Legend of the silkworm god girl

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Once upon a time, there was a family with only father and daughter. The daughter is not only beautiful, but also very smart.

That day, my father had something to do to go far away, leaving his daughter and a white horse. The horse is very strong. It travels thousands of miles a day and is as fast as the wind. What is more peculiar is that this horse knows human nature very well. It understands human words. Everyone said it was a “ God horse;.

When the father went out, he told his daughter to carefully feed and love the horse, and he would come back soon. After his father left, the only thing left in the family was the horse and his daughter.

Whenever she felt lonely, she talked to the horse. Although the horse can’t speak, it can nod its head and shake its tail, showing a very friendly appearance.

The days passed, but my father never came back. The daughter missed her father very much, and was more worried about what happened to her father when he was out.

One day, half seriously and half jokingly, she said to the horse: “ Horse, do you understand me? If you can go and get my father back, I will marry you as my wife& rdquo;

Unexpectedly, as soon as the girl’s voice fell, the horse ran away and disappeared.

It turned out that my father was ill in the distance and was worried about how to go back. However, he suddenly found that his horse came running from home. He was very surprised. His father was so eager for his daughter that he could not think about anything more, so he got on his horse and rode home.

When I got home, my father and daughter were very happy when they got together. Father felt that the horse had made great contributions, so he added grass and materials and carefully fed it. But to his father’s surprise, there was a lot of fine grass and fine materials, but the horse refused to eat a bite.

Whenever he saw his daughter go in and out, the horse would not only roar with its neck drawn, but also jump and make a sound of joy or anger. The father secretly asked his daughter what was the matter. So the daughter told her father what she had said to the horse.

After listening to this, the father felt very uneasy. After thinking for a while, he asked his daughter in a low voice to say: “ Remember, this matter must not be publicized. What would it be like to let people know that I married my daughter to a horse? Do not go out of the house or to the horse for the time being& rdquo;

The next day, my father put crossbows and arrows around the stable and shot the horse to death while it was unprepared. Then he skinned the horse and hung it on a big stone in the yard.

One day, my daughter was playing in the yard with the girl next door. She felt very uneasy when she saw the horse skin on the stone, especially when she remembered the days when her father had gone away from home& hellip; I feel very sad.

Thinking about it, she reached out and stroked the mane on the horse’s skin. Then an accident happened. The horse’s skin suddenly lifted off and swept her away like a gust of wind. The girls on the side were frightened and hurried to tell her father.

When the father came, the daughter and the horse skin on the stone had disappeared.

It turned out that god horse skin took away the lovely girl and flew straight to the southwest. In the far southwest, there is a place called big heel. It is a desolate place where people rarely go. There are mulberry trees all over the mountains.

But when she got there, the girl in horseskin lost her original shape and became a silkworm in the shape of a horse’s head. She eats nothing but mulberry leaves. Later, she became the master of the mulberry forest, and the emperor of heaven made her the silkworm God.

In the face of this encounter, the girl has unspeakable hardships. She misses her hometown day and night and misses her father and female partner. At this time, she would constantly spit out filaments from her mouth, reposing her endless thoughts.

Every spring, you can see a beautiful young woman kneeling on the branches of a mulberry tree, constantly spitting out white and bright filaments from her mouth. People affectionately call her silkworm god girl.

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