggugu is a patient man. Instead of giving up his heart, he took cutting down the tree as his lifelong career and determined to continue cutting down. A few days later, the tree was about to be cut down by him. At this time, the dog came to steal the lunch box again. He put down his ax and went after the dog. When he got the lunch box back, he returned to the bottom of the camphor tree. The places he had cut down before have been restored without any trace, In this way, he cut and cut. Up to now, Mr. Zhang couldn’t cut the big camphor tree. I don’t know when he can achieve his wish.

Because Zhang Gu didn’t cut down the big tree, so up to now, there is still a dark shadow in the moon, so there has been no natural disaster in the world.

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