Legendary widow of Lu: raising nine sons and never forgetting to take care of her parents’ children

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I have previously explained a problem. When I mentioned the Warring States period, I said the seven heroes of the Warring States period, which made many people think that there were only seven countries in the Warring States period. In fact, this is not correct. In the spring and Autumn period, there were almost all the vassal States in the Warring States period, but there were many countries that were very active in the spring and Autumn period, but they did nothing in the Warring States period, such as the state of Lu.

When Qin and Zhao were brewing the Changping war, in 261 BC, Chu Chengxu attacked Xuzhou in Lu. It was not until 256 BC that the state of Chu destroyed the state of Lu. Before that, the state of Lu had done nothing except that its land had been appropriated by foreign countries. In the Warring States period of more than 200 years, the state of Lu has done little. The only women who can leave us some impression are the women of the state of Lu.

The women of Lu, like their men, show their morality.

During the Warring States period, the only successful king of Lu was Duke Lu Mu. Duke mu of Lu, Ji Xian, was the 29th monarch of the state of Lu. He was the son of Lu Yuangong, who reigned for 33 years. He was respectful to the virtuous corporal, once solemnly worshipped Confucius (Zisi), consulted with the state affairs, and allowed Mo Zhai (Mozi) to teach disciples and preach in Lu. He organized the school, and the state of Lu once had a stable situation.

During the period of Duke Lu Mu, such a thing happened in the state of Lu. There was a family in the state of Lu, a widow with nine sons. There were many troubles in front of the widow’s door. But the widowed mother put up with all kinds of hardships, handled the family affairs in an orderly manner, and taught her sons to be righteous. Such a woman raised all nine sons and married their daughters in law.

It is not easy for the widow’s mother’s family. Her parents are old and there are many children in the family, so she can’t take care of them.

The widow said to her sons, “there is no great change in the righteousness of women, and it is impossible to leave her husband’s house. But my mother’s family has many children and few adults, so I can’t take care of them. Although it’s unreasonable, I still want to go back. Please come with me to supervise me.”

All the sons suddenly promised that the Lu mother summoned nine daughters-in-law and said, “women have the righteousness of three obediences, and there is no autocracy. They are less tied to their parents, longer tied to their husband, and always tied to their son. Now my sons allow me to go back to my mother’s house, but I want to go with them in order to abide by the women’s rules. Take care of my home, and I’ll come back in the evening!”

Who dares not listen to such a mother-in-law, so Lu’s mother took her sons back to grandma’s house. Coming too early, Lu mother stood at the door of her mother’s house and refused to go in. At dusk, she left on time.

The doctor of the state of Lu was very strange on the high platform. He had never seen such a woman before, so he paid special attention to this woman. He didn’t expect that the law of this woman was the same every day, there was no disrespect at all, and he took care of her mother’s affairs very well.

Doctor Lu sent someone to summon the Lu mother to him and said, “you come from the north every day, don’t enter the door before dawn, and leave at dusk. I don’t know why. It’s very strange, so I came to you to ask.”

Lu’s mother said, “unfortunately for my concubine, my husband died early and lived with nine sons. After all the sacrifices at home were finished, I went back to my mother’s house with all the sons. And many of my daughters-in-law are pregnant, and I have to take care of them, so I have to go back at dusk. This not only satisfies human relations, but also does not violate etiquette. I came too early and cannot go back, so I can only stay outside the door and enter at that time.”

The doctor of the state of Lu was very moved and told the matter to Duke Lu, who gave the mother the title of “mother teacher”. Then Lu Mugong went to worship the mother. All the women in Lu palace went to visit the mother and took her as a teacher.

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