Leopard 2 has arrived. How far is F16?

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Author: Zonghengshi Source: Flower City (ID: hqsycn)

On February 24, the first batch of Leopard 2 tanks sent by Poland arrived in Ukraine; On February 26, the German Defense Minister said that NATO was about to deliver the first 62 tanks to Ukraine.

Here are two questions. Why did the West suddenly send tanks to Ukraine? How far is the F16 fighter after sending the tank?

The Russian-Uzbekistan war can be divided into three stages:

The first stage, which belongs to the raiding stage, is characterized by the rapid advance of Russia and the raiding of Kiev. During this period, Ukraine used western means such as stingers and javelins to hurt Russian air and space forces and armored targets. Subsequently, Russian airspace withdrew from high-frequency operations

The second stage is the full-line offensive stage. Russia launched attacks from all directions on the whole line, belonging to the period of artillery battle between the two sides, including ground artillery fire, air missiles, and drone strikes.

The author once said that such a fight is problematic. For example, the missile is too expensive, the unit price is often millions or even millions of dollars, and it is too expensive to throw it out in a wave. Sometimes the target may not be worth the missile itself, which is not cost-effective and difficult to last.

At this stage, it seems that the Russian army is not playing well. The Russian army withdrew from Kharkov, Kherson and other directions.

The third stage is the present stage of positional warfare.

The author has put forward a suggestion that Russia’s more pragmatic approach is not to pursue too much of a war, but to defend the existing territory, gradually erode Dunbas, and finally build a solid position so that the Ukrainian army can not chew and move.

Now, it seems that Russia really has the meaning of this practice. It is digging deep holes and building wide barricades to build a solid defensive line.

In front of the solid Russian position, the original poison spear, javelin and UAV of the Ukrainian army will not work. They must use heavy firepower such as heavy artillery and tanks to move.

This is why the West suddenly upgraded its military aid and decided to form a tank alliance to send Ukrainian tanks.

After the tank was delivered, another problem came again. It is useless to send the tank alone. It must have corresponding air protection.

In the Asia-Arab War in 2020, we saw a simple phenomenon: once the tank lost its air protection, it was basically a live target.

The leopard 2 sent by the West to Ukraine or the M1 tank from the United States,

If there is no corresponding air protection, it is basically useless. Russia has a hundred ways to easily kill it, such as armed helicopters, anti-tank missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, anti-tank robots, and so on.


? Armenian tanks were hit by UAVs

The tanks sent by the West to Ukraine, whether dozens or hundreds, have lost air support, and a wave of unmanned aerial vehicle strikes and anti-tank missiles in Russia have all become a pot of steel broth, which basically belongs to helping the Russian army upgrade its experience.

Therefore, when the West delivers tanks, under normal circumstances, it should also provide Ukraine with air support to protect tanks, including F16, Apache helicopter, Patriot anti-aircraft missile, and even Haima. Only in this way can the safety of the western tanks be guaranteed.

? F16 video screenshot

Otherwise, the tank charge without air protection is like letting the infantry charge without using machine guns, artillery and tanks to suppress the enemy’s fire. Basically, it is to send the head off.

Therefore, according to the normal logic, after the tanks were sent by the West, other supporting protection measures should also be provided, such as F16, typhoon, gust, eagle lion, Apache, Patriot or other equipment that can protect the air safety of tanks.

In fact, the Russian-Uzbekistan war was very interesting. One network comment was very vivid, to the effect that a rascal beat a mentally retarded person who always provoked himself, and then a psychopath led a group of schizophrenics to support that mentally retarded person with his family property.

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