Li Jing is not an emperor. Why can Nezha be called the third prince?

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Li Jing is not an emperor. Why can Nezha be called the third prince? This is a question that many readers especially want to know. The following is a detailed introduction to China story net. Let’s have a look.

Li Jing was the king of heaven Li, the pagoda in myth and legend. Before the gods were sealed, Li Jing was the chief soldier of Chentang pass and belonged to one of the princes. The story background of the list of gods took place in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. At that time, there was no such title as the emperor. The emperor was called the emperor, and the sons of the emperor and the princes could be called the crown prince. Until the Han Dynasty, the crown prince who became the emperor was called the crown prince, which was completely separated from the princes.


So although Li Jing was not the emperor, his three sons could be called the crown prince. In addition, Nezha’s performance in journey to the west is very outstanding, so his popularity is far better than his two brothers. Therefore, everyone has only heard the name of the third prince. In fact, Jin Zha and Mu Zha can also be called the “big prince” and the “second prince”.

In addition, there is also a saying from Buddhism that Nezha is the son of the well-known northern Heavenly King Pishan, one of the four heavenly kings in Buddhism, and one of the Buddhist Dharma protectors. The king of Pishan had five sons, of which Nezha was the third, so he was called the “Third Prince”. This saying was introduced into China in the Tang Dynasty. The Chinese people did not know it, so they continued to use it. Therefore, Nezha was also called the third prince. However, in Chinese mythology, Nezha became the third son of Li Jing, the king of tota.

In fact, there is a very clear introduction in the prequel to the lotus lantern. When Nezha killed the third crown prince of the Dragon King, he learned that the old Dragon King Ao Guang was going to sue him in the heaven, so he was ready to stop him in front of the South Tianmen gate. Unexpectedly, he arrived earlier than Ao Guang, so Nezha wandered in the heaven. While wandering, he saw that the Jade Emperor was going to crush yao ji under the peach mountain. He was angry that he turned into a bee and stung the Jade Emperor. Then he saw that he was going to kill Yang Chan. Nezha turned into the Jade Emperor and saved Yang Chan. Nezha just left the South Tianmen gate with Yang Chan, It happened that Ao guanglai came to Tianting to complain. After making fun of Ao Guang, Nezha beat him up again. Later, Li Jing and Nezha were summoned to heaven. The Jade Emperor fell in love with Nezha when he saw him. Speaking of his magical powers at a young age, Nezha was granted the title of Prince, so he was called the Third Prince of Nezha.

In ancient myths, Nezha was born with a vision. When he was young, he made a scene in the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, killing dragons and taking tendons; Later, he participated in the war of apotheosis, and the classic stories of protecting Zhou and cutting Zhou and subduing demons and demons have been widely spread to this day. Nezha, one of the jade Xu disciples reincarnated by lingzhuzi, was the incarnation of a lotus without soul and flesh. He had the three head and eight arm magical skills and eight weapons passed down by his master. He was a great pioneer of the Zhou army appointed by the emperor at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty.


During the journey to the west, he was the great God of the three temples of heaven, the sea meeting, the body of lotus root, the young god with three heads and six arms and six weapons, the great God escorted by the Jade Emperor, the brave general of the heavenly army, and the immortal who was part-time Buddha. He was born with great martial ability and strong fighting ability. He was good at water warfare and fire gods. He was an expert who undertook important combat power in the world of heaven because he had the means to subdue demons and suppress evil dragons in the sea. There are many films, books, songs, games and other forms in the name of Nezha; Later, he gradually became a well-known and famous mythical figure handed down from generation to generation.

In fact, there are many different opinions about why Nezha was called “the Third Prince”. However, Nezha was not a real historical figure, but a mythical figure. It is difficult for us to investigate the truth of history. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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