Legend of the new white lady

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Legend of the new white lady – adapted from the master of Yushan’s legend of Leifeng Pagoda and the master of the dream flower Hall’s complete biography of the white snake.

“The legend of the new white lady” is about a kind and clever shepherd boy in his previous life, whose rescue in the face of danger triggered a shocking fate; Xuhanwen, a handsome man in this life, had an earthshaking love affair. The little white snake, who was in danger in his previous life, made a vow of gratitude and gratitude: Bai Suzhen, who has trained as an adult in this life, promised to repay his life-saving kindness thousands of years ago. After experiencing the ups and downs of the true feelings, how can they be diluted by the Buddhist Sanskrit sound and the wooden fish green light; The loneliness and desolation under Lei Feng’s Tower never had a trace of remorse; Taste all the ups and downs, look back in the tender feelings without complaint and regret, and whether we can spend the rest of our lives together. After ten years of training, we can cross the boat together, and after a hundred years of training, we can sleep together. With a novel perspective, unique techniques and wonderful plot, this film relives this immortal love that has been passed down through the ages.

A good marriage is once in a thousand years. 1700 years ago, the shepherd boy saved a white snake from the snake catcher. In order to repay his life-saving grace, the White Snake was transformed into a human form after 1700 years of cultivation. After being enlightened by a Bodhisattva, he came to the world and became a beautiful woman Bai Suzhen, and a smart woman Xiaoqing, who was transformed from a green snake, to experience the world. Xu Xian, a handsome, beautiful, hardworking and promising scholar who was a shepherd boy in those days, has performed a love story of gratitude, gratitude and resentment, life and death. Plot: Bai Suzhen (Zhaoyazhi) was originally a little white snake cultivated in the mountains. One day, the little white snake was captured by the old snake man and nearly killed himself. Fortunately, she was saved by a little shepherd boy. Su Zhen secretly swore that this life-saving grace will never be forgotten. “The years in the mountains have been easy, and the world has been prosperous for thousands of years”. After 1700 years of cultivation, Su Zhen finally shed all her body and became a human. She wanted to continue to cultivate in Mount Emei, However, with the guidance of master Guanyin, Fang recalled that there was still a love affair in the world. According to the guidance of master Guanyin, Su Zhen came to the West Lake in Hangzhou to find Xu Xian, a former life-saving benefactor. On the way, she met green snake (played by Chen Meiqi) and they became master servants. Green and white snakes found Xu Xian (played by Ye Tong) on the broken bridge of the West Lake. They fell in love at first sight. Bai Suzhen made a personal commitment and married Xu Xian. Although Xiaoqing and Bai Suzhen were called master servants, However, Su Zhen and Xu Xian fell in love with each other. After their marriage, Bai Suzhen helped Xu Xian set up a medicine shop and ordered Xiaoqing to steal money from the Qiantang bank. The incident happened at the east window. Xiaoqing forced the county magistrate to give a light sentence and distribute it to Suzhou. Su Zhen finally met Xu Xian. Su Zhen lied to Xu Xian about stealing money from the bank, so the couple set up a medicine shop security hall in Suzhou. On the Dragon Boat Festival, Bai Suzhen drank realgar wine, but showed her original form and scared Xu Xian to death. Su Zhen was eager to save her husband and rushed to yaochi to ask for a fairy pill. The fairy pill could not be obtained, so she had to rob it. The queen mother was furious and wanted to kill Bai Suzhen. Master Xin Guanyin saved the couple. Later, Xu Xian offended the members of the three emperors’ association because of her excellent medical skills. The members set up a trap, but Su Zhen solved it one by one. In order to prevent Xu Xian from making a fool of herself, Su Zhen asked Xiaoqing to steal four treasures from the Lord Liang’s residence and offer them for exhibition. Although the Lord Liang was aware of it, Su Zhen threatened the Lord Liang with the treasure as a barbaric tribute. The Lord knew he was wrong, so she ordered the county magistrate to give Xu Xian a light sentence to Zhenjiang.

Su Zhen is also pregnant with Xu Xian’s flesh and blood. Unfortunately, the good times are not always good. In the past, the toad spirit who married Su Zhen has now become a famous monk Fahai (GaN de men). Fahai, for his own sake, wants to remove Bai Suzhen and force Xu Xian to stay in Jinshan Temple. In order to force Bai Suzhen to break the rules of heaven, Bai Suzhen, in order to save her husband, joins Xiaoqing to go to Jinshan Temple. Fahai is aggressive, and Su Zhen can’t bear it. She starts the aquarium to flood the Jinshan mountain, Vow and the law of the sea, only to make innocent Zhenjiang people become Bo Chen, thus breaking the law. Later, Xu Xian knew Su Zhen’s identity, but they were more loving. Xu Xian, Su Zhen and Xiaoqing moved back to Xu Jiaorong (yibaolian), Xu Xian’s sister, and the family was happy. Xu Xian and Su Zhen set up Baohe hall to help the living people, and removed the local scourge – centipede essence. But just after Su Zhen gave birth to Shilin (Ye Tong), Fahai thought that Su Zhen was eager to help her husband and stole silver and treasures from the Treasury with Xiaoqing several times, causing Xu Xian to be entangled in lawsuits and jails; Harming people, teasing the government, adding that water overflows the golden mountain, and people are smeared with carbon, is not allowed by heaven. Then he placed Suzhen town under Leifeng Pagoda and told him, “twenty years later, the day when you will be the No. 1 scholar among Wenqu stars will be the time when you leave the pagoda…”. Xu Xian was so heartbroken that she gave Shilin to her sister to raise. She went to Jinshan Temple to become a monk alone to make up for her sins and make atonement for Su Zhen. Twenty years later, Shilin has grown up. After Jiao Rong and ligungfu (Jiangming) told Shilin about his life experience, Shilin worked hard and vowed to save his biological mother Bai Suzhen. In order to avenge the murder of his son, the father of the centipede essence, King Jin cymbal, who was once removed by Bai Suzhen, tried to harm Shilin by using the kind jade rabbit essence Hu Meiniang (Zhaoyazhi) and Caiyin. Unexpectedly, Mei Niang and Shilin fell in love with each other for a long time, and Mei Niang could not do it, Finally, Mei Niang was terrified to save the Shilin… Although Su Zhen was in the tower, she felt that the Shilin was in trouble. Su Zhen rushed out of the pagoda to save the Shilin. Although she saved the Shilin, she was punished by “unless the West Lake is dry and the Leifeng Tower falls, she will never go out of the tower”. Shilin lived up to the expectations of the public, won the first prize, and worshiped in front of Leifeng Tower. Xiaogan moved the sky. Su Zhen was able to go out of the tower and see the sun again. Shilin married his cousin Bilian. Su Zhen, Xiaoqing, Fahai and Xu Xian also returned to heaven because their cause and effect had been solved and their merits and virtues had been completed.

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