Lehua launched the family hand-made blind box hidden model, which is Duhua and Wangyibo

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At present, many love bean companies try their best to cut leeks from fans. Recently, a move by Lehua entertainment has been roast by many passers-by. Lehua launched the family hand-made blind box, including two hidden models. As the most popular artist of Lehua entertainment, Wangyibo is naturally a hidden style. Another hidden item that surprised everyone was Du Hua, the boss of Lehua entertainment. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Lehua launches family hand-made blind box

Recently, Lehua entertainment launched the 12th anniversary Family Concert Huahua world series. All members of the Lehua family have their own q-version images. There are ten people in total for this event, including Du Hua, the boss, and artists Wangyibo, liwenhan, Cheng Xiao, Meng Meiqi, wuxuanyi, zhuzhengting, fan Chengcheng, huangminghao, and Wang Yiren. The image of version q is also the modeling of artists at the 12th anniversary Family Concert of Lehua.

These ten handmade items will be sold on the platform in the form of blind boxes. The so-called hidden item is the rarest one in a whole set of blind box styles. As the top representative of internal entertainment and the king of the popularity of Lehua entertainment, Wangyibo’s hands are naturally hidden. It is reported that the probability of winning the lottery is only 1:108. The hidden money of Du Hua, the boss of Lehua entertainment, has a winning probability of 1:54, which is higher than that of Wang Yibo.

Lehua’s hand-made hidden fund is Duhua Wangyibo

Many netizens feel very happy when they see this news. They even complain that Du Hua is too narcissistic. How can there be any fans who want to collect stamps. You should know that many fans of artists of Lehua company hate Du Hua very much. For example, Wang Yibo’s fans are very dissatisfied with Du Hua’s blood sucking Wang Yibo. Netizens also found that Du Hua’s Handmade is the most exquisite of all. Only she has a real face and even colorful nails. Who do you want most from the Lehua family?

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